Friday, 22 February 2013


New camera ACQUIRED!

Content will now increase in both quality and quantity...

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


OK I really need to type out a post about this really annoying let down for what should be the greatest game ever created?!

Sorry to all you magazines and online reviewers but your way, WAY wrong in your scoring on Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and I am really unhappy to have to say this.

Right very early on in the game I accidentally consumed umm something that gradually turned me into a vampire. REALLY EARLY ON!! Now not realising what a problem for me this would be and just how annoying it would make the game nor that I had to cure it I went on.

When the annoying dizzying started and the blood boiling in sunlight I attempted to find out something about it on the Internet and found a site called Gamefront. There is a whole page on curing Vampyrism and the amount of people going mental and some who have cured it being very sarcastic towards others that are complaining.

Well those having a go at others and insulting them by stating they cannot read I think you will find it is YOU that cannot read! Read on...

So I was afflicted by this Vampyrism purely because the keys had altered from Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion... now WHY THE FECK WOULD YOU DO THAT?!

So the options are...

1) Consume the Cure for All Diseases


2) Find an alter and pray at it!


3) Travel to Mortar and speak to Inn Keeper who tells you to speak to Falion, has to be done in THAT order, buy a black soul gem, fill it with a soul (FECK ME ALREADY!!), return to Falion and arrange to meet him at this location at dawn. Make sure you are not a starved vampire and when he arrives after a fecking annoying wait it tells you to speak to him. You speak to him and ... NOTHING!!!

I think that part of the game code, probably where the micro stutter crept in, were fecking intoxicated that day and stoned?!?!

After travelling half the damn map and killing two dragons and having a third bugger off just as I was about to dispatch his arse to the four winds he buggers off nowhere to be seen. I am gathering shouts but had no idea until I noticed three were greyed out that I needed to capture DRAGON SOULS...cheers fellas!!!

After eventually capturing a sould using a soul trap spell I ditch Lydia, quite accidentally, in errr that place in the freezing cold and a large expansive college and end up back in Morthal.

I arrange to meet Falion and wait around for bloody ages only when he turns up I speak to him and the three ususal options appear and ... NOTHING! He turns up to meet you and stands there like an lemon?!

Thinking I must be looking too vampire like I go back to another saved game, this is four or five evenings now of attempting to cure Vampirism, shit dudes I could have completed Half Life 2 BLOODY TWICE in that time maybe three times?! I go and feed, ewww, and go back and meet Falion and he still turns up and stands there like an idiot. GROAN.

So I go back to said saved game only this time I suck off half the town of Molthar!! Two seprate couples, though oddly the wife of one couple, Thunnar's wife, will not allow me to feed or pickpocket either. Still I have fed over two dozen times and I thought surely now this will work?!

No, Falion still arrives and stands there like a god damn IDIOT!!! Why even turn up? WHY TELL YOU that he will cure you, then turn up at the circle and then just stand around like a brainless moron?

I then remembered reading somewhere that you had to attack Falion a few times and then he submits and performs the ritual?! Oh yeah well that worked out well and the only thing I discovered form this is that despite having him down and out several times you cannot kill him!!

I used every single weapon and every single posion along with going through all thee types of health potions I had 3 or more of each. Every single destruction magic spell and then some.

Just remebered that PRIOR to attacking him I had thought that maybe I needed to be naked, like I discovered you had to be to get in people's houses without them waking up when you need to feed. So cast off all clothing jewellery and weapons once Falion turned up but still nothing?!

I led him towards some crabs too and then saved his arse several times and take a guess to how that went?!

I only ended up trying to slay him as I got so enraged at hearing his bloody voice and that was how I discovered that even when he is cowering at your feet that blows from single handed nor two handed swords do a dman thing to him?!

I started to think this was some kind of gaming coders joke on gamers?

I mean how and why would it be that hard to reverse something you did not want to become anyway? I have played the game for two weeks now and spent 90% of the time as this damned Vampire! It has runied the enjoyment of the game for me and I am sick to death of it if I am honest.

