Sunday, 29 September 2013



After thinking that the feature set of the new iPhone 5S was actually quite respectable and beginning to get an interest in finding out more about it, as I have been playing about with an iPhone 4S for a couple of weeks now, today I was bought down to Earth.

In much the modern tradition of lying and tricking of the public it seems that amidst all the fiasco of way over-priced and cheap and Fish Priced looking iPhone 5Cs and non existent iPhone 5Ss I stumble across this webpage...,24333.html

SO THEN these guys claim that this M7 Processor Apple claim is inside the iPhone 5S & C does not exist and is a lie. Also they mentioned the M7 CO-Processor, I was not previously aware of them mentioning is one, is ALSO MISSING?!

If this turns out to be true then for me it just about sums up in a nutshell just how distant, aloof and evil these companies have become to that of the rest of the human race?!

Monday, 23 September 2013


A little like these blogs I am currently attempting to get home but the destination appears to be getting ever further away!

After leaving a friends place not far from me my severely aching groin to which the ultrasound was lied about by the NHS, covered previously, suddenly become joined by another!

After about one hundred yards of medium limping a flash of pain along the outside of my left foot has reduced me to a very slow and painful pace.

It is these times when my normal limping increases due to a combination of physical pains that I become worried.

Among all my goals in life many have been hampered for the past dozen years by being deliberately lied to, refused diagnosis, given a whole list of wrong diagnosis openly ridiculed by the next Doctor or specialist to then give me yet another wrong diagnosis and so it continues on and on.

Only every now and then I am reminded that I am a hairs width away from complete immobility.

Despite all the organisations out there no one cares, no one understands and there is absolutely nothing in the way of help!

It is an eye widening thought of how there is such little humanity within Britain today and it only gets worse. All the time and for over four years they have attempted to chip away at me and therefore others in far greater difficulties than me!

Commuting anywhere busy in the UK I am sure is a nightmare and cannot be anywhere as bad as London?! Quite how anyone in my condition or worse is supposed to navigate a transport system that is way out of date, over loaded and damn right unreliable is a mystery only they are aware of the unrealistic answers to?!

Yet they still want to stand behind you with one empty hand and one wielding the proverbial whip and expect disabled like me or worse to snap our fingers and make the impossible, possible.

Odd that this would come from politicians who talk big but cannot make the simplest things possible!


For those of you not wanting to be tracked I suggest you use THIS search engine, DuckDuckGo, and to get an explanation of how the tracking works click on 'Don't Track' once you are there.

Google tracks you. We don't.An illustrated guide.:

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I like this page, might be a bit old, and I have not looked, but I like it just the same.

Here is one of the XBoxes, do not know if he is involved in the XBONE LOL, telling the companies and their heads how incompetent they have been.