Wednesday, 22 May 2013


There are many details flying about but I hope to find out something in my researching that I suspected of the Playstation 4.

However I am now doubting I will find this which is starting me to wondering whether this path will lead me to something else entirely. Not sinister so much I think but could sound it.

Anyway by all accounts it is reported that the XBox ONE will start up more or less instantly and that tyhis can be done by voice by simply saying "Xbox One". This can be performed because the microphone is always on while the machine is in a sleep mode.

Hmm well I do not own one of these things and never have, though this could possibly change this year, so I hope games can all be installed on the hard drive?!

Otherwise asking it to switch itself on from the comfort of your armchair and then dragging yourself off your sorry arse to go over and put the disk in would be somewhat....SILLY! LMAO.

AMD 8 Core (JAGUAR) APU Custom Specifications

AMD 9 Series Graphics (Odd one this as 8 has not come out but it is reported out there that eight will be mobile specific which makes a lot more bloody sense lmao)


500GB Drive (seen no reports about different versions as yet but have about the drive being NON user serviceable)

USB 3.0

WIFI 'n'

WIFI Direct

Controllers look the same but have 40 (according to Microsoft) improvements but new 'Impulse Triggers'. Hmm. Oh and a built in battery pack.

There is some clue to the typical Microsoft shenanigans that a user cannot change the drive on the machine. This alone could put me right off as you are being forced to PAY for the labour in the event of a failed drive.

Unless they give me a 5 year warranty specific to the drive of course?!

Sound too expectant that one? Well Western Digital Raptors used to state a 12 million hour running without failure. That was 8 bloody years ago so as long as my hard drive was big enough and did not fail I would personally have no issue with this.

Or a warranty for 5 years, lol.

On another and last note I still see this 8 core Jaguar APU being banded about but something just is not right about this. No mentions of the graphics other than this 9 series malarkey. But 4 cores is all they make currently with the integrated graphics.

So if you could make an 8 Core APU tp place inside a games console why would you only have ONE graphics silicon and 8 CPU cores?! Especially when SLI and Crossfire have been around on the PC for NONE YEARS give or take a few months?!

Either there will be two GPUs or these Jaguar cores have a trick up there sleeve.

I mean anyone considering building a PC gaming rig and waiting to see what happens with the two big name consoles before building their AMD Crossfire or nVidia SLI rig would be reading these reports and scratching their heads.

There is one possibility of course and that is that AMD have been a little slow of late on the Graphics Cards front and I expected to see a Radeon HD 8970 by now and added to this the Radeon HD 7990 too an inordinate amount of time to appear...

Maybe, just maybe this 9 series card is so called because it is as big a leap as TWO generations of graphics cards?!

This would highly likely not be available in mobile for awhile and why they are using the '8' moniker for mobile and this '9' moniker for this new silicon.

Hmm do you know what, as I got further into typing that last theory the more I liked the sound of it and thought it the more plausible reason to what is coming up. ITS MY BEST FIT.


WIRED does a good and comprehensive preview of the XBOX ONE


Best pictures if the unveiled XBox One I have found here in wired...

Close Up With Xbox One: Every Photo You Could Ever Want | Gadget Lab |

Well the slab of plastic does seen to have all but grown up?!

I must admit to being somewhat surprised at the pictures I have seen if the upcoming games console! It is very stylish to the point that it is the first gaming console I have actually thought "I want one!"

The Kinect looks very cool too as well as sounding like it is a big improvement on the first instalment. However I am surprised as I did think that this would be built into the console itself. But then this could have had its own problems I suppose with placement of the console itself I'm the optimum location could be tricky in certain situations.

Still it has taking Microsoft the attempts to produce something oozing cool let us how it is quiet too?!

Let us also hope that there are no shenanigans like the Windows refusing to cone out and play when LINUX is around?!