Looking down the forums, especially the one in Gamefront, I am not the only one and the chat forum is really lengthy with others complaining of the same thing. In fact I am astounded at the people that managed to cure it and even more so that they speak to others like they are idiots because they cannot.

So after perusing the forums again looking for a console cheat to rid myself of this fecking annoying thing, I hate the whole Vampire thing anyway and did not even realise they were in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion, and think its all bloody, pardon the pun, teenage fashion crap in all honesty what started with Buffy and made worse by the Twilight films that they seem to be included to add appeal to teenage obsessives?!

In all honesty everything I read about Skyrim was amazing and even the first week os evenings playing it were amazing. But it ended up on a slippery slope that seemed to just increase its inclination the longer I played the game.

I had already been salivating over Elder Scrolls VI and hope its subtitled 'DO NOT WORRY THE VAMPIRES ARE BANISHED' otherwise I think I will wait and see what people say about it. This Vampire business really IS that shit in all honesty and I will have to try a console cheat as the only other option is start for the beginning.

If I do the first thing I am going to do in Skyrim is find the biggest baddest weapon available and then travel to Morthal to see Falion, but I WILL NOT BE SPEAKING TO HIM THAT IS FOR SURE!!!

This coming from a gamer who when breaking into someoes home to feed on their blood will not steal or pickpocket them while there as I think I am doing them an injustice as it as if they become a vampire as a result of my feeding on them I am consigning them to a fate worse than DEATH ITSELF!!

Now I am off to walk into the open jaws of a bloody big dragon to put myself out of my never ending misery that is Skyrim?!



Well it seems it was a fault with coding after all!!!

Go the the centre of the Ritual Circle...

...get the console command line up by pressing ` or the key to the left of one on my keyboard then type in...

prid 0001aa5e  ... then press RETURN followed by...

moveto player ... then press return...

Then press escape to go back to the game...

FALION reappears (oh OK SPAWNS) next to you in the circle and starts the damned ritual!


God really bad coding that was and if there is an update to PATCH this glitch then I am afraid to say it is a prime example that after all this time STEAM is till crap!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013


That Crysis Maximum Edition game I have been posting about!

£9.99 is what I bought it for at Game.

Very cool this and only likely to be let down by ending far too quickly...

Problem is though it does make playing it over again less attractive than say the Bethesda Games...but I AM likely to play it again though! LOL!!

Hmm I do have the two expansion discs though?!?! :)

That box is very chunky! Would be cool if Elder Scrolls came in a box like that as they are such huge games and deserve attention to detail...

...sorry I am a very tangible person when it comes to things I love and I do love Elder Scrolls as I do books and do not want everything to be purely in digital form. This would be such a bad thing I think but then I do not think it would happen with books anyway, I just hope it does not happen with games!!




Want to hear something mad? I had two copies of this game when I purchased this recently in a Cash Exchange store?! Reason is first off I did not have a cover for either and that is because the two I have came free with my Gigabyte Geforce 6800GT Graphics Card (times TWO) when I built my SLI Rig!

Still sound mad? Well I have a fond affection of this game as one of the best enjoyments in gaming ever along with the first time I soiled my pants. My sister well not forget laughing at this so in broad daylight on a sunny day I got her to run around the old Asylum and up that spiral staircase. Once I peeled her torso from the wall 8 feet away from the monitor I simply smiled and said 'I told you so!'

She did not want to open that door at the top I can tell you that for nothing!

Now this won some deisgn award or other and I am not surprised but what DID surprise me was the fact that the team sort of vaporised, well I don't remember EXACTLY, not long after this.

A real shame that was and Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim do remind me of this at the time, though without the scarecrow masked residents of that run down asylum!

I will probably go and find out that half the THIEF team now work on Elder Scrolls now?! LMAO!

Friday, 15 February 2013


Well how about that?

After spending absolutely days and nights uploading many Gigabytes of videos to my YouTube account  using my frail Mobile Internet connection on 3 Mobile, that does not even come close but neither do the others either if they work at all, I get an odd email from Google?!

