Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I had forgotten about this game?!

I had long wanted to get into this but with the online only games my broadband connection does not even come close to being broadband and I fear will not work, lol.

Also I am not sure if this has degenerated into a pay monthly scheme or pay out cash to cheat which I sincerely hope not! Line about value of destroyed ships but withstanding!

Still sounded like an amazing battle and I roll have to look on YouTube to see if anyone uploaded a movie of it?!


Game players fight giant space war http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23489293


Well I was waiting for this one?!

I was kind of hoping that in the wake of 4K televisions, 2160p compared to 1080p, that a technology vastly improving on upscaling technology would arrive.

However though I've not tested our owned the best DVD upscaling players I never write could her my head around them working particularly well. But I could be wrong and was hoping to be proved wrong with players coming out that upscale?

This is kind of worrying as it seems they want to find a way to seek you those films you paid to see, then bought on VHS tape with a string of restrictions and then the same again on DVD, BLU-RAY and now someone else.

Let us hope it sites not repeat what Blu-Ray did, lol.

Tech firms to make Blu-ray successor http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23492609


It was funny and I have spoken of this before several times but I used to worship CustomPC Magazine!

Not anymore as they have become one sided and biased and suddenly do not look too sure that they know what they are talking about or reporting on. As I have touched upon before they have also, like that JML character, lambasted AMD and it's CPUs and the company or its products hardly get a mention or recommendation.

Well ONE does and has done regularly for awhile now and that would be one of the AMD APUs with the integrated GPU.

Now what I am about to tell you that I read in the magazine I could not quite believe I was reading it and my initial thoughts were 'You bloody idiots!'

It seems they felt obliged to make comments about AMD and because of the fact that despite them being a PC enthusiast magazine and talking up Intel CPUs for many, many months now they may feel a little embarrassed that the three big companies of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all disagreed with them and all voted to use upcoming, UPCOMING, AMD APUs for their games machines.

But what got my attention and I have retained in my memory since I saw it is the sentence they included that stated how under-powered these machines will be and that many people have far more power in their PCs already?!

I simply could NOT believe that they stated this line and then went to print with it?! I should really go and view the article on their site and see if they are being lambasted for printing it?

Reasons being that, and I have covered before hand, these machines are going to be having games far more graphics intensive than their previous machines. END OF! They are not going to release machines less powerful then the previous one, the same power or even slightly more powerful as they will NOT sell in this climate and that is the end of it. Simple as in other words.

Now they obviously have learnt and know something about the chip they are using that we are simply not privy to as yet and this much should be glaringly obvious. Also this new chip will be 8 cores but as I understand it only one graphics unit. I have repeatedly spoken about this and I seem to be the only one that finds this arrangement extremely odd. I stated that I thought as there were going to be no less that 8, EIGHT, of these AMD Jaguar Cores that there must be TWO GPU chips too. Unless it is a custom made chip that will just house the 8 CPU Jaguar Cores and just ONE GPU.

But there was one other aspect of these new console chips that I had not considered or likely not aware of at the time and that is this heterogeneous memory access that will be included in the new chips. This allows both halves of the APU to access the same memory. SO in theory then we can imagine that some of the Jaguar cores can then take on elements of a game and produce what the software needs immediately with no lag or waiting?! This is rumoured to increase the speed of the APUs somewhat. Added to this we know little else about these CPU cores or the actual GPU cores that will be used or the levels of customisation that ill be included.

Yes everyone like to use big numbers to show at you with the word FLOPS but as many are increasingly finding this is losing its...lustre. Now for why and exactly why CustomPC Magazine should not have said that and have shown to be true what I noticed about them for quite sometime now and that they have obviously been given some incentive to champion Intel chips.

The problem they have is many fold and one of these is that it is very possible that come the launch, or even prior to launch, the new games to be showcasing the new machines may LOOK like the NEXT GENERATION of games. Simply because going by their statement in CustomPC Magazine ... well they simply will not?! Someone with a Geforce TITAN Graphics card will be playing games that look FAR BETTER than anything on the next generation consoles?! OOPS!

No what I have expected to happen all along is for everyone owning a PC Gaming rig who has paid out £400 to £950 for a graphics card as going to feel stupid and not to mention CHEATED?! After all someone will be able to build a PC around the time the consoles come out and get an all in one CPU and GPU that is very similar in performance to the consoles and the chip will cost around £100 or so?!

