Sunday, 31 March 2013


Well here is another surprise for me and one I an willing to admit that I did not see.

I did kind of think that much if what drive us to distraction and use crap software to stop it which does not work came from a corporate espionage they has evolved across something supposed to be free and they did not create.

They have been getting away with being aloof, rude, stand offish, lies, tricks, cheating, false sales for services not performed and them behave like its totally normal!

Unfortunately this comes from turning a blind eyes because the money told in ever faster and larger. Greed and power gets used to it and takes it for granted and it gets bigger and bigger til it goes super nova and now nothing functions because it expects took much food!!

That would be that thing they did not want to regulate then?

Nope but at all...

That would be well the things that they not only did NOT regulate but actually had pseudo bodies sitting there sucking up even more money that only exist to make us THINK there is regulation.

So spotty teenagers in their bedrooms is it?

Foreigners? Chinese attacks? Bloody tiny these are and yes they are despicable people they nature be and they do have an affect but not the only ones.

Mobile Telecoms also need to offer broadband again especially as I hear that there are 60 Gig wifi bring set to in the world and I'm paying for crap...

Was hoping that I could fund a measely hardline on British Telecom but after 6 years if online work in just 8 months I cannot even do that...oops, lol. Nearly.

This false regulation has caused me personally so much trouble that I have and will continue to make the lives if sil involved a God damn living hell...From Here To Eternity, now that was a good song from when I was a child.

Lol, again with the mention of me as a child? Get used to that over the next week our two as I lead up to something, lol.

Gluttiousalgia? (made up Latin word)

That will be my chewing teeth!



Saturday, 30 March 2013


Right here we are!!

I found the 'educational' video and I do think you will enjoy it and hopefully it will help many PC Users out there.

There are just a couple more videos other than this one but its all done now.

I would like to say thanks to Peter for putting Ubuntu in my head in the first place and I really mean sarcasm intended my friend.

Computers always drive me nuts but I DO LIKE the challenge in all honesty, despite spitting fir and moaning about it but that is just down to the fact I always have alot going on (Pain, Hospitals, Doctor, Blogs, Police, Local Council, Bailiffs, Orchids, Bills, Shopping, GPs, Tests, Planning, Corruption, Animals, Astonomy, Cycling, The NEWS and oddly enough not a woman in sight!!! LMAO) as I know you are aware and likely man others are here too.

If not....well you HAVE seen my other blogs...surely?! LMAO!

Anyway without further ado, Microsoft CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!

Had to link this as Blogger did not update the title so could not find it...TUT-TUT and it is all handled and managed by GOOGLE TOO?! LMAO!

Are you aware Mr Ballmer that you have, single handed, destroyed and are STILL destroying one of the greatest companies to ever come about?! All due to greed, power and EGO!!

Just like the Intel and AMD thing I want many companies to co-exist.. BUT...

1) I hate the way that Microsoft and Intel behave towards others

2) It will only serve to destroy themselves eventually (disagree? well your WRONG! LOL)

3) But more sadly is that whoever usurps them only turns into them in time!!

4) The kinds of people that come in and do that should be banned from being involved in ANY kind of business (it is old hat, out of date and will not serve you anymore! Business models have to evolve too you know?!)

5) I have and am proving all the above and have been doing so for the last 7 months and will continue to do so for about a year. (At anytime between June 2013 and February 2014 I would have proved my point beyond ANY shadow of a doubt. Disagree? Well you can come back in February 2014 and tell me I am an idiot then can you not? If your in hiding then you will realise that I am an up and coming GOOD INFLUENCE on these matters, LMAO)


HEHE. Sorry I cannot resist a bit of humour, lol.


Yet again Wimpows... I MEAN WINDOWS refuses to turn up at the party?!

Now I am getting angry and I am planning to kick some Microsoft BUTT!! BIG TIME!!!!




Well here is an odd one...

Ubuntu wont boot and nor will is shutdown successfully if you request it to while a USB Memory Stick is in a USB port?!

Anyone says the words 'need' and 'unmount' in the same sentence i will punch them in the kisser! LOL.


A video of pre-success attempts that got somewhat .... out of hand and somewhat... confusing lol.

Thursday, 28 March 2013


This is just to notify you that I have a very good, quite revealing and hopefully funny video coming up.

I have delved deeper into ... things and I have managed to achieve thigs I have NOT achieved beforehand. I also had a suspicion prior to attempting this so I decided to film myself doing this and at first I think I guessed wrong and the I am all "Oooh I was right!"


Hopefully this will help a great many as I find out what in the hell was going on, a bit of naivety on one side with some real sinister stuff on the other side, lol.

Also for those with dual HDD bay HP Pavilion and Envy laptops or redundant Optical Drives I may have some help and advice to help you improve your system.

The film is done, or in fact there are TWO, lmao, but I just have to finish a few things and something is downloading right now, ooh that is another hilarious part, and I should have this nailed down tight tonight or tomorrow during the day.

I will upload the, THEN, THREE videos to my YouTube account and then link them into my next post on here.

I was pretty surprised with what I thought up and even more surprised when I took a guess, thought up a way of proving it and then manage to think of filming it before i did it.

See those three dead birds?! Well I only had ONE STONE?!?!


Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Well here is the first half of the story behind Windows returning.... or Elder Scrolls returning and Skyrim in particular, lol.

The 8GB USB Key, someone borrowed by 16GB one and not bought it back yet, lol.
 Only the ISO Image turns out to be a damned Polish one?! Morons!!


The HARD DRIVE CADDY with Western Digital Scorpion HDD in place, even has a cool blue LED light?!

The 160GB Western Digital Drive seen in GParted!!
This STILL leaves my and HDD Bay EMPTY?!?! LOL!

If I had a 6 series graphics chip I would put an SSD in the 2nd bay?!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I an afraid to say that as ever the journalists are LATE.

I just spent a couple Weeks trying to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu and after cursing the Linux OS it became obvious that it was Windows 7 and Microsoft that deliberately went out of outs way not to play fair.

Unfortunately for Microsoft this includes the user and their hardware as will as Linux!!

A fresh overall and no bloody internet a la Windows XP. I have always maintained that Windows is shit and assert initially liking Windows 7 the releases of H8 and this fiasco has changed my mind.

Tossers they really are and now I hope Canonical are not going to turn into them?! Same old..same old..shit!!

Give them twice the fine that the biggest one three times as much and take the same amount from Steve Ballmers personal account. You need to make an example and so far you any done jack!

Wonkers never learn.


Now this is worrying...very worrying and I wonder if companies that get so big either think their actions are just not noticed or they just don't care I an not sure.

