Friday, 20 November 2015


This is me managing to acquire the Brotherhood Of Steel X-01 armour in Fallout 4.

You have to be a high enough level for it to appear, or spawn, apparently and I was at Level 28 when I did this.

It seems to be a matter of luck getting this armour, which I think should not come into a video game.

I completed dozens of missions for the ungrateful Brotherhood Of Steel of Danse's group and wondered why I was not being offered promotion or armour? I then realised I was being sent to places they had previously sent me to?!

Other than caps and XP there was not much reason to persevere for so long with that one, still it was not boring. Lol.

I also do not remember having this X-01 armour in the previous Fallout titles, do not know if it was available or not? I amm sure I remember seeing it somewhere?

Not played the game using it yet and interesting to see if I can change to a human companion and get them to enter the old T-51 Armour? I will find out tonight to see if I can get Piper in it?

Ooh not much space is there Piper? Lol.

I am beginning to appreciate, however, the sheer amount of buildings within the game making things look bigger than they are and there seems to be a myriad of places to find.

I would have still liked the map bigger, mind you.

One thing I liked about New Vegas was the absolute desolated wasteland combined with a desert and sheer open spaces along with the mutated wildlife. Not many additions to the wildlife in Fallout 4 and still no Iguanas! BOO!

Anyway the armour was found in a building called Court 35 and not marked on any map and west of Clock Towers, I think it was called. Or west of that building you get sent to by the Brotherhood Of Steel with the funny french sounding name, Fenuil Hall, or something similar, lol.

Here is a video at any rate ...

I am publishing this before it has uploaded so if your here really early you might want to come back in a couple of hours?! Lol. I have to head out of the house as ususal ...

It will post automatically on YouTube ..

Monday, 16 November 2015


Well I simply do not believe it but I am playing Fallout 4! Video links to my YouTube channel are provided at the bottom.

This is for a number of reasons but one is the obvious one that it has finally come out after 5 ... umm or actually 7 years of waiting!

Another reason I did not think I would be playing this is the same reason I thought I would not be around for the very first episode in the new Doctor Who series, 29th September 2015, in that I was not supposed to be here!

In fact ever since April a little legal case regarding corruption I was indirectly involved in was ending in a few weeks. Then this got delayed several times from a week or two or a couple of months at a time. It ended, successfully of course. But not successfully for me.

I have been left high and dry and without a single scrap to vindicate myself to everything I said ... well about the case at any rate. Everything else has the necessary data ... except this one, the biggest one of all! In an unexpected way I was left high and dry. Well ... almost unexpected. Still ... gaming ..

Does not like like 7 years of work in Fallout 4 if I am honest ... but hell it is Fallout 4 and the only way it will get knocked down to an average game score for me and that is if it only lasts half as long as Elder Scrolls Skyrim did, and without the inclusion of DLC!

Hmm come to think of it though I played all the DLC for Fallout New Vegas I have not gotten around to playing the Skyrim DLCs?! Damn it!

Anyway the map looks smaller than that of Skyrim, disappointingly, and that is without any large myriads of mountains or the fact that a third of the Fallout 4 map look to be water!! Must be a hell of a lot of underground sections? Maybe a hidden city of skyscrapers? I have never been to Boston, or anywhere in the USA unfortunately, but I do not think it has them .. or many of them?

Also despite its familiarity there are no returning characters once again, though the ones they do have are good I must say. Also there lacks the ... eeriness that you got in New Vegas, like the roaring and cold sounding wind you hear in the upper floors of the Lucky 38. Or that you got in that fabulous The Divide DLC. Or the strange feeling you get on the Burning Man DLC, The Long Roads was it?

The yellowed out storms with odd coloured lightning is the closest I have gotten to a very eerie post apocalyptic feeling like those I mentioned.

Hmm cannot think of any in Fallout 3 come to think of it? Ummm OBSIDIAN?! A New New York or New Seattle please?! LMAO! Or some other location that would make a good and fitting game to the Fallout series. Oh ... that will be 3 years wait! Damn it!

Diamond city is cool and looks cool but not very big. Started to think there were no scorpions in this one but despite them turning up no lizards like the Golden Geckos as yet.

