Wednesday, 25 July 2018


OK let's do this.

Right from the get go ..

I have been around gaming a long time, despite what some butt hurts would have you believe who have probably played games for like two or three years?

I played all the Chris Roberts games from years ago and the other games from the original, Origin .. ahem, group. The Wing Commanders, Freelancer .. the damn flight sim I cannot recall the name of and others.

If you do not know I have a degree in software engineering and even had an interview with Pivotal Games years back to be a games programmer.

I have followed the hardware and software for a long time and I see a lot of fighting going on, fanboyism going on and a lot of false claims.

When he first announced Star Citizen I was blown away .. because he reappeared out of nowhere and was about to bring my old love affair back to life.

I have followed and followed and followed this and after they missed the predicted launch date I thought .. uh-oh!

Then the first disappointed people started to leave and it grew .. currently it seems to be around 55% disappointed to 45% fanboys from what I can work out.

I also hear a lot of utter shite, over the top fanboying from actual YouTubers praising the game, if I can call it that, that makes me want to reach for a bucket.

Tonight I was watching a video from Failure To Report, FTR, who sound pretty sensible and I was amazed at the experts quoting time frames for the game. Wrong time frames and the reasoning was well off. Funny as Chris Roberts got it way, way wrong but these guys seem to know what it is all about.

Right .. just because the graphics and textures look twice as good as other games does not equate to twice as long .. OK?

The modelling does not take 8 years .. OK?

Better textures require batter cameras and the textures are simply applied to a 3D model .. OK? It does not take twice as long to produce a hi-res picture nor does it take any longer to map it.

I will tell you what does take longer ..

  • Creating the 3D engine .. oh but they did not
  • Making bigger maps
  • Filling those maps
  • Longer story line, though again not 8 years .. 
    • Imagine it taking 8 years to write the next Star Wars or Star Trek movie before even starting to film it?! Lol.
  • Adding more side quests
  • Adding more objects to the bigger map
  • Artificial Intelligence .. provided it is an advancement from what has gone before in the first place?
  • Adding any new content .. like new creatures
What has already been done and what may have already been done ..

  • Models previously made only need slight additions
  • Characters previously done only require slight improvements
  • Creatures if ant only need slight improvements
  • 3D Engine in most instances
  • MMO's have been done to death .. they somehow screw this up though from time to time
In the future and someone did ask if they could ever bring the production time down? Well yes ..

You see 3D Engines wont need to be improved any more once you reach a point.

The modelling wont need improving any longer once you reach a point.

Meaning any previous models stored can be reused or altered a little in any follow up game.

Artificial Intelligence probably wont be far behind with having to require improvements.

Already where probably going to reach stages where the maps wont require to get much bigger .. from what Bethesda have been using. For example Elder Scrolls 6 might be there or damn close to not needing to be any bigger. Perhaps?

And to the idiot that stated that 8 years is "mid range" for game development? LMFAO .. no .. just .. no!

They also use the excuses of production costs and with Star Citizen itself this is very difficult to comment on .. because I am sure it has all been done badly, do not need to be Stephen Hawking to see that. But how much so is impossible to figure out.

Do not even think of commenting and claiming there were no screw-ups or major screw-ups because there is one fecking huge one staring everyone in the face! And that is with me doing no effing research and only looking in now and then for an eternity to see where it is at .. which has constantly been bloody nowhere.

In all honesty I have not been able to believe it for the last few years and it has gone over the line of being ridiculous, as have the fanboys .. which always has me shaking my head in disbelief.

I just hope it happens one day ..

Anyone out there fro the age of ten to 14 might want to remember to get prepared on its release to not getting into any major epic space battles by using the lavatory first. Because getting to the loo and back using your zimmer-frames is going to take time and might cost you the war? Lol.

I also heard that mining had just been introduced and I was like "What the fuck?!" Eight fucking years and they have only now introduced mining?! Jesus Christ!

Then I heard that you had to pay .. was it $150? I was like "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!" That is a fucking piss-take.