So just to make a glaringly obvious comparison here someone has recently set up a gaming PC with a Intel Core i7 with 6 CPU Cores and 2 extra they lasered off because they do not want you to have them yet and a Geforce Titan. For the Intel chip this is likely to be around £600 and maybe more for a chip they INTENTIONALLY crippled. You have also paid £800 for a graphics card that you now realise has been vastly underused and that all the games are just NOT programmed well enough on the PC. You have paid up to

£1,500 on just TWO items and minus anything else on a PC that will finish up being over £3,000 so that it plays games the programmers and companies could not be bothered to rewrite for your hardware?!

With AMD you can now build a next generation PC gaming rig for a little over a tenth of what you just paid out?! That plays the next generation games?!

To think that people actually buy these overpriced components and build these rigs and avoid AMD and see them as inferior and close to death. They all go on-line taking the absolute piss out of AMD and their chips but all thee of the big boys that dictate what games are played have now all chosen AMD?!

AMD did struggle and had some very unfair things stated about it and if it is struggling and was not selling chips we have to ask ourselves why this is? Well would that not be down to the one magazine dedicated to building PCs that only seem to think that their is ONE x86 CPU manufacturer in the world?

Now if this is the case and they have been DELIBERATELY IGNORING AMD as much as possible one HAS to wonder WHY this is?! Intel by any chance?!

Like much of my corruption blog it just seems to be a level on control and manipulation because a bunch of people believe the hype and falsifications that go on.

I would lave to have been in the building at AMD after sealing the contracts to actually supply the chips?! They must have all been grinning like Cheshire cats at all the people that were biased and/or bought off by Intel to avoid them. SO much so that now they feel they have to make statements of a U-Turn nature that STILL contain glaring errors?!

God knows what was in the rest of the report, I read that line, laughed out loud literally and put the magazine back on the shelf in Sainsburys. I then continued laughing as I walked away with a big grin on my face thinking that the second half of 2013 is going to be VERYYYY INTERSTINNNNG and in more ways than ONE?!

Hmm maybe that guy going round trashing AMD who goes by JML something or other is the secret owner of CustomPC or Bit-Tech or whoever is now in charge over there?!



This made me smile.

Every now and then I get given a copy of the Daily Star because there is an article in it that would interest me. Sometimes it is to do with a Marvel Comics or DC Comics Movie and often it is to do with corruption in the UK.

Normally I forget to look in them which I should do as certain pieces can inspire me or drive me mad to write a post on here.

If there is one thing I hate it is idiots and I have posted about this before I do not mind trolls but there are really bad ones. In computer hardware forums many people get into discussions regarding the hardware and the two top topics are CPUs and GPUs. These would be the brain and the graphics chip respectively.

Now it seems like 90% of the forums I visit that have a snippet of information there is someone that goes around posting stuff to do with AMD. Normally some stupid prediction they are screwing up in one way or another along with the quote of 'DIE AMD, JUST DIE!'

The person is mad and not worth talking to or responding too at all. Some know him only too well and do not respond to him while others make the mistake of getting drawn in to a conversation. What follows is a throwing out of numbers and links to benchmarks. From the side of the TROLL you will get crap numbers among correct ones. After a while other forum members realise that he has been making glaring errors in hos quotes and pull him to piece and quote him. At this point you would think that anyone normal but just giving out BS would shy away embarrassed to hell. Not this guy and just like the Energizer Bunny he keeps on at it.

He is known under many guises but always with the same three letters and often with various numbers attached to his nickname. I dare so he goes under very different names too but his use of language and the way he thinks stands out a mile and I would likely spot him now regardless of names used.

The letters used are JML.

What amazes me is now that AMD have all three consoles tied up, now this is something I touched upon before, he still maintains that AMD are dead in the water and going out of business?!

Now it takes some kind of bloody idiot to still think that and not realise that big companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo would go anywhere NEAR a company that they thought had a chance of folding inside of 5 to 7 years. Purely because this would result in a ceasing in production of the Playstation 4, the XBox ONE and the Nintendo WII U!!