I how this is not more evidence of the same thing...but...the figures I'm getting seen to suggest the former. :(


Well Steam now runs but a shame there is bugger all on there other than some indie stuff, platform stuff, rejigged old stuff and Half Life 2 which I think it wants me to pay for again?!


Ohh it needs more than just steam running on a Linux OS and needs some games, lol. I had a look around and only found about two even mildly interesting, which was Gratuitous Space Battle (err I think), Anomaly (probably until I play it) and The Clockwork Man!

Needs at least a Car racing game like Need for Speed equivalent. Space simulator and the Bethesda Games, lol.

Yes I know I am not asking for very much am I?! LOL!


Well what do you know?! At LONG LAST!!

I have the AMD Radeon Graphics Driver INSTALLED and IN USE for the first time ever in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?!

It seems that I decided to do one last thing because everything got into a bit of a mess partition wise and I decided to wipe the whole laptop put it back to just ONE partition and install Ubuntu onto it alone!

Against my better judgement but knowing I can get it up and running very quickly and easily I attempted to install the AMD Radeon Drivers and, HEY PRESTO, it worked!!

There was something I noted that was different with this install and that is that without me downloading anything at all there were about 5 different choices for AMD Graphics drivers where there were only TWO beforehand and do not know what that was all about. This laptop does have two graphics chips in it so that might be something to do with it.

Oh how weird?!

I just noticed that the fan is not on and the laptop is stone cold?! Well you know what I am going to say next?! I simply have to!!

How COOL is that?!

LMAO! Groan!

Seriously though that IS weird. I am not sure I have ever had it this quiet and this cool before and am rather surprised the screen is lit up and I am typing?!

Anyway so there seems to be a serious issue with the graphics drivers for Ubuntu if you dual boot with Windows 7 using the same hard drive, despite partitioning and certainly on a

HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop
AMD Phenom X3 1.8GHz
Radeon HD5470M & HD4200 Graphics
Toshiba 320GB Hard Drive (having second added soon)
17 Inch monitor 1600x900

Ohh I can download STEAM now?! LOL!

Hmm I just remembered I was IN THE STORE where I bought this laptop, PC World's store, and a guy was looking at a HP Pavilion lappie and as I passed I said "Don't!" and the guy looked at me as if I was mad and I walked back up to him and said "no I mean it...DON'T!" and has asked why I said that.

I told him that before my one which I bought out the same store had been back in for TWO repairs, several letters had rubbed of, 'a' 's' 'n' 'l', the hard drive failed, the case came apart and they were supposed to fix it and it is STILL coming apart?!

His eyes went wide and he said "are you SERIOUS?!" and I replied, yes.

Right next to the Pavilion was a HP Envy, albeit a little one I had never seen. I said that the Envy would be OK as the keys are not printed and it is their top of the line range.

Oddly enough I never had any problems with my old Pavilion DV5000 and I had that for 7 years and sold it to a friend who is STILL using it?! Yes OK I did have to change the keyboard for a new one but that was because of missing keys that came off due to its age!!

Now I would NEVER buy anything with the PAVILION name on it and I now realise why they were going to gove up PC manufacturing as they were making stuff like crap! I love it when companies do this and then throw their toys out the pram because people will not put up with it?!

well if I was anyone else I would be kicking up more of a stink but luckily for HP I know where all the keys on a keyboard are. I DO look down but I do not know why as I know where they are and have now deliberately stared at the screen for the last 30 seconds!! Hoho....OOOPS!

God I am not going to have to buy ANOTHER bloody Sony product am I before long? Well if the blogging and other online activities pay off I would like to be able to work online while out and about and even on holiday or abroad?!

This being a 17 inch laptop it is too much really. I will get a 15 inch in future provided I have two desktop machines first of course. If I am out and about and need a bigger monitor there is always the HDMI port I can use on a TV wherever it is I am staying.

Then there is the question of what to do with this one...I would probably donate it or give it to someone.

Annoyingly I will probably be wasting my money then soon when I buy another dive to place inside this machine so I can get Windows 7 back on?!

The obvious thig to do now would be to build a gaming PC but not feasable for awhile and not sure how long before it is feasable. But with Ubuntu on here and working it would be the sensible course until I build a Small Form Form Factor Ubuntu Rig. Building another Ubuntu RIG now would just be a waste of time and money. The gaming RIG is too expensive! So the only sensible option is to get Windows back on here, lol.

Yes STUPID I know!!

Monday, 25 March 2013


Well I thought I would just post here about my feelings for Ubuntu and haw they have changed since those first few frustrating and failed attempts to dual boot.

Yes it is bloody annoying that you should, 15 years on, be able to achieve that very easily. Yes it appears you get a Ubuntu dual boot menu when you only used to get a Windows one. Yes this SHOULD mean it would NOT matter which order you installed them but something tells me otherwise.

The truth is the more I use Ubuntu the more I like it. Yes every now and then I think of something I would want to do in Windows and look up the Linux equivalent. Yes GIMP is driving me nuts and is really badly designed interface and not intuitive at all that is despite the fact I DO like it and am aware it is powerful.

The truth is that now it is running it is painless and no more locks ups occur and yes i STILL have not got the ATI drivers installed but unless Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Need for Speed appear on Linux I will not really care much.

Also the and truth is that in Linux, or Ubuntu, if something goes wrong with it I can have it up and running again in a matter of minutes, an Open Source and FREE Operating System?!

This is despite my love of the Windows 7 interface and being by far the BEST version of Windows EVER released EVER, yes it is the 25th March 2013 and I AM AWARE Windows 8 is out and I call it Windows H8!

The odd thing is my stab at the Linux lot recently is closer to the truth than I first realised?! I will reiterate...

This is good...very good. There is only a couple of things to work on and one is kicking AMD's butt! The other is some tinkering with the GUI. The last and most important is probably out of their hands and that is that Linux is supported by the gaming community...

It does not have to be many just, say, three of the big players would be enough to start a tidal wave of adoptions to Linux. For me if I could have the games I play the most on here (Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, Need for Speed, X Reunion, Flaming Cliffs 3 Oh OK I have not got that last one...YET)

Now I am an old veteran at this but have been out of it awhile. So you could argue that I am a beginner when I started this but am an old veteran when it comes to seeing it through?!

I was unfamiliar for the most part with Ubuntu and knew my way around Windows and yet out of these TWO Windows has been a bloody headache. I chose my C: drive as the swap folder when I installed Ubuntu. This now looks like a mistake and I seem to lose my Windows installation after that, though it appeared to be there.

Other than that Windows seems to have an insistence, by all accounts, on throwing its toys out of the pram if it is not on the C: drive?! Umm STUPID! Hmm I wonder if the £2,000 Windows Server edition, or whatever its cost these days, has this issue? STUPID!!

