Tuesday, 30 July 2013


It was funny and I have spoken of this before several times but I used to worship CustomPC Magazine!

Not anymore as they have become one sided and biased and suddenly do not look too sure that they know what they are talking about or reporting on. As I have touched upon before they have also, like that JML character, lambasted AMD and it's CPUs and the company or its products hardly get a mention or recommendation.

Well ONE does and has done regularly for awhile now and that would be one of the AMD APUs with the integrated GPU.

Now what I am about to tell you that I read in the magazine I could not quite believe I was reading it and my initial thoughts were 'You bloody idiots!'

It seems they felt obliged to make comments about AMD and because of the fact that despite them being a PC enthusiast magazine and talking up Intel CPUs for many, many months now they may feel a little embarrassed that the three big companies of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all disagreed with them and all voted to use upcoming, UPCOMING, AMD APUs for their games machines.

But what got my attention and I have retained in my memory since I saw it is the sentence they included that stated how under-powered these machines will be and that many people have far more power in their PCs already?!

I simply could NOT believe that they stated this line and then went to print with it?! I should really go and view the article on their site and see if they are being lambasted for printing it?

Reasons being that, and I have covered before hand, these machines are going to be having games far more graphics intensive than their previous machines. END OF! They are not going to release machines less powerful then the previous one, the same power or even slightly more powerful as they will NOT sell in this climate and that is the end of it. Simple as in other words.

Now they obviously have learnt and know something about the chip they are using that we are simply not privy to as yet and this much should be glaringly obvious. Also this new chip will be 8 cores but as I understand it only one graphics unit. I have repeatedly spoken about this and I seem to be the only one that finds this arrangement extremely odd. I stated that I thought as there were going to be no less that 8, EIGHT, of these AMD Jaguar Cores that there must be TWO GPU chips too. Unless it is a custom made chip that will just house the 8 CPU Jaguar Cores and just ONE GPU.

But there was one other aspect of these new console chips that I had not considered or likely not aware of at the time and that is this heterogeneous memory access that will be included in the new chips. This allows both halves of the APU to access the same memory. SO in theory then we can imagine that some of the Jaguar cores can then take on elements of a game and produce what the software needs immediately with no lag or waiting?! This is rumoured to increase the speed of the APUs somewhat. Added to this we know little else about these CPU cores or the actual GPU cores that will be used or the levels of customisation that ill be included.

Yes everyone like to use big numbers to show at you with the word FLOPS but as many are increasingly finding this is losing its...lustre. Now for why and exactly why CustomPC Magazine should not have said that and have shown to be true what I noticed about them for quite sometime now and that they have obviously been given some incentive to champion Intel chips.

The problem they have is many fold and one of these is that it is very possible that come the launch, or even prior to launch, the new games to be showcasing the new machines may LOOK like the NEXT GENERATION of games. Simply because going by their statement in CustomPC Magazine ... well they simply will not?! Someone with a Geforce TITAN Graphics card will be playing games that look FAR BETTER than anything on the next generation consoles?! OOPS!

No what I have expected to happen all along is for everyone owning a PC Gaming rig who has paid out £400 to £950 for a graphics card as going to feel stupid and not to mention CHEATED?! After all someone will be able to build a PC around the time the consoles come out and get an all in one CPU and GPU that is very similar in performance to the consoles and the chip will cost around £100 or so?!

So just to make a glaringly obvious comparison here someone has recently set up a gaming PC with a Intel Core i7 with 6 CPU Cores and 2 extra they lasered off because they do not want you to have them yet and a Geforce Titan. For the Intel chip this is likely to be around £600 and maybe more for a chip they INTENTIONALLY crippled. You have also paid £800 for a graphics card that you now realise has been vastly underused and that all the games are just NOT programmed well enough on the PC. You have paid up to

£1,500 on just TWO items and minus anything else on a PC that will finish up being over £3,000 so that it plays games the programmers and companies could not be bothered to rewrite for your hardware?!

With AMD you can now build a next generation PC gaming rig for a little over a tenth of what you just paid out?! That plays the next generation games?!

To think that people actually buy these overpriced components and build these rigs and avoid AMD and see them as inferior and close to death. They all go on-line taking the absolute piss out of AMD and their chips but all thee of the big boys that dictate what games are played have now all chosen AMD?!

AMD did struggle and had some very unfair things stated about it and if it is struggling and was not selling chips we have to ask ourselves why this is? Well would that not be down to the one magazine dedicated to building PCs that only seem to think that their is ONE x86 CPU manufacturer in the world?

Now if this is the case and they have been DELIBERATELY IGNORING AMD as much as possible one HAS to wonder WHY this is?! Intel by any chance?!

Like much of my corruption blog it just seems to be a level on control and manipulation because a bunch of people believe the hype and falsifications that go on.

I would lave to have been in the building at AMD after sealing the contracts to actually supply the chips?! They must have all been grinning like Cheshire cats at all the people that were biased and/or bought off by Intel to avoid them. SO much so that now they feel they have to make statements of a U-Turn nature that STILL contain glaring errors?!

God knows what was in the rest of the report, I read that line, laughed out loud literally and put the magazine back on the shelf in Sainsburys. I then continued laughing as I walked away with a big grin on my face thinking that the second half of 2013 is going to be VERYYYY INTERSTINNNNG and in more ways than ONE?!

Hmm maybe that guy going round trashing AMD who goes by JML something or other is the secret owner of CustomPC or Bit-Tech or whoever is now in charge over there?!


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