It has been 7 years since the last generation first appeared so they need to be sure that they can produce these for the next 7 years until the NEXT GENERATION is ready to roll out the door.

I do not know why people do what these trolls do and this one I know is probably one of the main TROLLS complained about.

SO they are going to ban trolls on Twitter somehow and this is likely going to be the start of something, which I think is a good thing as long as they do not find a way of abusing it and ... well then go and abuse it.

Next 12 months should be quite interesting as far as unfolding is concerned as the Internet is getting a great deal of attention from the authorities and government in the UK at least. Well as my corruption blog has caused a whole list of stirs, was used in the House of Commons several times by Labour MPs to attack the government it would not surprise me to find out that they discovered me, discovered my widely popular blog and posting of evidence and scrambling around to implement a load on Internet Laws and Rules that would include something to shut me up?! LOL.

Good luck with that one.

I find it truly amazing that I have complained for many years that the Internet should be controlled more as far as unspeakable and evil things going on and people that like to abuse and offend. They have ignored this for years and years and all of a sudden and inside of a year of my blog suddenly they are sitting up amd taking notice?!

Well how about laws and rules on COMPANIES and RETAILERS and other online services where they are in your face to con cash out of you but when it comes to contacting them you cannot find an email because it is either NOT THERE or buried under layers and layers of pages.

You see this is DELIBERATE and no different to you walking back to a High Street store with faulty goods, then seeing you coming and quickly turning of the lights, locking the doors and hiding under the counter?!?!

So let us see who gets hit with all these new rules and laws?! All the 'little' people which seems to me to be an ever growing list of people in the current economic climate!


Well I will be a son of a gun!

I has been quite an unpredictable spring and summer so far! Started off cold and raining and then went straight from that cold, windy and wet weather into too bloody hot!

Everyone was like 'oh at last' and then into 'ooh its too hot, my children cannot sleep, we have cold showers every night!' and before long I was doing the same!

Then all of a sudden after weeks of what seemed like much more intense and brighter sunlight than usual a series of storms came making it extremely muggy and then it went cool. Only just like the Spring the cool weather has been accompanied by wind and rain?! Bar humbug!

There were some nice moments and only yesterday I was walking back from somewhere after getting a bite to eat and walking home in a westerly direction wearing sunglasses with the sun low in the sky and just the most perfect breeze! Hmm perfection!

Added to this a series of NHS run-ins and two extremely dodgy cameras, one I am still stuck with and I am waiting for the glue on the grip to dry before using it again. It had one day yesterday not being used and now I have added finishing touches....OF GLUE it has another 24 hours, sounds like a film, to dry.

I moved the laptop to the cabinet to my left thinking it would be more efficient having it there and great to work with but this was not to be. Only now and today am I typing this out while glancing into a direction that does not cause pain and dizziness after five or ten minutes. I have worked on my living room too and the Ottoman that now has a set of four Vivariums sitting on top of it as now been turned 90 degrees so if I look 90 degrees to my left I look straight at it.

The metal mesh lidding was loose on on partition and that is currently drying, if not already dry, too! I am looking forward to rigging up a set of light to my own design for these cages and indeed may end up with different wattages with each depending on what animals I keep in them.

At the moment those I would like to keep would be a Hyla (Tree-Frog), or Hyperolius (Small African Tree Frog), in another I always like those tiny Jewelled Geckos found in Egypt. Maybe even a pair Peruvian Beauty Spiders?! Now me keeping an invertebrate?! That would shock a great deal of people and would likely be the first time I have ever done it. Or at least in nearly 40 years that is for sure!

Of course there are the usual suspects that I would grab with both hands like alpestris apuanus and Bombina pachypus. The cages will take about two weeks before completion and around that time there are some reptile shows going on.

So for this year I have also NOT ordered any new Orchids, more is the pity, and no idea when I will start purchasing hardware to build the first of two PC Computers?!