So out of Ubuntu overwriting some Windows files or Windows just refusing to plaay fair, despite the humongous cost compared to Linux, lol, Ubuntu has been far easier to work with and this is BACK TO FRONT!!!

This realisation has been an utter shock to me, it really has and likely why and over time I kept putting it back on my laptop...BECAUSE I CAN?! When i finally got Windows 7 on my laptop my games and files had GONE and it would not connect to the Internet?! Ubuntu fecking did this from the DVD BOOTING?!?!

Result? Windows can feck off!!

The very meaning of an Operating System is so that you can Operate your .... SYSTEM!! Instead Steve Ballmer sees it as an excuse to meddle and feck about with users to sweep up any loose change his customers till possess! Nice. It does not matter that we may lose vital, important or sentimental files in the process they will continue to change things so that they can TIE you down to them and put up brick walls to everyone else.

To be honest they have been at that a very long time and probably the reason Bill Gates walked away from Microsoft. That was my immediate feeling when there was talk of him walking and still my feeling today.

It seems that military tactic to dominate everything and destroy all others many are under the impression that this is how it works in business. I have known for sometime that it is not...

The trouble with war is that you build bigger weapons that the other guy until one day you both have the weapons to annihilate each other so no one can win...

...what has happened in the world today is that businesses have been so focused and destroying their enemies and contempt for their own customers that the customer base is now saying FECK YOU!! In other words no one wins!

Ooh but wait! Linux is free and a very decent PC can be built for reasonable money today!! The last time I built a rig it was an SLI Rig with 2 x Gigabyte GEFORCE 6800GT cards Denovo Keyboard Proper Laser Mouse, Lacie Monitor Raptor RAID 0 drives the complete works and at £3,500 a steal?! *Cough-cough* Yes OK I went a bit mental and it was not the first time and was not the last and I dare say I will do again one day.

That was one of the first SLI systems built in the UK and it was something like 8 weeks before Custom PC Magazine (an good and unbiased magazine back then before Bit-Tech infiltrated) did an feature on it.

When I think of what I could build today for under £1,000 it boggles my mind. My eyes water and I am chomping at the bit.

The odd thing is I can look at Geforce 660 cards and Radeon HD7790 and HD7850 and think no?! I want a Radeon HD7970 or a Geforce 680. Seem a bit much? Well actually I am the kind of person that would have, 5 years ago, said 2x 690s or 2x7990s?! I kind you not! I was originally thinking or RAID 0 SSDs for my next rig?!

When I think about all this technology and how people make statements like SSD Raid 0 not worth it as it is temperamental I cannot think why. How can it be that nearly ten years on RAID 0 is even harder to do than when I FIRST did it?! Someone at Scan ( told me that!

Or is it just Microsoft and Windows?

I stated not long ago that Linux has a perfect opportunity and that was because I was angry with Microsoft. Angry as they had RADICALLY changed the next iteration of Windows that only served to show that they cared not for their end users and only after the money trail! What is more is it is not even FINISHED!!

Even more bizarre was a guy locally I know who makes his money working on people's PCs told me on the phone that he has played around with Windows 8 and that it was FANTASTIC and far better than Windows 7?!

Jerry you was obviously very pissed, mate?! Exactly which bit was you on about? How if you have not got a touch screen monitor the tiles things is crap and a wast of space? Or that you do and most of the programs, software and apps are NOT designed for touch screen?! Did you take a payment from M$ to say that?!

No it was a rush to get it out because of the tablet market and that is what it was for, it should NEVER have been released for the PC at all in my opinion. Also I buy Micro Mart Magazine a week ago as it refers to another release called Windows Blue?! Oh but guess what...I see the word 'tablet' amongst the first couple of lines of text and I flick straight over the page!

Anyone else notice that they are WAY over-priced for what you get?! Tablets I mean?!

I hate the Intel Ultrabook idea and thnk they are way over-priced but forced between Ultrabooks and Tablets it would be Ultrabooks all day long...

...but you have SLEEKBOOKS now! An AMD CPU that has a powerful graphics chip built into it than can play the latest games at fairly good resolutions! In just two months the AMD CPU, sorry APU, code named Richland will be released and this will be more powerful still! This will be called the AMD A10-6800K for the top of the line desktop model and AMD A10-6700 or 6500 for the laptop model.

Now the AMD A10-6800K sound like the perfect tool to match up with a Linux PC!! If AMD get their thumbs out of their proverbial arses that is?!

Low cost, all in one CPU/GPU that uses less power and added to this the talk that the GCN graphics core to be placed in the new generation can do regular computational tasks which offsets the fact that the CPU side only has FOUR CORES?!

Or there is the mouth watering prospect that IF the get around to a die shrink you can have an 8 core APU?!?!

Or better still a motherboard with a twin FM2 socket so 8 cores and Crossfire GCN?!?!

Then there are the improved Piledriver cores and the Steamroller cores?! Oh and Jaguar?! Oh and likely GCN2?!?!?!?!


What?! Where am I?! ....Oh yeah I was typing out a post about...

What?! Where am I?! Who are you?!


Seriously though and later in 2013 and into early 2014 it is, or at least I bloody hope it is, going to be quite interesting and VERY EXCITING?!?!

If a twin socket FM2 is EVER releases i will but it, or bloody hope to, IMMEDIATELY!!

Back to the point and the conclusion...

...never ever in the history of Linux OSs have they EVER been able to see the whites of M$ eyes before!! Now I am going to suggest and likely put in place a couple of Ubuntu installations on computers belonging to friends.

Now let us see if it catches on?!

Sunday, 24 March 2013


Well that Apple Macbook that kept getting on my wifi is STILL about?!

Not sure, STILL, who or what this is and i was surprised to see it.

Now I know his name is Peter! LOL!


Some more attempts at dual boot and beginning to get what MIGHT have been wrong now and not making sense.

Also i put Windows 7 on to see my files and they are not there?! NOWHERE so Ubuntu managed to wipe them while leaving the Windows folders there?! Mad.

Anyway once I realised this and that the game was up I then rebooted into Ubuntu...well that WAS the plan!!

I got it going again and it dual booted but in typical Microsoft fashion nothing in the Windows 7 installation disk bloody worked?!

Could not get on the internet at all but could with Ubuntu??

Also Ubuntu is very easy to get going again when the boot sector is lost and I really DO wish I could say the same for Windows 7 but NOOOOO!!! LMAO!!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Right the time is almost upon us...or just me, lol.

I have had some really bad days being two things...

Very ill and in a great deal of pain and even spent an entire day in a useless hospital that has nothing but the stench of death for me, having many friends and family die there it is becoming stupid.

Anyway I am recovering slowly and hopefully tomorrow I will be indoors all, or at least most, of the day.