You know what the thing is about piss-takes? Once someone does a piss-take after awhile they do even bigger piss-takes and as they get away with it, it continues on.

That is the nature of the beast baby and I see this absolutely everywhere.

Ohh bu the costs, I hear people cry? Yeah .. does not seem to be a problem for CD Project Red?!

Yeah that is why the spend 5 years or so making a game .. because they only earn fifty quid, bucks, when they are done. Oh I have heard this bullshit regarding all this pay monthly and pay to win bullshit .. from people that have nothing to do with the actual game development. EA, UBI Soft, Activision and others. Fuck .. off.

I told UBI Soft once they were greedy fuckers, were patronising and did not know what the fuck they were doing, were also liars and told them to fuck off. They banned me for several days?! Go figure! Lol,

Worst part about all this is I was only interested in Squadron 42, what IS with these shite names? That did not even get talked about for a few years and I still hear nothing about it!

Yeah so try and think before you start shouting your fanboy bullshit and do not get angry with people because they have gotten sick of waiting. Your a complete idiot to get annoyed with others for getting annoyed with an incredibly long period of time. Made worse by the fact that it is way beyond the promised time. Way, way beyond and you do not even have a fecking light at the end of this tunnel!

It is a shame really because fanboys in everything make everything worse. They take time because they know your gullible. They know most wont complain.

Intel are learning now that they should not have done that.

Bethesda are only know beginning to learn, or maybe Zenimax, that they should not have done this.

Did you see the Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 trailers? What the actual fuck was that? They were nothing. Nothing. These were only shown because they were going after the pay to win MMO crap and the audience was not impressed with Fallout 76. I bet they kept those two short clips to the back and someone said ..

"Yeah .. if they look like they are lacking enthusiasm for Fallout 76 play those fecking clips!"

I was excited for Starfield's trailer until it ended and when they moved on to Elder Scrolls 6 HammerfuckedOff I thought "Starfield was nothing and this will be less than nothing!" Fog and mountains and that music ... oooooooooohhhh!

Yeah so Fallout 4 was average because of Fallout 76 which they were obviously also working or focusing on. Yeah and so Starfield will be 2020 and Elder Scrolls 6 around 2023. Hmm wont that be ten years after Skyrim? Lol.

Also said no more Obsidian Fallout? Morons! Best Fallout game ever but wont repeat it?! Riiight!

Gaming has become twisted, perverted gambling aimed at children .. as has now been judged exactly as I expected it would. Just do not know why it took them so long.

It will go back.

On and streaming boxes? Yeeeaaaah .. no!

Friday, 15 June 2018


Well this has been weird.

I wanted to see a few more videos of people that had seen the gameplay to Cyberpunk 2077 because after watching Angry Joe's reaction I became even more intrigued than I was previously.

Surely it can't be as good as he says?

Been awhile since I seen him that excited.

Read a few comments sections and can't believe how there is now a backlash from people that call themselves gamers?!

Probably the same types of morons that attacked me for saying negative things about The Witcher 3? Oh the irony.

Then I had to comment when someone stated somewhere that gamers, again with the gamers, were complaining that's it's an RPG and not a first person shooter?! What the actual .. feck?! I wonder what idiot would say that?! Do they even know who CD Project Red is?! Jesus!

Gamers?! Lol.

I told how I got attacked and told I wasn't a gamer and said ..

  • Gaming since ... Forever
  • Degree in software engineering
  • Turned down a Doctorate .. for those that like to call people idiots
  • Job interview with Pivotal Games a long time ago

Yeah .. because armchair experts with big mouths and self proclaimed intelligence like to shoot from the hip .. with zero research. Lol.

From what I've heard this sounds like the game I was expecting and hoping Deus Ex Mankind Divided would be.

I love Deus Ex. It is a series that had the potential to not only be the best but also sell like there is no tomorrow. I'm sure CDPR were well aware of this when they decided to go the Cyberpunk route?

Unfortunately the last Deus Ex didn't quite meet my expectations from the reviews. A shame as I bloody love that series.