Also I seem to have had a bit of a time out due to the falling apart of my Olympus Stylus SP-820UZ Camera that I wanted so badly and thought would be perfect. In some aspects it was better than the Camera it replaced, and I do not mean the faulty Nikon L310 I took back to Argos and ended up with this one, I mean the competent for what it was Nikon S8200 Coolpix. I am still trying to get over the fact that the best and most reliably performing camera is the one with the smallest objective lens?! Bloody unbelievable. Anyway the grip of the Olympus finally fell off entirely with the gentlest of tugs. I spent two days gluing it back on but did not work due to the cheap nasty sticky rice paper like substance they use to glue things to heir cameras?! Yuck. So I am now on the third day of having no camera and I have now used an epoxy resin to glue the grip on as previous attempts with rubber cement (plumbing glue more or less lol) and silicone sealant have been quite unsuccessful in all honesty. The funny thing is if the epoxy resin work it only takes 5 minutes to harden and I could grab the camera and go out. Only it is 9.22am now and has been raining for 30 minutes and according to the Met Office app, which is admittedly WRONG 80% of the time, will continue to rain until 7pm tonight and as I cycle everywhere and do not possess the necessary waterproof gear to protect both me and my equipment then it is a no, no. That is one reason I always look at the Pentax K-30 SLR, think that is what it's model name is, as it is waterproof and would be good for what I do. Only I also want to do detailed close up shots and so the Nikon D800E SLR is also wanted.

But out of the four main CAMERA companies Pentax and Canon are the only ones that have not screwed me thus far. I used to love Pentax when I was a youngster and wanted to get into photography, somehow ended up with a Minolta X-300 but I still loved it. But I am still a while away from getting the equipment I really need to move these blogs up a couple of notches so I am not sweating yet over the choices, lol. Besides by then there may well be another waterproof Pentax that does all that the D800E can. Or the D800E will be more affordable?! YEAH RIGHT!!

So what with the NHS, people who have the audacity to call themselves Doctors, the weather being too hot, too windy or too wet I have been somewhat...held up and am admittedly behind where I thought I would be at this juncture. Still it matters not as this has just turned out to be a damned good start for 2014. In fact by the time 2014 comes around I should be in the water and swimming like a fish?! Well unless there is the most glaringly obvious and hugest Internet rip off of authors that has somehow been missed by smart investigative journalists, TV News Networks and Ombudsman?! Ooh wait a moment?

As for what has been posted at different stage up until this point things are all honest and above board and EXACTLY how I wanted to play it. I wanted to wax philosophical when I was in that mood, type when angry when I was in that mood too and anything else I was feeling at the time along the way. This would no doubt have used some choice language but that was what I felt at the time and I type 'from the hip' and just the way I like to do things. I did not want it or me looking manufactured and still do not nor will I ever will. I suppose the time it has taken so far kind of works for me as it seems to play along long enough so that what I do or fail to do matches the economy, in the UK at any rate, and if there is ever an improvement or drop then I should feel it?! We all should those of us that exist online to one degree or another and collectively this should be able to be used in our favour.

Along the way I have tried very hard to show that when you do not work as a team effort then as a nation we will go backwards. I am having a guess that the majority of us, like those that said it after Concorde was grounded, that we have gone backwards and none feel that more than the British Public do?! We pay more than anyone else and then find out it is either refurbished and used crap or of extremely bad build quality in the first place?! NICE, talk about getting two fingers up in your face after handing over your hard cash?! Except what I find both amusing and worrying at the same time is that either I live in a nation of extremely naïve people or many media moguls are being bribed up to the teeth to pressure the journalists into submission?! There simply are no other reasons involved and I have been seeing this stuff for what now seems like an eternity. I just did not know just how widespread it really all was and that I found quite disgusting.

So we get hammered and told about team work and team player when what they actually have meant over the last two or three decades is following orders no questions asked! No idiots and morons that is NOT what the word team means you bloody dicks! The government along with the previous one that showed us nothing more than a struggle between Tony Blair, who now looks very dodgy indeed, and Gordon Brown, who I trusted even less, and continued with the new Siamese Twins of David Cameron and Prince George Osborne is a new initiative and idea that has been in place since the inception of that famous Apple invention called the iPod. Indeed and look so many other since they have secretly copied the name of this fashionable device and implemented it into their new code name for the initiative as well as the sub-title.

iTEAM – Putting the 'I' Back in TEAM!