I am going to try a couple of things to see if I can get the current installation of Windows 7 up and booting again?!

I have two methods to be able to do this by way of a Recovery Disk I have acquired and a Windows 7 Full DVD of Home Premium, I will TEACH them for not providing a hard copy?! LMAO!

Anyway failing these two methods I will at least get in and send all my Windows files off to an external 2 Terabyte Hard Drive and then will do the same with the Ubuntu files.

Then and very early next week I have something arriving and it is a caddy that turns my Optical Drive bay into a HDD/SSD Drive bay.

Now I have two options with that in the I DO have a 160GB Western Digital Scorpio Drive here which I could USE to install Ubuntu to or I could get something else.

An SSD would be a bit if a stretch at this point in time and I would want to load Windows 7 onto an SSD anyway as it would need it more than Ubuntu! LOL. Poor Windows!

SO that is what is coming up shortly, the last post or two where I get everything back and NOT to the way it was before but BETTER!

I will obviously do the odd video, albeit shorter and minus the cussing this time, lol.

Ooh yeah and that Ubuntu book should arrive too?!

Hmm but now remembered I am hearing about 13.04 now so i might look that up on the Internet so what people are saying about it?! I am thinking that the 13.04 will be like the 12.04 and be a Long Term Support OS and the 13.10 will be like the 12.10?!

Still got a great deal to get my head round with this and the two Linux Magazines could use a little work too?! Blimey guys you are supposed to make the OS appeal to a wider audience and I wanted to yawn in places! Got annoyed with myself when I was tempted to flick on past whole sections so have to keep picking them up and going through it.

Not even my Linux Pocket Guide book by O'Reilly has been that bad?! Lol.

Now I am sure there is something else I have ordered and do not know if it is related to this blog or another....ooh I know it is another harness but for my bird watching binoculars!! LOL!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Well what DO YOU KNOW?!

It would seem many were not aware of this but if you click on the link on the AMD Catalyst Download Page for Linux 13.1 Drivers both proprietary and beta you are taken to another page and it clearly states that...

...only Ubuntu 12.10 is supported?!?!


Jesus Christ quite how this vitally important information was hidden away by AMD like that and how no one I have spoken to was aware of this I have no idea.

Currently I am downloading Catalyst 12.8 to SEE if that works as their are no details provided about what it works with.

If that does not work I will download and try 12.6 (EDIT 12.10 actually - apologies lol) and see if that works.

Trial and error basis it seems or suck it and see and so far its been pretty sour, hehe.


Now that I have rattled off because I now and do not know when I can...

1) Play SKYRIM



4)Play NEED FOR SPEED or any other og f my games

5) Regain access to my Windows files, photos documents scans and the like (My Screen Test Second Series is on hold now)

I have come to terms with that (he states while knee deep in fingernails and toe nails!!)

But I really would warn anyone away from attempting what I did without a great deal of knowledge of the current methods of boot files, managers and EFI's currently employed by both Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows!!

REALLY DON'T! I suspect it may well be a great deal easier if you have two separate drives and dual boot but with the two OS's occupying their own drives but unless you have I would REALLY avoid this and totaly ignore ANY PC MAGAZINE that states differently as they have obviously no knowledge or experience at all on DUAL BOOTING LINUX and WINDOWS?!

I can tell you this much... I WILL!! I will reacquire everything and still have the current Ubuntu installation still here.

There are many ways of doing it some purely through technical know how and I just have to work it out...

The other by having hardware know how I DO possess but NOT the hardware...BUT I WILL!

Now THAT is just my nature I will not allow myself to be beaten, ooh OK I will not allow myself to be beaten down for long. But I WILL win the war in the end, lol.

The reason for this short post is to not only explain that, for more reasons than you could possibly imagine, but also to explain that I am working my way through this book and I get a great deal of things with both Linux and Unix, and anything else based on Unix like Mac-OS and Android for instance, that I did not understand before. Or fifteen years ago when I dived in head first as soon as a lecturer friend called Alastare Measures presented me with a pale blue Red Hat CD?!

Oddly enough it was Alastare that taught me something else about computing that I had to recently employ yet again after many years because of.... oh damn LINUX!!! LMAO!!! FUNNNNYYYYYY!!!!

Anyway! Yes I am now getting it! I am also understanding how it works differently to Windows and DOS and in all honesty whereas years ago it made LESS SENSE than DOS it is now making alot more sense than Windows directories and the way that works.

I do have an android phone and it is rooted and has superuser permissions so I have had these brief interludes of linux involvements. However looking at the file structure on the phone never made sense to me but now it does.

My head has spent far too long in the Microsoft was of doing things in trying to make a computer appear more...HUMAN! Albeit it doing very badly in the process and just slowing the OS down over consecutive releases, or even fall over.

So now I am having fun now...until the next time I come home soaked and in pain and just want to play Skyrim for a few hours to relax and cannot, lmao!

But I will get there eventually. If I have not sorted the issue in 2 weeks I would most certainly have after 4 weeks.

This will serve to show my determination to see things through and find my way around obstacles in my path that prevent me from doing what I WANT to do and NEED to do!!

It will act as ... an self made marketing post to show a side of my nature.

It will show that despite the fact and can appear to be beaten down and on the verge of defeat I will rise up again when least expected and triumph over the instruments of my demise.

Yes I am smiling today and am looking forward to this! Once this book is done and at the end of the week another and more technical one arrives I should be in a great position within a week or two of beginning to read it?!

Hmm I had better get another pack of bookmarks this week!!


Well my book has turned up and a great deal earlier than expected to be honest, lol.

It also looks new.

Now it is only a beginners book that is for sure but it was a long time ago I had my little brush with Red Hat and and I remember....NOTHING! Have a hard enough time, well I did last night, remember DOS commands, lol!

So I will go through this and tomorrow order another book and in the meantime time and little by little I was focus in on this Windows booting problem to see if I can fix it.

Now it is entirely possible that something may...present itself to me and a variety of things...

I could end up starting to build a new RIG, ohh I wish!

I could end up getting a SECOND HDD.

Now the latter would be easy to do as my laptop has a SECOND HDD bay next to the first, only you need a special plug and lead to be able to PLUG a secind hard drive in and...

HP want £90 for two 50 Pence plugs and a bit of wire?!


How about this Hewlett Packard?...

I buy a Replacement CADDY for my OPTICAL DRIVE with a HDD Fitted?!

Now even THESE are overpriced and yet STILL COMBINED cost less than Hewlett Packard's wire?!?! I kid you not?!

I visited Maplin when I first wanted to do this and someone that actually worked in the store had the same issue and my jaw dropped when he said "Have you got a HO laptop by any chance?"