Now Cyberpunk 2077 is getting way more excitement than I could ever have imagined and I expected it to be a lot with how popular The Witcher series was. Also with how popular Deus Ex was. So I had high expectations over this .. especially being several years down the road from The Witcher 3 and the advancements in graphics chips and consoles.

Well I found this guy called YongYea and he was a gaming journalist who saw the gameplay ..

He went on with very high expectations, which is not a good idea as you tend to get disappointed. Be this with games, films or even music.

In fact he had very high expectations and guess what?

He was blown away.

It's only a few minutes but listen to his passion and what he says about third person perspective concerns ..

Thursday, 14 June 2018


Yeah .. I had to do it!

So then I saw this title come up about Intel showing off a 28 core CPU running at 5GHZ and I was like, how the hell did they do that?!

So I thought about it and I thought ..

  • Well they have had a long enough time since Ryzen came out
  • They were planning their own answer to Infinity Fabric, or whatever it is called
  • They could have had a re-design in the works already and just added Infinity Fabric to said design?
  • Maybe this is a 10nm processor?
But then I watched .. did not pay much attention and moved on, still wondering how they did this and thought I would read somewhere else abut it, maybe Gamers Nexus or more likely AdoredTV?

Then AdoredTV did a video and Gamers Nexus also and I watched first Steve's video and then Jim's and I roared with laughter at each video. Wait .. so an existing core design? Not 10nm? Yeah .. I do not think so .. something is very wrong here.

Then the mention of the cooler and pictures of it and .. boy I am lucky the tears did not fall onto my keyboard or it might start behaving like an air cooled 28 core 5Ghz processor and catch fire? After exploding and creating a black hole. That s after everyone's lights go out after it sucking up all the power from the National Grid.

Oh wait? No mine is not a 5Ghz 28 core CPU! Lol, I forgot!

Things are beginning to get interesting though, just hope I am around to see it get interesting, because this move to the next generation Ryzen with the 3000 series along with the move to 7nm should be incredible.

Shame the GPU side of things has gone a bit dead. Yeah disappointing that AMD did not bring anything out noteworthy but maybe the move to 7nm on that might prove something.

Meanwhile nVidia and their next 1180, or 2080, card seems to have been delayed? Now it seems like when it does arrive it is going to be prohibitively expensive at well over £1,000? Great, that will cheer people up and start another pointless fanboy war.

Except .. I am hearing that they are targeting their next Navi GPU at the mid-range making it sound like another Vega? But this could just be more moronic and intellectually challenged fanboys making shit up. Good God they actually waste their time making up all this bullshit?!

The saddest ones are the ones that make up the God damn graphs!

Like those that claim to be gamers moaning about the perspective in a game, first person or third person is one I can think of.

Oh, your gamers? But you are going to exclude certain games in the genres you claim to love because of these little details?!

Like when I complained on my YouTube account about The Witcher .. oh .. my .. good .. God! The things that they say and the insults, lol. All sounding like communist totalitarian dictators .. 

'agree with me or I will burn your house down with you in it if you do not agree with my over the top praise of what is merely a fucking game' 

..more or less is the level of mentality you get.

Little do they know how mankind would benefit from their own absence?!

I also here that Intel is going to have another go at creating a GPU and due to come out in 2020? Oh boy if this is true and they ave learned from their mistakes of the past .. well .. AMD had better watch out?!

If this had happened and Ryzen had been a flop? Oooh boy?!


Been away for a bit ..

Sorry about that my plans did not go according to .. well .. plan.

Also I got stabbed in the back by public services after they agreed to stuff .. and then after all that and me moving twice of distances of 250 miles each way ..

I then discovered I have a fatal condition which is a ticking time-bomb. No period of time like you get with cancer .. this can just .. well .. happen in a number of ways. These are ..

  • Sudden Death Syndrome with no warning at all
  • Heart Related of which I am getting warning signs
  • Kidney and Liver related
Anyway .. trying to kind of fight my way back after a series of disasters and there is a magazine article about it, Love It Magazine just over a week ago, and another one coming in a matter of days, well less then two weeks. The first one is shown on my corruption blog under the title 'The Fugliness' and the second one wont get mentioned until after publication as there are parties that would like to stop it.