Too many of the makeshift and crappy weapons, though it makes sense in a world like this one. No sub-machine guns but repeater pistols with huge clips that empty in no time at all, meaning you kill quickly but die between clips, lol.

Power armour appears far too early for me but it does look like an inferior type so maybe there are several types to find? Never thought of this when I came across no less than four power armour suits with the first few days. It was weeks before I could get a suit in New Vegas. Do not think I got one in Fallout 3 as I was a newbie ... well a newbie to Fallout and not played PC games for over 5 years! Did not realise you could wear a suit, lol.

I have just had a thought.

Despite the map feeling small everyone says there is a lot to do, just hope i is not retreading everywhere 3 or 4 times over, which looks unlikely but just remembered the S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S wall. Now that gives the impression the game has a very long shelf life on my ... umm shelf! Desktop, lame-brain! Yes thinking about that list makes me think I have months ahead of me and should take me up to early 2016.

Maybe up until my most anticipated title of Deus Ex Mankind Divided?

As long as I am finding new places into 2016 I will be happy, at least until a DLC comes out or better still Deus Ex Mankind Divided comes out, lol.

Then hopefully Deus Ex will keep me going until Dishonoured 2 comes out and that until Homefront The Revolution comes out or vice versa?

Then hopefully Star Citizen will be finished and that will keep me going until Elder Scrolls 6 comes out? Lol.

Also there may be some brand new titles that take the world ... or just me, by storm that come out during this time period?

Oh and Mass Effect Andromeda!

Hopefully Need For Speed will be good? Fingers crossed!

A Tom Clancy game like Splinter Cell, or other single player title, with the old issues gone?

Then there is the shrinking lithography next year, 2016, and the movies like Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice, X Men Apocalypse that looks to be the first real X-Men movie since they started and then Deadpool, Gambit, Civil War, The Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange and that is without any other big films or sequels!

The mind boggles at the thought that once they are all done things like Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Shazam, Thor Ragnarok, Captain Marvel, Justice League and the sequels to Blade Runner, Avatar, Prometheus and Interstellar could be well on their way too?!

My head spins at the thought of all this and when you look harder it is exciting to realise that we have several years like this!

Now I am well aware that the consoles hold back PC games and that this will likely now happen for a few years ... except that there have been rumours about a new Nintendo console?! Everyone refers to it as the 'NX' but if they have decided to bring something out based on the new lithography chips next year then this might not be a problem?! WOOHOO!

Instead of the PC being a third wheel to the other two big names consoles you might have anotehr pair of more powerful beats to code for ... so the incentive is there to up the graphics, map sizes, physics and artificial intelligence!

Imagine that? Nintendo becoming the PC gamer's best friend? Lol!

You see there will be two lesser machines with the PS4 and XBox One and then the PC and the NX meaning fewer letters is definitely better.

The idea of the 'NX' sounded like a crazy one until I realised this and maybe it is what Nintendo realised?

There is no time span I have read about or release date for the NX but the new lithography AMD CPUs, APUs and GPUs is mere months away. So are the nVidia GPUs.

As a matter of fact I could not help thinking that Fallout 4 was rushed out quickly when I play it and it kind of was when you think about the five months since it was announced.

Think about it ... had this arrived looking like this after Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Wildlands, The Division, Homefront The Revolution, Mass Effect Andromeda even and Star Citizen it just might have been lambasted? Maybe Bethesda realised this? Which is why it looks unfinished to me and nowhere near as big as I thought it would be? Graphics not quite where I thought they would be?

So it is still good but we might now have to wait until Elder Scrolls 6 or another Obsidian Fallout before we see the big leap many thought they would get with this one?

Only problem is even if they knew about this leap a year ago it is likely no less than 18 months and if not then as much as 3 years to wait?! Bah-humbug!

Roll on Deus Ex!

Helping some farmers ...

Brotherhood Of Steel Early Missions Part One ...

Brotherhood Of Steel Early  Missions Part Two ...

Saturday, 14 November 2015


OK I have ten minutes to kill so that my anti-nausea drugs, Metoclopramide Hydrochloride, kick in and allow me to play Fallout 4!

I was going to go straight into it but it wont let me and this has happened a couple of times along with some other weird things, like my Roccat keyboard remaining lit when the computer is off.