The only thing that I hope and pray is that the British Public learns from this but also that the GOVERNMENT learn from this that you have been heading down this road now since 1979 and look where it has brought us?! We are not at a juncture where it seems like before very long now (January 2014) it would seem like it has been so bad for so very long that we will have forgotten or started to forget when it was good?! Well not me, lol. If this is them matched with the problem of not being able to foresee an end and after a third and most miserable of all previous Christmases going back 3 years or more then this will have a devastating effect on the human psyche in an increasingly and ever growing number of individuals?!

Of course if you behave like the intelligent human beings you believe yourselves to be than you will read, listen and then most importantly ACT!

This is better for me as and IF done correctly and things improve I will make my own income SOONER instead of LATER!!

Hmm I wonder if they, my enemies, have tried using the excuse that I have tried to CAPITALIZE on the recession both national and global to make money or a name for myself?! Well if so …. TSK-TSK!! TUT-TUT!! Still no forethought and just scribbling silly notes on napkins?! No I am sorry it does not work like that and I just kind of blew to bits any possibility of that have I not?! No I only want to change things for the better or die trying?! Well either that or a nice foreign country that does for its people the honest and decent thing would like to give me refuge?! LOL.

So until such a time I am still minus a few items that in themselves will allow me to spend around two months really and heavily putting content on my dozen blogs that will cause it to sky rocket. This is because I have, and always have had, an ability to instinctively know what people want and provide them with it. I can also hold people's attention with my telling of tales that could well pace me in some Guild of the Bards?! I can do this in both factual things as well as fictional too and you can chuck in a whole list of sciences to boot! I can also join up the dots that seems to have impressed seemingly impossible to impress people since I was 14?! Well you had better do a rummage around on here as there are nearly 1000 posts just on this blog alone you know?! LMAO!

Yes these items, sorry I digress. Yes there are a number of things that will allow me to absolutely mount a unbelievable charge at this point in time that I could not ever look back from without getting light headed! Despite the fact I still have no TV and therefore not really able to enjoy my Blu-Ray Discs in GLORIOUS 1080p magnificence the highest priority right now is...

  1. NIKON D800E SLR CAMERA + Telephoto and Macro Lenses
  2. CBoardman Mountain Bike in Halfords @ £850 which will lose 7lbs on current weight
  3. Out of current reach building blocks to at least ONE PC Build
    a) One for work and intended to become a SERVER RIG
    b) Another enthusiast GAMING RIG as this is my HOBBY (YESSS OK ONE OF THEM LOL) and would rocket my Computing blog among others!
Now with those three things as a basis then everything takes off and within just two to three months I will quadruple the numbers I am currently getting. This is just not achieved by anyone and now I know I am building up a high level of trust in everything I say and do among the people that read. In fact one one blog that sits alone and without advertising on it or ever intended to be placed I am now seemingly acquiring followers ever day or two?! I also know that this will increase as more and more see my blog listed on others blogs and have their interests peaked! I also know that within a few weeks of this building up the temperature will be cooling down, well in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, so that much of the UK, EUROPE and the USA will gradually and increasingly depending on their latitude (i.e. outdoor temperature/weather) spend more time indoors on the Internet. So If I was to hazard a guess this will start around September and October in the North of Scotland and increase as these cold temperatures work their way south.

Hmm, you see?! Many things rattling around in my head all the time I have to keep track of and make sense of! Sometimes I see a documentary and it covers something I do and I know that it will peak my numbers for a while. This is getting harder to predict as I have posted about a certain thing a number of times and lose track of how many! LOL.

Added to acquiring those three I also have a set of four glass Vivariums I intend to create the perfect environment for particular species of animals I love. Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, Newts, Lizards or even SNAKES?! SSSSSSS!! LOL. I also have my one metre aquarium sitting empty but set up and only needs the addition of FISH!!! The three bas items I listed above will allow me to do much more work and get much more content for these too and a great deal quicker to boot?!

Of course there are other items I am without and that would help with boredom, Billy-No-Mates (died or ran away), painful chores I have a dreadful habit of not being able to do or avoiding because I know it will hurt...