A lot of interested parties!

So I had this little nugget sent to my notifications ..

I'm having something of a return love affair with Sony but is more a mixed love-hate relationship.

This had kinda been going on for a couple years now.

I have purchased a few Sony products in that time ..

  • Sony A99II DSLT Camera
  • Sony G Series 70-200mm f2.8
  • Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f2.8
    • All the above agreed with Job Centre, DWP and NEA
    • Except they then stabbed me in the back after I bought it all .. my own money!
  • Sony HX300 Bridge Camera (Help build up blogs and YouTue channel)
  • Sony Dictaphone, the slim one
  • Sony MP3 Player .. again slim one and one that Daniel Craig used in the American version of my favourite film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo .. eagerly waiting for The Girl In The Spider's Web, fingers crossed!

Prior to this I used to earn people not to buy Sony products. For many years. Because despite all companies wishing they could do this Sony were the worst for not allowing their products to work with third party gear. Both hardware and software.

Yes, I would say, they make some nice stuff but .. buy A DVD or Blu-ray player, as one friend wanted to do, and those discs you get off friends? Yeah you player won't be compatible with them.

Then there was the whole Sony Memory stick thing in the beginning. UMD discs. Beta Max. Flac files which my player would not .. play.

In fact in the hd disc wars I thought Toshiba and their HD-DVD, or whatever it was called, would win. One of the rare things I got wrong.

Though I preferred the look and name of Blu-Ray Sony has tried to get a monopoly on formats for years and this could never be for good reasons. I thought people were wise to this and Sony would not succeed?

Over the years I've had several discussions about this sort of thing with gamers, even within my own family of which they are four of us just in my family and four in the other branch.

I ask about multi platform gaming and they give me excuses why it's not possible. I said with the last generation and Sony's Cell processor I could understand that to a degree but there simply is no reason anymore. I said and I've posted about the fact that you all get suckered into platforms and hence you also get fanboys because of this. But really what they are trying to do is to get you to buy into their platform and then but more of their stuff so they get even more money.

Funny how you never quite get everything you need when you buy a console package?

My long time argument was very recently proved by a company I love but have had decision issues with of late. Bethesda.

At their E3 conference they announced a version of a game called Elder Scrolls which is called Blades and in this you can play against someone whose using a PC and virtual reality while using just your .. MOBILE PHONE?!

Case well and truly closed.

Loved the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer and news. Cannot fathom those that are going on about First Person and immersion excuses because these people are utterly insane. 'I wanna see myself!' good God do you have any idea how childish you sound? Don't .. bloody .. but .. it .. then!

I bought The Witcher 3 and I bought Deus Ex, though not the last one Mankind Divided because I did not like the sound of what they did.

I am hoping that the coders to Deus Ex, throwing a wobbly because their own cash grab while copying everyone else did not work, learn something from Cyberpunk 2077? I hope it sells like hot cakes and they make a lot of cash. I hope Bethesda do as well, or at least the top dogs that probably forced them to do the online Elder Scrolls and now Fallout game?

Seven years, Bethesda, since a brilliant RPG and we have had one mediocre RPG .. one online Elder Scrolls, disappointing to say the least, and now we get another online game with Fallout 76 and after a teaser for the next Elder Scrolls VI everyone has calmed down and realised that after a 7 year wait .. we have another 3 to 5 years to wait for the next RPG?!

Wait, what? I'm confused. Did you not get where you are because of Elder Scrolls and Fallout RPG games?! Is this not how you become huge in the first place?

I basically see exactly that I predicted happening with Valve. Oh wait did they not say they are not another Valve? Or perhaps it was someone else? Anyway .. yeah when they started taking on these other gaming houses I could see two things happening .. Elder Scrolls and Fallout getting watered down, going online and further apart ..

Wait, what? Did they not state at the conference that they now have three BGS studios? Except .. despite that it will be like 9 to 11 years between Elder Scrolls V & VI?! How does that even work?