My video settings were set-up so that any videos I upload are monetized, well you would wouldn't you?!

Only I have uploaded DOZENS of game playing videos but Google have emailed me regarding only ONE OF THEM stating that I cannot monetize the video unless I have the rights or permission?!

So instead of getting angry I have emailed the software outfit in question and asked them about this and I have stated that I find this quite bizarre as I write a blog about mobile gaming and that I would have bought their four titles over a year ago if not for misinformation on the Internet. I also stated that by doing this videos and taking the time to upload them I am actually giving them free advertising of there product while showing it to thousands of people who may have thought playing it on a laptop impossible?!

I also stated that IF I film my grandchildren in a garden in the summer playing in a paddling pool I do not expect the manufacturer to start complaining about his product being shown to the world either and of course if you think about it you would have to be damned careful where to point a camera would you not?!

Think about it for a moment...just about any object manufactured in anyway getting caught on film could be a potential nightmare when it comes to uploading?!

I do find this quite bizarre and was really surprised to be honest.

I cannot help but think about the big computing companies who are always in the news lately and have been for the last several years all suing each other.

The latest of these now is between Apple and British Telecom and I cannot help but wonder if there is firstly anyone at all Apple hos not been in court against or whether or not just the Apple v Samsung thing alone will ever end, let alone any other or any to come?!

It is quite worrying really it is almost like they realise that world domination is possible of they perform a pre-emptive strike on their rivals for some absolutely trivial bloody thing that shows them up for the evil empire that they are or want to become.

More concerning is that the idiot fans fail to realise they are being used or manipulated or just are brain dead and do not care! LMAO!

Will there EVER be a company that does not come across like its every employee is called Stewie Griffin?!


Oh and this is not the thig I referred to in a previous post either, just one more thing to crop up on my road to ... WORLD DOMINATION!!! (evil laugh!) hahahahaha!


Some screenshots of...

 Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 

At the resolutions I play it on my Phenom X3 1.8 GHz CPU and Radeon HD5470M Graphics processor with 8GB Ram on my HP Pavilion DV7 17" Laptop!!

It really is the greatest game ever even if a bit annoying right now!!


Some nice screenshots of the visual features within the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game and these are the settings I play on, on my laptop!!

HP Pavilion DV7 17 Inch 1600x900...errr I think lol...YEP

Phenom X3 1.8Ghz and Radeon HD5470M (NOT DUAL)  Graphics with 8GB RAM

 Now right here there are supposed to be around EIGHT screenshots but I am afraid that STEAM tried to update, hogged my 3 MOBILE broadband, which is garbabe like they all are anyway, then FAILED and now my connection is behaving like its still downloading and I cannot upload a few pictures?!

LMAO! So tomorrow more posts!!


Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Finding the Greybeards

I apologise for the lack of quality and would say that I was out today looking at better equipment so that I can improve on the content... indeed I will state at this juncture that I have TWO plans in my head to improve the content and both should be pretty cool, I know which one readers of this blog would prefer and so would I believe me.

Hopefully I will do a couple of checks and the first today, one on Monday coming and then another the following weekend and at any of these checks I will be able to tell which of the next lot of plans I will be able to pull off?!?! Hopfeully BOTH!!! LOL!!


Yes you read that correctly and it is what I hinted at in earlier posts...

...for those that thought it was CRYSIS...sorry that was a deliberate Red Herring and the only reason, other than curiosity, why I purchased the Maximum Edition from my local Game store?!

I saw it and would it not be funny if I bought this and played it and threw this in 'the ring' to throw everyone off?!?!

I bloody love Skyrim and yes the graphics ARE turned down but yes it is running on a triple core AMD Phenom X3 1.8GHz CPU, that is 1.8 Gighertz, with a ATI Radeon HD5470M, yes that is MOBILE GRAPHICS, on a HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop I bought ex-demo, but actually refurbished, that I read over and over again on the internet I would NOT, I repeat NOT, be able to play any of the latest games on... never even bought a game at all in way over 6 months. Well I bought the laptop in January 2011 and it is now February 2013 and you can see when I started doing these posts on gaming.