  1. Samsung Series 7 46” TV
  2. HQ Blu-Ray Player
  3. Dishwasher but will have to be tiny as I am CRAMPED here
  4. One of those little automatic vacuums, lol. How cool and hoe helpful.
  5. Litespeed Occoe with Mavic SLR Rims, Red Magura Marta SL Brakes, SRAM XX Gears, XTR or Carbon Chain-set, DT Swiss Carbon Forks 80-100mm travel, RaceFace Carbon FLAT BARS, Ritchey WCS Carbon Seat-post, Selle Italia Gel Saddle and Crank Brothers Egg-Beater 4TI pedals in ORANGE (preferably red if poss)
    (This is just to replace the one that was stolen by a council and bailiff they got £2,800 for but told me they got £400 for and was also featured with my name in What Mountain Bike Magazine)

What I think is the very sad and the extremely disgusting part about all this is the fact that it has taken me years of being lied to, tricked, physically attacked, defrauded, left in limbo and left for DEAD just to get to this juncture. In just a couple of weeks time in August my corruption blog would have been going one year, well one of the corruption blogs lol. Around ten others were started around September to October in 2012. So for the injustice section alone I have been at this now almost a year which is a tiny fraction to the period of time I have REALLY been on it. This became a large focus as of around 8 years ago and most of my time around 4 years back but technically goes back twenty years. But lets us just take the last year alone and the amount of time it has taken me to highlight all this to the point that segments and elements of my WORK, as that IS what it IS, is being used by one and all from the House of Commons to the tabloids and TV News broadcasters without so much as an acknowledgement. This is to which I believe is the sole reason that many religious leaders, IN THE UK before you all start lol, now see the UK and it's government as being run by evil people that must be Satan worshippers?!
That funny part about all this and to put it simply to those that used elements of my blogs, and proof positive yet again to my over the top accusations of blindness to the point of incompetent and just too easy to beat...

...you have used elements of my blogs and either released bits of info or then proceeded to investigate and got your own info but did it not occur to anyone that used my work and blogs that you are NOT the only ones that have access to these blogs?! STUPIDOLA!! LOL.

Now I have mentioned this several times going back a year now and I cannot stress enough that first off I am NOT in anyway religious, which should be obvious, but at the exact same time Satan Worshippers DO EXIST!! LMAO!

Just as I could not do when it was said to me by a rather and unusually nice Jehovah's Witness, I laughed and said that for once I can not argue with them!

So here we are at the midsummers night night NIGHTMARE scenario and one has to wonder with the run-up to the umpteenth miserable Christmas, when for the first time in twenty years I want mine to be joyous, what is going to happen?!

Although there were some protests and small scale rioting I was relieved about that and I did think it would be a great deal worse then it worse, though I was working to try and show this was just folly. Well just going out and destroying the very buildings that you will then be charged for and they will then use to defraud the public's cash yet again, lol.

This cannot be put off indefinitely but at least this blog now exists as a pure fact and proof that IF the public were pushed into such an act of protest and destruction the likes of which had never been seen then I am here to say that … IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!!

I know that an action such as this is only human nature. No amount of sentencing, fines, prison terms or anything else is going to stop human nature, 'NUFF SAID! To punish human nature while those that have deliberately stoked the fires for so very long know so that they can then make others look like they are to blame, destructive and criminal and therefore not worth of any compassion is wrong, immoral and something of a contradiction in itself.

If the tables were turned they would behave the EXACT SAME WAY and therefore they need to be show that having money and power DOES NOT make them a different species to everyone else, just because you have not been put in the position to feel and fear as we have done. Carrying on like that and throughout history, including very recently, it always ends up that those that do not understand end up completely understanding when it is too late. Well it was too late for Colonel Gaddafi who took a bullet to his head! Though I do not think the British will go quite that far but fear for ones life is definitely a possibility! It is called an UPRISING these days but it used to be known as a REVOLUTION and was kind of synonymous with Russia for a long time. In the UK it is only known as the long winded … CRIMINAL ACTS OF A MASS SCALE.

Hmm that is bizarre? Anyone else note how all Dictator's always refer to it as criminal and terrorists and never use the 'R' word?! No not 'RECESSION' but 'REVOLUTION'?! Hmm must be the 're' prefix to these words?! I wonder if the UK government also plan on erasing words with an 're' prefix from history and dictionaries along with the word DISABILITY?! LMAO!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


More and more that I see, read and hear about about AMD's upcoming APUs and CPUs based on both Steamroller and Jaguar leads me to believe it is comeback time for AMD.