In fact before I write a bit about Fallout 4 and my initial impressions I started this because I wanted to point out that Windows 10 has started to play up with some very odd things.

First off is that Steam does not always start up when Windows does and refuses to run when I try to run it?! Only happened last 24 hours and only runs if I restart Windows.

As for starting or restarting Windows 10 there is another couple of odd things it has started doing and I am wondering whether they have all been pissed down at Microsoft? Or have all contracted some virus that makes them delirious or hallucinate? Because sometimes when it starts up the 'Number Lock' is on and sometimes it is off.

The other odd thing it has started doing is making the old Windows start up sound on occasion and the Windows 10 start up sound the rest of the time?!

What the FUCK?!

Oh and my typing has gone to pot on my computer too, which now makes one Android phone, one Windows phone and now my PC whereby letters get addedd … THERE! I am leaving that in and it just added an extra 'd' on the end of 'added' and I actually watched it do thi! Oh and it missed an 's' now! LOL!

I find it impossible to be a coincidence that two devices I have typed things out without issue for years with one and twenty years for another are both now doing odd things when using them to type! This was already beyond coincidence before throwing in another Android phone and a Windows Phone too!

But then I have upset a great deal of powerful people and organisations with my blogs on corruption so having someone interfering with my stuff is not some weird and crazy conspiracy theory idea but a highly likely one.

Evidence has gone missing in the post about a court case and that evidence is still faling to arrive in any shape or form! I have some elves and minions now to help out so I am leaving that for others to chase up.

Now for Fallout 4 …

It is good and when it runs, a Windows 10 and/or Steam problem, and has not acted up at all with no crashes or anything else thus far. In fact it has run better than New Vegas and I bought the Game Of The Year Edition so should have had everything ironed out by then. New Vegas would crash sometimes on a loading screen.

As for the game itself, yes it is good but I have noted some annoying things and some disappointing ones.

Sorry but to me the map does seem small and this for me was a major disappointment. Added to that the collision detection is off, Molotov Cocktails want to explode whenever anything is nearby! While on the subject of Molotov Cocktails many groups want to just keep hurling them at you, Super Mutants for sure, and can throw them a bloody long way whereas you throw them like a ten year old schoolgirl!

The Brotherhood of Steel Power Armour now needs a nuclear battery and I did not realise and ran out of power in the middle of nowhere. Oddly this was while trying to figure out how I had managed to get the armour so bloody early in the game and use it without any training?

Admittedly the other games you got it real late in the game, which was far too late to enjoy it, while this one you get it too early.

The graphics are better than the previous Fallouts by some margin, however that do not look like more than a couple of steps beyond that of Skyrim. Considering the period of time between these two games that is something of a disappointment.

AT least the weapons and use of them have improved!

I heard some reviewers on YouTube claim that there is a hell of a load to do in the game, trying to talk it up due to the small map. Really? There must be a city or two in ruins somewhere with a myriad of bog buildings to roam around in and a huge underground section or two I have not come across yet?

Also the draw distance looks like that of the old games, nowhere near far enough!

Other than that I am enjoying it so far and maybe it will pick up a great deal in time? Maybe I will be playing it in a couple of months time like I did with Skyrim but looking at the map I have doubts I will be playing this in a months time?

The loading sections are also very Skyrim looking, which reminds me of a guy who text in to PC Gamer stating he or she hoped it was “...not a Skyrim v2.0 Boogaloo remix!”. That remark made me laugh and raised an eyebrow as 'Boogaloo' sounded like a track that could dhave been missing from Jean Michel Jarre's Zoolook album.

I did like Nick Valentine as a companion, thought it was James Woods doing the voice at first and then got annoyed at how many times he was telling me that my dog, Dogmeat, has a good nose on him! Yeah … repeatedly told by a bloody Android that dogs have good senses of smell? Really?!


I am not sure if there has been a huge amount of disappointed fans over things like the map size and graphics but had this been released in 6 to 12 months there could well have been mass disappointment. I cannot work out why the map is actually smaller than Skyrim's?!

The other game I am very seriously looking forward to and probably more than or at least the same amount of anticipation of that of Fallout 4 is Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

Now Deus Ex Human Revolution was only several things away from being the greatest game ever made for me!