Even with the first Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion running and Fallout 3 running I still never thought I would be able to get Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas to run, especially as DiRT 3 runs so bloody badly?!?!

But it seems that the team behind the Elder Scrolls have either rebuilt the engine they used and opitimized it to impressive standards or optimized the current engine, from Fallout or which ever one, and OPTIMIZED their code which is even MORE impressive.

The MASTERS that CODE should take notes!!

Now some Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VIDEOS...

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Crysis on Radeon HD5470M AMD Phenom Screenshots

More in a series of games that a great many people told me I could not play on my laptop with a RADEON HD 5470M and a PHENOM X3?!

Cannot play means cannot play or unplayable, even on minimum settings. End of.

Now this was started as the beginning of an idea I had and thought it would be informative and help people on budgets on with desktops or laptops on a par with my own?!

This is especially as some very big names games are either on a very budget priced or, like advertised on Steam just yesterday, half priced?!

I might be wasting my precious time but I will give it about a month and see what people think.


Some more Crysis videos...

Well more of a case of that curious missing pointer I get with a number of titles... The Witcher, Lock On MAC & DCS Black Hawk...weird.

My apologies for the videos and there MUST be a better way at doing this by software that records desktop but cannot be bothered to trail through loads of websites and crap software while being forced, often TRICKED, into downloading bloat-ware that is utter crap. Like what gets forced onto you via C-NET these days. God that site has plummeted down a mountain lately let alone a hill!

Hmm thought there was more Crysis videos up-loaded so will now go off and look at that!


Well here is the first of a series that is in several parts...

First off my arriving on a beach and a pretty smart looking tortoise?! LOL.

Apologies for the video, this is at a 1600x900 resolution on medium settings.

My HP Pavilion DV7 laptop has a Phenom X3 1.8GHZ CPU with a AMD Radeon HD 5470 M Graphics with 8GB of top brand ram but value version, Crucial I think...

No SSD! So yes nowhere near the maximum settings but unlike what many stated you CAN play this!!

This is the first Crysis game and the Maximum Edition.

What happens when you are balancing a camera and playing at the same time?!

You go over ledges!!

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Well three seems to be the buzzword of the moment with all of the biggest names all focused on that number...

It was not long ago when a YouTube app from those guys in Canada of TechSource.TV that I first heard of a third Half-Life 3 game but thought it merely a industry joke due to the time that has passed since Gordon's second outing.

This morning and while installing... something, lol, I noticed some news on Steam that there is now talk of a Half-Life MOVIE?! Added to this was news of a third instalment of The Witcher and I have now realised that there are no less than THREE expansion packs available for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?!

I had seen Dawnguard in my local Game store but did not know of Heathfire, but then why would I keep abreast of it as Skyrim is outta reach to me currently ... WAHHHHH!!! Anyway, ahem, well as well as those two, err or is it one, there is now Dragonborn too.

My God I really do need to start planning a PC Gaming Rig Build I really do?!

Maybe it might be ready for Elder Scrolls VII: Earthedge, The Witcher 5, Fallout New London Same Old Same Old and Medal of Dishonoured? LMAO?!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Today I was out and I visited the Game store and had a look around as well as having a bit of a chat with a guy that works in there...

We had a chat about games, Steam and a few other things besides and I told him of my BSc Single Honours Degree and my interview with Pivotal Games way back when. We agreed on several things to do with gaming and after leaving I was walking back to my friends store with his Tea Bags I got for them.

Now when I reached the store having made my way through the piercing and biting winds coming down from the Arctic and likely from freezing North America before that while on its travels to Iberia and even North Africa I pulled  my smart phone out of my pocket and swiped it into life.

Now I did a little check on something with a particular app on my phone and once realised I put something into practice... partly this is due to the fact that I do now feel I am coming up to some ... juncture with everything I have been planning and now actively doing for the last errrrrrrrrrr 6 or 7 months. LOL. Needless to say many that have glimpsed even just at the titles of my other blogs will no doubt think me having a unique insight into a great many things. One of these things I wanted to get into was the internet and in particular the claims that I, or rather I should say that many OTHERS, have made.