You know I felt sorry for HP when they got into that trouble but in all honesty...

After the SHIT I have owned for the last year I would NEVER touch another product of theirs again!!

Two laptops and a printer I have owned of theirs and was hoping to buy a desktop but no bloody chance in hell. I could go into more details about the crap they install on your laptop and how utterly useless it all is but will just droan on o for hours, lol.

In fact I am not sure I would EVER buy a laptop again in all honesty, not after this. Not a Windows laptop that is for sure!


I will also not buy Windows 8 either...NEVER!!!

So Microsoft had better get their heads out their arses over the next two years as they are climbing up it and will disappear up the own jacksies by then!

This utter manipulation of users just to try to get more cash and stop others from getting cash has got to stop.

Also I have seen no end of anti trust cases going on but have now been exposed to some that are far worse and far more obvious to those already pursued and yet I hear NOTHING of any action?!

Also I am not the only one that sees this and a great many see it too and one example is the disappearance of the boot.ini file and I cannot find a way to tell the Windows boot that Windows is now on the X: drive. Well until I do Windows stays off my laptop I am afraid to say so you kinda shot yourself in the foot their Microsoft?!

I also find it kinda odd how two completely different Operating Systems that seem OK for the most part have had utterly disastrous OS releases either side of them?!

This is not me you understand but what others say as I have not used anything other than Windows 7, since Win XP, and Ubuntu 12.04, since Red Hat err circa 1998.

So with Windows 7 you have Vista prior and 8 post its release. I have heard nothing good about either one and Valve seem to feel the same.

With Ubuntu 12.04 you have...err whatever version they were ooh wait they had tens in them?! 11.10 and 12.10?!

With the latter there were two things that concerned me and that was the BIG ICONS and looking like it was going for a touch screen design, stupid on PCs as Microsoft is finding out. The other was the integration of Amazon ads into the OS?! Oooh boy was that stupid!!!

If you have not worked out the obvious this I call going after the gravy and everything else gets left behind or discarded, or us... it is MONEY and not USERS that matters. But as they always say it is about users they LIE.

Hmm sounds a lot like governments and I guess the proverbial BREEDS?!

Like I said before it became obvious that you have to lie your way to the top, everyone knows that, but what amazes me is that when you get there and get caught out LYING the public go oooh your at the top?! You cannot lie?!!! BURN HIM, GET RID OF HIM?!

But wait you knew damn well people lie their way to the top, they lie just about everywhere I look on the Internet. Why so shocked when someone in charge of a large corporation lies? Why surprised when the government lies?

I get annoyed and frustrated with these things and these companies because I KNOW what they are like. I express frustration but I do NOT express shock. Ooh OK yes maybe with the Ubuntu going for the money ...YES, OK I was surprised. But as regards to the contempt shown to people and the love of the POUND NOTE or DOLLAR no surprise at all. Funny enough they have had this attitude for decades now but...aren't well all now skint?!?!?!

Oh well that attitude works then does it not?!

Is their even a fleeting sense of an aroma of coffee?

Monday, 18 March 2013



Well it would seem that after 15 years of absence the LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems have gone backwards and that is a fact I am very sorry to say.

I am not sure what the issue is down to right now but it could not surprise me if a large part of it was down to Steve Bullmer at Microsoft and more ANT-COMPETETIVE behaviour.

Oddly if my suspicions are ever proved correct I can tell you this much and the Mr Bullmer would have single handedly either destroyed Microsoft or reduced to no more than a squeaking mouse.

After not quite understanding WHY I could not get WUBI to work correctly I DITCHED IT!!

Only things then went from bad to WORSE and I do mean LITERALLY

After starting what was portrayed as an easy peasey thing to do by Computer Active Magazine, a magazine that is aimed at beginners you understand, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth and not a single person i the building at their offices tested this in anyway shape or form!


Why? Well if you want something other than the obvious the only reason a journliast would misinform about something and encurage you to download and install something is down to one reason and one reason only...


It has been over 7 days since I started their easy-peasy suggestion and I will now tell you what is going on now.

I SPLIT my hard disk into TWO separate partitions. This is what I should have done in the beginning really and this would now only make it much easier, as was the way I was used to doing it, but that the finished article would be alot swifter and likley graphics drivers would install correctly.

Everything worked flawlessly and set up without a hiccup and I was surprised to see a PURPLE screen come up with the BOOT OPTIONS?!

I thought, how weird?! Doing this the Wubi Way and I had a boot option screen like I remember years ago, black screen and white letters. Then I remembered seeing people stating that you should install Windows first and I thought that this was odd as I remembered it being the other way round.

Of course this time Ubuntu WAS the default OS of choice....

Got in and things worked a great deal better and a bit more snappy.....except that damned AMD Graphics driver STILL REFUSED TO INSTALL?!?!

I simply could NOT believe it!

Then after messing around I decided to reboot into Windows 7 and guess what?

Refused point blank to do it!!

Now I have messed around and tried to add an entry to the BCD but it refuses to do that...

I then wondered if Ubuntu had wiped the main C: drive when using it for a swap drive?!

But no the files were still there.

I looked up as to why I could not alter the BCDBoot file and then realised that it might not be this file at all, though why I could not write it it was still an oddity.

Maybe it was the Boot Loader in Ubuntu?!

Downloaded this program everynone raved about, Grub Customizer, but what i see looks nothing like the screen shots of it running. tried Boot Repair but Windows boot selection was greyed out.

It looked as if the partition had been wiped but it had not and I had seen it and within the file. But it seems that every single possible way to correct this problem just failed to work MISERABLY?!

It has been more than 7 days since I started this and i cannot quite believe just how incredibly frustrating and laborious it is and dual booting Red Hat with NT 4.0 or Win 2000 was a bloody walk in the park compared to this?! That took me TWO days and that included attending University for my Computer Science Degree?!?!

While I was at this is seemed some things were this way purely out of incompetence and no forethought. Then after awhile it amost seemed that I was being LED down the garden path to nowheresville and then it occurred to me.

This seemed almost deliberate! I cannot believe there are that many possible solutions that do not work?!

I am a victim on all fronts of people with, and I mean AT BEST, people with half the knowledge. Or in the case of civil servants and public offices people with NO KNOWDLEGE whatsoever, lol.

In fact I found a page where one guy lets off steam about it to make me blush and I make him right when he said that he had been on loads and loads of sights and forums ne people chat SHIT. Like me he had been through loads and loads of things that had not worked.

what makes me laugh is that these people who are quick to help then start getting arsey with you when they help does not work!

Indeed I got one guy so desperate to find a solution to work that he then told me to force these drivers in place and someone else piped up 'Nooo' and i had already done it and Ubuntu REFUSED TO BOOT!