These are based on three simple things...

1) No shared Floating Point Unit

2) Die Shrink meaning less power consumption and higher frequencies (though the latter is but always the case)

3) Memory sharing of the same pool which reduced editing time and speeds things up, known as hUMA (Heterogenous Unified Memory Access at a wild guess lol)

Plus there will no doubt be others mainly little refinements and improvements. An example of this is the Resonant Clock Mesh which wad only introduced with the last set! This of more likely to be in got refinement that anything else.

Hopefully some other technologies will be moved on chip that are late to the table, admittedly lol.

Certain fanboys will live stating that they did out to save money our out was the cheap option. But they are deluded.

I had long thought that the PC's hardware was not being optimized that much for one thing.

For another the PS3 and XBOX 360 have been out like 6 or 7 years now. We still have 6 months before we see the Sony PS4 and the XBOX ONE on the shelves and I seriously doubt that after all these years that the next gen consoles will only seem few years ahead of the last two?!

I would put alot of money on it! Especially with this global financial crisis they sure will aware that they need a bloody big WOW FACTOR and I cannot readout to see ask of these wow factors being scrutinised by all!

Still have a bit of a wait, yes. But around end of August to mid September you can bet that the screen shots to the titles coming on both platforms will start to surface with new graphics bring explained?! They might even drop a free hints regarding the technologies used?!

Oh I hope so, lol.


I was waiting for this one.

Waiting quite awhile as I knew the tide was turning and on top of this the announcement of the consoles and the CPU being used would make this fall greater still.

You see I was sure that many would realise what the implication of this would be. If I am correct then I think that later in the year there will be another announcement that contradicts what they state on this report.

You see they blame people moving seat from traditional computers. But what I think will happen, our technically IS happening, is that later in the year when the AMD desktop chips all come out  CPU AND GPU, that closely resemble what the consoles are using will sell like 'hot cakes'?! This will be the jaguar and steamroller core based CPUs which I think are going to give a nice and pleasant surprise when it comes to performance?!

The noises and decision making coming from all the companies seen to suggest that the forthcoming chips are more than up to the job. More in next post.

That is my prediction at any rate and I should be right there building my own rig and capturing it on video and posting out on?!

That IS the plan, lol.

Did not expect IBM to have a fall though but out of hard times.

Thursday, 11 July 2013







Well this is....something, lol.

A reorganisation and restructure?! Major overhaul to improve things?!



Or maybe if there IS anything untoward going in within Windows due to Mr Ballmer's ....background are these ties going to be cut in case they bow get found out too?! Lol.

Hmm they state they are going to streamline the company around devices such as phones, games consoles, tablets and services? No desktop computer? No PC?! Oops that is worrying considering my horrid run in with Ubuntu which did done things very well while others very badly and had the laptop shutdown twice from overheating while doing nothing at all?!

Before that TWONK cones into here that commented on my YouTube video about my review of Ubuntu 13.04...


You know there us this real funny thing with Operating Systems, maybe its just me being SILLY, but upgrading to the latest one can sometimes....well you know...have drivers and software that are up to date and stable that can cute previous problems which if what I was hoping for! Dumb-arse, lol.

Funny how people think themselves really intelligent but react on one single post our one single video and even s glimpse at my profile would have strongly suggested there was more to this.

But then he probably belonged to one of those extremely sad and clicky groups that think full comers are inferior?!

Lol, they do they really do! They all live in these Internet Relay Chat rooms and anyone that enters they do not know is instantly labelled: noob, idiot, without grey matter, unable to add up, does but know how to used a keyboard, does not know what OS stands for. Ooh OK so I exaggerated a little bit there...

...only a little thought that is the sad thing! Lol. Good I hate clicky groups and due to my many interests I have run into more than my fair share of them believe me, lol.

Sunday, 7 July 2013


Bite how cool is this?!

I read this because of my interest in animals and since a kid I have loved Hummingbirds.

So now we may not be far off from seeing a hovering and flying robot?!

Anyone thinking of the movie Transformers and those little buzzing insect like robots with the small dishes for listening in?!

Anyone now thinking of what GCHQ, CIA, NSA and anyone else involved have been up to?!


Still a cool thing to do all the same.