Confused? Well I have not finished with you just yet, but trust me all will be revealed but little stunts like this I normally pull on one other blog and not dine anything like this on any of the subjects I care about. However there has been a pattern I have seen on the internet and it is part of the reason I do NOT DO forums. This is a reason other than the one of the God complex that affects many and mostly those that do not have the perception to do what they are supposed to, though thankfully this is not always the case.

What am I on about? Ooooh nothing, just a little idea I have in mind due to something else I am planning that I have MENTIONED before.

Now the waiting will not be long for this one I promise you and the first set of things will probably start around a week from today. No more than that unless something out of my control postpones it but it could be a couple of days earlier, rather depends on factors involved.

I must say when I think about it I do think that BOTH parts of this little test are, as you will see, somewhat ambitious to say the least! But I thought it would prove somewhat interesting to try and see if I can actually prove points I HAVE already made and test a theory I have NOT divulged. Though if I do divulge my theory no one that reads this will likely be surprised at what I will post and certainly those that read my BLOG on corruption will likely think how obvious it was and why they, or I, did not think of doing it before.

Confused? Yes you are most definitely are and will be until ... next week at the outside.

Hmm I am kind looking forward to this, though there might be some big names that will not like what I type if I am proved correct. If I am wrong, however, I will admit defeat and am always willing to admit I was wrong but due to what I HAVE been doing already I will not be wrong by much?!

Well I do have to say something in my defence!

My perceptions are kind of out there but I have always been told I have a unique insight, sometimes it takes time for them to kick in and other times I will damn well ignore them until such a time they are screaming out at me and I realise I was actually right.

If you think that by reading my blogs you have some insight yourselves into my insight you could not be more wrong, haha! You see what I a type on any of my blogs is what I know for sure or am pretty sure that without much difficulty I can prove myself correct, a case in point is that I have a blog on Orchids as I find them fascinating as much as I do animals. Now I started off my stating that I could GROW and flower not only a type called a Vanda, many books state that they require a greenhouse, under artificial light exclusively, without burning out the national grid! When I stated this I freely said it and posted pictures of the set up I had made myself as well as the light bulbs I bought and used...

...I COULD have got that VERY WRONG! I could have looked a gift horse in the mouth or a right dweeb?!

I could but those that I have a possibility of making myself looking like an utter fool always stay within the confines of my grey matter until such a time I can feel confident of letting them out.

Part of my understanding of these things is kind of down to the fact that I DO have all these different subjects and did not want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none. I did not want to be a victim of that old adage that a little knowledge was a very dangerous thing either. I wanted to be the best that I could be, ad that would be a master of as many that I could.

I have achieved this in a fair few but not all as yet. However there is plenty of time and these very blogs will help me in my pursuit of the ultimate knowledge in the others I wish to be too... the meantime I can continue putting my theories to the test!

so will it be fun or a fart in a thunderstorm?!

Well find out in a weeks time.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Just a few more I uploaded but cannot find the valley full of Bark and Giant Rad Scorpions just yet?!


Here is a little film I did on my camera just to show a friend of mine and is one of two with the other one containing some of the mutated wildlife found in the post apocalyptic setting within fallout New Vegas.

But once I did it I thought it would help others with laptops who are constantly misinformed that they cannot get many games to run on mobile graphics, just like the game store told me about Elder Scrolls Oblivion,until the guy nearly chocked when i had told him I was already playing Fallout 3 quite happily. Knowing what I did not and that Fallout 3 had a much more advanced game engine that Elder Scrolls IV he said oh well you will have no problem with Oblivion then!

I think Skyrim may be pushing it a bit too far but everything else is fair game though.

Still I might buy Skyrim ... JUST TO SEE?! LMAO!

Veronia and Eddie accompany me in the photos, though I do get fed up of saving her backside sometimes and getting killed myself in the process...but what's a guy to do? LOL!!