The world seems full of people that WANT to be experts and yet they have only learned one or two tricks. I am NOT an idiot and when I come along everyone thinks oh easy and I get the IT Crowd treatment ... "Have you turned it OFF and ON AGAIN?!" LMAO!

So at the moment I am not sure if the boot section of Windows does not, or REFUSES to accept that Windows is now on the X: Drive and before you ask no I bloody did not make it that?! I made the Ubuntu partition the Z: drive to ensure no feck ups and on installing Z disappears and Windows ends up as X:?!

Baring in mind everyone says Windows does NOT like it unless it is the C: drive so how did Ubuntu end up changing it to X when their wasnt one, sticks Windows 7 it and then instead of going onto Z as I had instructed places itself onto the C: drive?!


Not only are you supposed to know the file structure used of two completely different OS's, know the command line ... COMMANDS of two completely different OS's but when you gibve them SPECIFIC instructions they go and do things entirely differently to what you instructed and then throw all their toys out of the pram becaus ethey do not want to play anymore?!?!

Jesus Christ, did I slip through a worm hole back into the early seventies?!

This should not be happening!!!

If the next model cars worked the same way the world would be full of motionless cars going nowhere?! You het the next and newer model because it is faster, easier, quieter, more luxurious and any other benefits.

What gives here?

Well I do not know if I will ever recover window, before anyone says it will not recover either!!

I swore years ago that when Microsoft stopped handing over hard copies of Windows with laptops and using these fecking partitions to stick it on I said first and foremost that this was wrong and a recipe for disaster?!

Well I just spent the last eight days COOKING?!

Sunday, 17 March 2013


I completely forgot about this one I have been so busy but...

I DID take my two items to that Cash Converters in Waltham Cross!

Now remember I emailed them and told them I have a great deal of pain and WHY I am selling my things. If you recall I never got a price for my Pink Floyd box set by email so ended up in their one day...they agreed £50.

So next day a friend was here who was passing the store on his way home and I got a lift up there...only I am not used to doing this kind of thing and never sold to one of these stores before but due to the refurbished and faulty Nikon L810 camera sold to me by Argos and with Nikon not giving a flying f...hoot about it I ended up out again, in pain and paying £120 EXTRA.

Only when I got there I had forgotten to take ID, but I had been in a similar store in Enfield last year and sold off some DVDs and BLU-RAY films I did not want and he accepted my VISA and BANK cards as proof. What Cash Converters either do not know or do not care about is that a Driver's Licence is not, or at least WAS NOT, proof of ID and I know this because they told me to my face, the DVLA, and yes that means I was IN THEIR BUILDING IN SWANSEA!!

They would not accept the cards and then I said we will sort out the prices and that I would leave the items there and go home and return with ID, which I did on my BIKE!

Only I ended up waiting a bloody long time and TWICE, while HOPPING form one foot to the next waiting in a queue. Worse still is even when I was up there dealing with someone it then took a an even LONGER amount of time still?!?!

This was because the woman that dealt with me insisted that she did not know whether or not the box set was an American one, as they apparently fetch £40 she tells me, or a UK one?! I pointed out that the sticker on the back says UK and EMI and that it states EMI on the discs and inside the book!

The idiot then says ... but that is just a sticker?! I thought "What the F***?! And ON THE DISC it is ONLY PRINT!!! WHATS YOUR BLOODY POINT?!?!" before I then said ... umm EMI do not exist in America, if you look on-line you will see that Pink Floyd use (or at least used to) the CAPITOL label over there!

Nope this had no effect at all and to make things worse the Nikon s8200 Camera I took in they quoted me £30 (I did think this was £35 but no matter) to £55 for she quoted me £32 and the reason being is the prices had gone down that day?! F*** OFF!! To make things worse I had to then point out that.... I had a brand new hard case I had just bought for another camera I had to return and that was £10. I had an extra battery and an extra CHARGER and another JESSOPS (so not crap) padded case and all material and the camera was will under warranty. No difference.

I then pointed out that she was offering me LESS money than the extras had cost me...NO DIFFERENCE.

I said that there was no way I was going to sell it for that and that I would take it when I returned. When I did return with the ID and went through the whole thing again in pain I then said "can I have my camera please?" and she said "Oh? Are you not selling it to us then?!" and I thought "What the F***?!" This woman has just six grey cells and they are not working together very well?!"

I said "Well NO I am not, not at that price I told you I have a friend who would pay me more for it and I would rather sell it to him! I told you this earlier? Also if I can be bothered to go to another CEX Store I am NOT banned in they will pay me £65 for it, I checked while I was getting my ID and THAT IS TODAY'S PRICES, you know the price you said had gone DOWN today?!"

I managed to pay my rent but this left me unable to pay anything towards my electric bill but they emailed me and said I did not have to be up to date until May 7th 2013 anyway!

You know the public must realise and take on board that of this companies can behave like that and attempt to lie and rip-off someone who is disabled what will they do to YOU if you have no choice but to go in their and you are NOT disabled?

My friend who lives locally has a friend on the store he has known for years and when I phoned him and told him what they now said he went mad and said "f*** them! Do NOT sell it for that!" and was surprised they lied to me and led me up the garden path the way they did.

So for those that would think dealing with these stores in times of desperation then have your WITS ABOUT YOU!!



As you are probably aware, LMFAO, I have issues installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS when Linux Operating Systems are supposed to be, and SHOULD BLOODY BE, all the rage these days.

Of these the one that has the highest, but now appears to be dropping like a lead balloon, regards was Ubuntu and it's use of the Unity Desktop Environment.

Now as far as I am aware my problem is one of the following...

1) Bad Support by AMD (really stupid, not to mention NAIVE, and surprising of you if I am honest)

2) A Problem with WUBI (not sure I want to mess around making partitions only to have it FAIL again)

3) Ubuntu is buggered and badly implemented (no prizes for where their focus has been!)

Thus far, hmm why do I keep thinking there was a third recipient - ohh yeah Computer Active Magazine lol, I have had TWO responses...

TWO from Canonical and..

ONE from AMD

Both of which are the extremely bad mannered and fecking annoying NO REPLY emails which I think should be banned and companies FINED in a big way for doing this and then a BLACK LIST created for on-line companies who do immoral things and another for breaking the law.

Anyway guess what is happening right now? Well it that shall not be named is being installed for the FOURTH TIME, lol. Don't.... JUST DON'T!!! LMAO!

Here are some screen shots of emails and another one that seems to be requesting that I PAY?!?!

I have no qualms about BUYING a LINUX Operating System at all. Always thought this free source thing was a bit hard to keep up anyway but.... I WILL PAY FOR A WORKING OPERATING SYSTEM and NOT PAY TO FIX ONE THAT IS OBVIOUSLY FECKED UP?!