Ooh a free game? Yeah I am not stupid enough to expect someone to code any sort of game and give it away for free. Micro-transactions no doubt abound?

Oddly I have noted in these micro-transactions, no not talking about Star Citizen, how you and up paying way more than a triple 'A' title costs for something that does not even come close?!

Yeah right.

What made me laugh was someone being realistic that complained that "Bethesda fans will be getting too old!"

Funny was did you note at the start that I have since discovered I have a condition that is not only giving me warning signs? DO not even get me started on the NHS and my current situation with a GP! Well .. yeah .. I will be lucky to even still be alive when Elder Scrolls VI comes out?! I am not even kidding around here either! I never dreamed I would be saying this while playing Elder Scrolls V Skyrim! I thought about a three year wait. Then I heard some rumours, got excited and then Elder Scrolls Online came out. Then I heard lots of bad things about it. I must admit I fell for what everyone else did when there were rumours of another Fallout game coming. "OBSIDIAN?!" was the first shouty word in my head. A new New Vegas?! I loved that game and being so soon after Fallout 4, just as Fallout New Vegas was after Fallout 3, it was natural to assume this.

But no .. the continued creep away fro the best games out there because someone insists on free money because people are stupid enough to do it, to an online piece of crap.

Good God .. I thought I hated online games before just from some of the stories but then I heard someone state that you get groups of players sitting near a key mission location just to kill everyone that comes along because they think it is funny?! What utter morons!

What I did like the idea of is co-op, except I am a billy-no-mates! Well that is none of my friends play PC games. Have many family members into consoles of both XBox and PS4.

No I am not one of those memers nor am I a fanboy of .. anything. No I did not joke about Bethesda bringing it a Skyrim Special Apple Watch Edition or Amazon Kindle Edition.

No .. or have I complained about the bugs .. did get two .. did not really care though one was kinda funny and was in my favourite of Bethesda's games New Vegas were the Legionnaires just kept coming at me with a passion. Bloody tough each time too but I got a lot of gear to sell, lol.

Then I get a news report notification today regarding some gamer backlash concerning a game and cross platforming. Well of sorts and not read all the details. Who is this against?

Well .. Sony! Lol.

They have released a popular game called Fortnite on Nintendo's Switch. On this you can do this across platforms with an XBox. Only if you try to do the same things with your PS4 or PS4 Pro you get .. blocked.

After several days of backlash Sony speaks only to say ..

"We listen carefully to fans"

Which roughly translated means ..

'We will continue to take the piss and money grab to see how far we get. We will continue to control and manipulate you and for the most part we get away with it because your gamers, fanboys, addicted and out to with it. Until the point where we push it to far and we will release a statement to say we heard you and we care while we figure out of there's a possibility we might lose money from this. We might give in this time but we'll go straight back to bring c .. greedy selfish people the very next time!'


But true is the same everywhere and is very skin to governments. Well my government at least and it looked to me like it affected the Americans too? Well at least prior to Donald Trump because he is very different to the norm and I'm still trying to work him out. Not doing whether he is good or bad. But I will say a bit better and different. So far.

No doubt Trump haters, especially those full of crap, will go nuts but sorry and I've covered this previously ..

Barack Obama had to terms which is all your allowed to have .. only brought in one of the four or five things he promised and even that's been oh shaky ground.

A Smoky Robinson rendition is not what qualifies you to be President. As good as it was.

Failing in all your promises makes you a failure in my book so this idol worship of him I find bizarre and concerning.

But then maybe that's why politicians just go ahead and do whatever they want?

Maybe their attitude is that the majority are just not intelligent enough to say what's good for the country because when it comes to voting project get starry eyed?

Well in America maybe. Can't imagine Theresa May bursting into a rendition of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven or Pink Floyd's Another Brick In The Wall or Money?! Lol. Good God I think I would die!

People like me wonder when the sandheads and naive people are going to wake up?

Sony issues weak response to Fortnite cross-play controversy on PS4 and Switch