Friday, 15 February 2013


Yes you read that correctly and it is what I hinted at in earlier posts...

...for those that thought it was CRYSIS...sorry that was a deliberate Red Herring and the only reason, other than curiosity, why I purchased the Maximum Edition from my local Game store?!

I saw it and would it not be funny if I bought this and played it and threw this in 'the ring' to throw everyone off?!?!

I bloody love Skyrim and yes the graphics ARE turned down but yes it is running on a triple core AMD Phenom X3 1.8GHz CPU, that is 1.8 Gighertz, with a ATI Radeon HD5470M, yes that is MOBILE GRAPHICS, on a HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop I bought ex-demo, but actually refurbished, that I read over and over again on the internet I would NOT, I repeat NOT, be able to play any of the latest games on... never even bought a game at all in way over 6 months. Well I bought the laptop in January 2011 and it is now February 2013 and you can see when I started doing these posts on gaming.

Even with the first Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion running and Fallout 3 running I still never thought I would be able to get Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas to run, especially as DiRT 3 runs so bloody badly?!?!

But it seems that the team behind the Elder Scrolls have either rebuilt the engine they used and opitimized it to impressive standards or optimized the current engine, from Fallout or which ever one, and OPTIMIZED their code which is even MORE impressive.

The MASTERS that CODE should take notes!!

Now some Elder Scrolls V Skyrim VIDEOS...

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