  • Graphics
  • Map Sizes and lack of Open World as such
  • Length … and stupid BOSS sections
  • Lack of Animal Life
  • Carry Amounts
  • Not many Weapons

Now the follow up to Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, may have a crap sub-title like its predecessor but the footage and pictures look out of this world!

If they correct the shortcomings of Human Revolution as I have listed above then my blood God this could be deliriously awesome!!

I played one or more of the early Deus Ex's, despite morons on YouTube popping at me and calling me a newbie, and even have a copy of Invisible War here. Hmm yes, I played both now I think about it. But what they did with the reboot, HR, was damned awesome and because …

It had …

  • Style
  • Main Title
  • Characters
  • Story and Twists
  • Awesome Augments
  • Atmosphere and …
  • Fantastically atmospheric Music

Never looked into whether it got awards for any of the above but music and style it should have won awards for, that is for certain! If it didn't the awards are fixed! Err … are there awards for these things?! Lol!

Had Deus Ex Mankind Divided been launched in a few weeks of December I could easily see Fallout 4 being ditched for some time while playing the next Deus Ex.

SIGH maybe the next Fallout 5 might be the perfect Fallout? Oddly enough that because it does like like Skyrim v2.0 and due to the fact that next year, 2016, is going to be flooded with new faster CPUs and GPUs that will be revolutionary I think that the next game will be the one that blows everyone away.

The lithography, or size of transistors in chips, shrinks by a fair amount, Intel does not figure in this at all. Intel already shrunk theirs but despite tech journalists paid to crow about there stuff the last three versions of their Core i3 to Core i7 have not been big leaps. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Oh I am sure that when the AMD CPU, APU and Graphics Cards come out on the new lithography you will suddenly see Intel stuff they have been holding back while they rip you off for their underwhelming crap? That is Intel from start to present day I am afraid.

That next game with the graphics to blow us away is, of course, will be Bethesda's other title, Elder Scrolls 6.

For me these two Bethesda properties of Fallout and Elder Scrolls are the games that all others need to beat with Deus Ex being the only exception.

I think its the open world and concentration on single player that wins them over. The Dead Islands were OK, apart from big trucks on a single short bloody road, as were the Borderlands but its so co-op focused it ruins them a little bit.

Dying Light was better but though the interest did last it started to get boring a little over half way through. The weapon crafting and may melee and using swords in it was second to none.

I certainly hope that the map of Elder Scrolls 6 will be a fair bit bigger than Fallout 4? Maybe the map of the latter wont be a problem as I play the game. But there is just something about exploring open worlds, if done right, that is so addictive.

I feel a little guilty I did not mention Dragon Age Inquisition and FarCry but the former got the looting all wrong and the latter had annoying and linear missions. Both these titles got ignored for weeks on end or months on end and not because there was something else I wanted to play either.

With Dragon Age Inquisition I absolutely loved it but I ended up with the best sword around half way through the game, looting them became boring. I felt like I was bending over most of the time and felt like a gardening game. It was also too short, despite the boring looting.

With FarCry this was ignored for completely different reasons and was out of rage, lol. Yup I will be honest it drove me nuts to the point of expletives many, many times. I then ignored it for months.

The day before I bought Fallout 4, the 10th November 2015, I completed FarCry 3 finally and the day before that I completed Dragon Age Inquisition which included some romantics and sexy romps with Cassandra.

Now why can't I find a woman like that?! LMAO!

Oooh I forgot?! Bethesda's other title, Dishonoured!

A third classic but not quite up there with the other two but it has a sequel on the way! Ooh boy do I hope that one leaps forwards on the last two have open worlds like the other three I love?! Oooh boy, do I dream of that happening, or what?! Lol!

There is of course the title that Dishonoured sort of feels like, Thief. That reboot could get a sequel though I have not seen or heard anything of one just yet. I loved Deadly Shadows so much. The reboot looked great but need bigger maps, greater longevity and a few tweaks here and there.

Now my drugs have had a chance to kick in and I am off to reboot my PC to play Fallout 4!

Ooh yeah and I must get umm … the AMD Raptr thing to work again so I can record my playing for YouTube! Bloody Raptr and bloody Windows 10! Lol!