Friday, 6 February 2015


As those that visit my blogs know.... or mostly know I have been a bit preoccupied for the last few weeks.

I have had something up with my health and then my third, out of three thus far, victory actually paid out money. Despite this being several thousand is only one fifth of the amount owed. Minus the damages and pain caused.

I have letters of the the NHS regarding my evidence of them lying and falsifying documents. The detrimental effect this has had on my health is mostly explained on my corruption blog. It is... enough, lol. I like to keep some aces up my sleeve.

So that explains why I have not been on to of the UBI Soft fiasco.

After playing their 'free to play' game with in app purchases, which I loathe and think it's a con for kids and wanted to put it and the staff to the test, I was not happy. So I had a go at them about several things... though one mistake was mine... partly or so I thought until I realised that it was part of the con because I bought weapons blindly and was given ones for roles I was not playing, forced to sell them and you only get a fraction of what they charge you for them.

Back on track... it was therefore easy for me to accuse them if conning children out of money as I heard plenty of them playing and chatting.

Now rather bizarrely and I how I posted it up on here I find myself unable to get into the game. A message online and not in the bloody game told me my account had been suspended. So I opened up a ticket and asked them why.

Now I hope that I remembered to post the reply up on here because I was told that I was irritating other payers!

I told them this was complete bull crap, in a round about way. Tonight I got to check my emails for the first time in ages and I got the effing snooty message below!

Now once again it seems like the world needs religion as people who probably need to go to confession a lot have gotten their morals very wrong and seem to be rearranging the order of severity for morals and expressing and anger is once again up with serial killer, murder and stalking!

Lying and cheating children is way down the list once again and also once again I have to give an equally snooty answer and a lesson in double standards.

Also I demanded to know the name of the ombudsman, governing body or similar that customers can complain to but they failed to answer?!

So now in my reply I have asked twice, pointed it out twice as well add pointed it out that it is law, or at least UK LAW, that this information is provided!

So breaking the law is way down the list while being a pissed off and felt cheated customer is up top, lmao!

What a bunch of double standard munching morons!!

Anyway for those that have felt cheated, spoken to like crap or falsely accused by UBI Soft or just hate the way they treat their own customers here is the latest email I have sent them.

Patronising bastards!


Dear Sirs

First off I apologize. I was unaware that UBI Soft staff were all girls.

Secondly and though I apologize I must point out that you lied.

As I have to me to pointing out to a mixed up world let's get the morals in the right order shall we?!

First off I was angry and I have every right to express my anger and you have once again body annoyed me with your holier than thou attitude. Do you get that from birthright? I am interested to know?

Secondly I never threatened to harm anyone as that is not me. Only an idiot would do that as they wound not know toy whereabouts. Unfortunately for you got going to look extremely bad because I fight corruption and I have a blog doing so. I am afraid you should not have acted with your obvious Oedipus complex because it will reflect badly on you. I do how you have not pissed off to many gamers because I know how to place in tags/labels.

Thirdly and here is the lesson in morals..I go back to the first  statement about a lesson in morals... now if I was to ask you which is worse... someone expressing anger because he thinks your cheating kids... oh damn it, the reason is irrelevant...

Which is worse expressing anger or lying to customers and cheating kids out of money?

It is a simple question.

Any religious man would lust it as

1 Cheating money from kids

2 Lying

3 Expressing anger

So why did you show me your double standards?!

Another simple question!

I also asked of you ONCE AGAIN... the complaints body and ombudsmen for video games if you please?!

You have broken UK LAW by not providing this information... I am assuming your not in the UK but have a HQ here... so for the third time...

Your complaints/ombudsman/governing body contact details please!


Martin Haswell BSc

The BSc is Applied Computing and years ago I had an interview with Pivotal Games as a software engineer, so if you thought I was some dumb arse you could jerk around I am afraid you got it wrong!