Hm should I DARE use the 'D' word I have used so often on my corruption blog? LOL. Nahhh.

Well my beloved AMD say they are looking into it... lol



Either they are doing things in the wrong order or this is the only way a corporate form can make money from an supposed FREE OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE?!

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Had a quick flick through May's Custom PC and not a sniff of AMD in there.

Also in the three sections of different build levels for PC RIGS AMD still only gets the thumbs up in the BUDGET SECTION?!

Also of note was a curious group test on coolers I would normally want to read...that is until I noticed that they only had Intel coolers and what made me die was that they had them for BOTH INTEL sockets and not a single AMD one?!

But in Micro Mart's inside front page CCL Computers have an advert where they state that there number 1 selling gaming rig is actually based on an AMD FX-4100?!

Custom PC Magazine remind me of an old Woody Allen film I saw as a kid... 'Take the Money and Run!'


They have managed to make themselves look like a bunch of unintelligent fools now and I would imagine they have an issie coming up that will be called Eating Humble Pie?!

I mean the constant omission of AMD CPU made rigs in the MEDIUM, HIGH END AND EXTREME PC Rigs is bad enough but to do a giant test on a load of coolers and not have a single AMD cooler?!

Bad, Custom PC, REALLY BAD!

I mean if I had been going to build a rig and built one on a high end Intel, by buying into the AMD bashing and all the 'EXPERT' opinions on what was WRONG with the hardware and why it was slow, you know the hardware that now whips all but the highest Intel CPU, and that is damned close, in Crysis 3 well there simply is no more excuses.

Everyone that claimed it was down to hardware and the shared FPU have now been proven WRONG.

For every other Intel fanboy that INSISTED that the 8 core was only FOUR CORES...

...damn that FOUR CORE FX-8350 really makes Intel look pretty silly now?!


If the hardware was crap then it was crap, it does not suddenly and magically cure itself, that is WHY it is called hardware.

I am annoyed I nearly bought into all that and would have gone for an Intel for the same time in years. But then I would have taken several journalists to court for falsely claiming they know stuff they do not!

I should have trusted my initial instincts on this one I really should have, lol. Still I am just relieved I did not buy that 8 core Intel know the one that is not an 8 core CPU?!



I got some help and avice to successfully and FINALLY install this AMD graphics drivers.

Woohoo I was o bloody happy and spent hours at it tonight.

Well at least I was until I rebooted for the new Drivers to be full installed and Ubuntu 12.04 refused to boot for the third time after three installs?!

Oddly the chap who helped me had the exact same graphics chip as me?!

There are several of them wondering where i went and I guessed by now they figured it failed yet again, to make it more hilarious they started off my telling me to go and download the drivers from AMD's site?!



 Was in an Ubuntu-Expats Channel on IRC.

Chap in their gave me this webpage, blog, lol.

Seems not all is well in the Ubuntu camp, well it is like I have said so many times before on both here and my corruption blog and by now you should bloody well know what I am going to say!

But I am not!!



I was doing a search to discover issues and ways around getting drivers installed for my graphics card in Ubuntu 12.04 when I suddenly realised something...

I did ths following search in Google ... {ubuntu 12.04 "radeon HD5470M"}

So Ubuntu 12.04 and then exact string 'Radeon HD5470M' and I got two page results up using Google Chromium.

The total number of results is 11.

Half of these were in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE!

What I find odd and particularly disturbing is that I have over half a dozen, and I do mean OVER, posts whereby the tags are exactly as the search criteria I put not ONE POST comes up in the search?!

That is not only wrong but worrying!

EDIT: Let me just double check the EXACT figure on posts...TWELVE. First post was five days back I think....yes FIVE DAYS. Are Google's servers a bit slow or something?! LMAO!

Twelve posts with the tags I put in the search field and not one of the twelve posts came up in the search?!

Right I will leave that there as it just occurred to me while looking for this graphics driver issue I have.

I am also backing up as well as syncing something else while I search so I will go back to that right now.

Also you can guess what I just put in as TAGS on this post, lol!!


Got serious...


BACK ON (my own doing no email help other than standard automated replies)


Just brief. Up and fully loaded. DID NOT download install ATI stuff but now updater giving ATI Drivers as option?!

Also Ubuntu did a whole load of installing it did not do before so I left it and after that it was offering the ATI Drivers as mentioned above...


Now maybe next week or next MONTH I will buy a PC case, mini one, and start building a rig specific to Ubuntu and Linux.

I MAY get a 64GD Sandisk Ultra SD Card and Install Ubuntu onto that instead, though I will check it the pros and cons of doing that first, to use on this laptop.

Dual Boot like the other times using that Wubi installer.

Ordered book on Linux Commands, as I only remember 'ls' lol.

Also will order OFFICIAL UBUNTU BOOK next week. Though wondering now if the Ubuntu 12.10 might have been better, the magazine said only use 12.04 LTS and not 12.10!

Anyway, it is BACK it is fully loaded with few dozen software packages and it will damn well stay there this time!

I am nothing if NOT persistent!

Friday, 15 March 2013


I was in my local Maplin store today and I bought a catalogue and spent time looking at PC cases.

The Ubuntu installation had finished just before I went out with the plan on installing the drivers when I got home so nice and easy, cup of tea and no rush.

Now I had wanted to build a PC Rig anyway but I was now looking at a little tiny Coolermaster case and wondering whether to first build a cheaper Ubuntu rig and then move onto a second rig.

This way I could keep the work i am doing and the things that need to be secure, SECURE.

The other RIG would be for gaming and over-clocking too.

I had thought about two SSD's and dual booting on the same rig but too close for comfort and in all honesty it seems to be more of a pain in the backside than ever.

When I worked for a solicitor several years ago he was into Apples and always tried to convince me to go over to them but ... though I used to like the firm they had become too much like Intel of late.

A shame that many of the companies in the western world like to sit on their laurels while milking it for every penny while the Asian firms will just invent, invent, invent every step of the way and western companies do not like that and I think they are wrong, wrong, WRONG. LMAO!

I hate that attitude of create something and then try to live of that one thing and live like a King on it?!

I do not think Michaelangelo did that?!

I do not think Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did that?! In fact he died penniless and was buried in a pauper's grave and I do no think they even know the exact locality of him.

In my book this is called laziness and the funny thing is that much of the higher echolons of society are like this but when working class people do not want to do back breaking work that will not even pay their rent/mortgage along with all their bills as well as walk or cycle for miles to get to work despite the mount of pains that someone may suffer from then they have the audacity to call them lazy?!


Of course this now shows up in a big way because the really cushy numbers they had as jobs while being paid a great deal to do very little they have now screwed up at and cost their country billions upon billions and STILL they want the big bucks while doing sweet F.A?! LMAO!

The west really needs t change its attitudes in a great number of areas and a great number of ways and stop lording it up and making claims about crimes against humanity to the media and other countries as your just seen as TWO FACED and the liars that you are.

Ooh wait a minute is this not the WRONG BLOG?!



As for this small Ubuntu rig now I really do not know about this. It seemed the logical step in all honesty but after the past few days it is a case of, bloody hell go through that again and wast several hundred pounds doing it?! LOL!

What would have been the obvious thing, and the reason why Linux OS should be SCREAMING at AMD is the APU is going to become very mainstream.

I am panicking a little because if I built an AMD FX-8350 rig tomorrow and in 2014 a 8 core AMD APU was released i would chew my fingernails so badly in frustration I would end p with one inch stumps as fingers?!


A 22 Nanometre AMD APU with 8 Steamroller Cores and abuilt in 8000 or even 9000 series Radeon?!

That is one of the few things to make my legs go weak while salivating so much Homer Simpson would be buying a bloody boat!!! LMAO!

Right I think that is far more than enough posts about onto something else for a change lol.



Right I am not typing it all out again but I can tell you I was so disgusted at the utter crap I have been trying to sort out that I have now emailed THREE companies over it and they are...

Computer Active Magazine

Who obviously knew not a dman thing about Ubuntu having difficulties with AMD Graphics Cards which means bad journalism.


For their abysmal DRIVER SUPPORT for Linux OS and...


Because their OS seems to fall over at the slightest thing and then fails to boot up at all.

So here for anyone that is interested the email I sent, same for all three, I have copy and pasted below.

The reason I emailed them is that I think Microsoft are finally going to lose the plot, after a nice Windows 7 there is now the rubbish Windows 8 and they are running after the tablet market so PC OS going to get worse.

That leaves two options...

LINUX ... OH DEAR and...

ooh shuddering at the thought...


That really worries me, it really does. I always thought, hoped that Linux would get onto an equal footing with Windows one day but for the PC to survive, I cannot believe I just typed that, it has to be first and foremost damned easy to set up!!

Windows, despite its flaws, has got easier and easier each time but admittedly I have skipped certain versions over the years. Two of these would be Windows 98 ME and Vista. Hmm was it ME or SE I cannot remember now.

 I installed beta versions of Windows 98, or one of them, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and used NT 4.0 too.

The most annoying of those was XP and its refusal to communicate with MODEMS so no Internet. never thought it could be worse than that in all honesty and I MEAN THAT! LMAO!

Such a shame I really liked the look and feel of Ubuntu!


Dear Sirs

UBUNTU 1.04 LTS (Delivered to AMD, Ubuntu & Computer Active Magazine)

I have been a long admirer of the Linux OS and first had a run in with it when I dual booted Red Hat back in 1998 with Windows 2000, I think it was, while at Middlesex University studying for a BSc Applied Computing Single Honours Degree.
After eventually abandoning the Linux platform I told many fellow students it would be 15 years before a Linux Operating System could even hope to achieve to take anything away from Microsoft and it's Windows platform... quite unfortunately.
That was 15 years ago and I had been hearing that the Linux OS had come along in leaps and bounds since those days long since past. Today I have a whole series of blogs on different subjects and one of these is computing involving software and hardware.

Many years ago I set up one of the first SLI systems and completed this before Custom PC Magazine did a feature on how to do it, along with how hard it was. I also did a Raid 0 using two WD Raptors and a Raid 1 using two Hitachi drives. That system cost £3,500 GBP.

On my blog someone who had become a friend suggested that I go over to Ubuntu as it was a great OS and I had heard many things about it.
I ended up with a Computer Active Magazine Special on How To's and ended up downloading Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
Well I can honestly say that I have spent four days attempting to sort this OS out and it is the most abysmal time I have EVER had the misfortune to spend with ANY piece of software EVER and I started with computers by owning a Commodore VIC-20 when I was a kid, when everyone else owned Spectrums.

First Installation...

Laboriously Slow

Took forever to download anything

Took even longer to install anything

Stated it had downloaded and installed AMD Graphics Drivers when it had not

Lost functionality of the separate Desktop screens and would not let me drag windows to other screens after the failed AMD driver install, though it told me it was being USED it was not.

Windows kept locking up and freezing for twenty seconds to a minute before control had been given back to me.

When I tried to sort out the issue from the advice on Ubuntu forums many solutions either did not work or where extremely and unnecessarily lengthy and when I chose one it then refused to boot up at all?!

I then later discovered there was a problem with the ATI drivers but nowhere was I warned about this either from Ubuntu nor AMD or indeed Computer Active Magazine, in fact the latter clearly stated in their Magazine that the only problems reported was Windows 8 and as over half the computers in the world have AMD Radeon Graphics installed I FAIL to see how this can be the case. REALLY BAD journalism that is but then that is rife today and the main reason I no longer buy Custom PC Magazine!
I also read that this 12.04 LTS version is supposed to be wonderful and two other versions were listed as catastrophes and I thought thank bloody god I did not attempt to install the others then?!?!

I then decided to un-install it and get that 18.8GB section of my hard drive back only there wasNO CLEAR WAY to un-install it?!?! I then decided that I do not like being beaten and that maybe I just reid to do too many things at the same time and should have installed the proprietary drivers methodically and one at a time. So I decided to have a go at re-installing Ubuntu only now it stated that I could not do this either?!

I then noticed that my hard drive's missing space was back and wondered if a reboot was needed and sure enough everything was back to normal. So I ran the Wubi executable again gave it 25GB this time around and re-installed Ubuntu. This time I patiently waited to install the broadcom driver, which now kept failing several times so I left it alone while downloading the AMD graphics drivers AGAIN. After this was finished I then tried to re-install the broadcom drivers again and this time it was successful?!

Second Installation

I gave that another go as I recalled on the first installation that error messages were coming up stating things had FAILED to install and when the 'OK' button was pressed I had a window with a progress bar informing me that this was STILL continuing and then successfully installed?!

Bloody madness!!!

This time the AMD drivers seem to install correctly and I was relieved that after three days at trying to get this fabulous Ubuntu to install I had finally achieved it...

Only when I booted up I receieved a message to tell me that my graphics chips were not recognised correctly and then gave me options of

Using back up configuration [DID NOT WORK]

Using Low Graphics Configuration [EXITED TO BLACK SCREEN AND FROZE?!]

A series of other options all of which did nothing except return to the same dialogue window when clicked except for start up errors which showed a small blank window and the log, which to me did nothing except produce a bunch of code I am not familiar with and could not check via the Internet as I was stuck on this dialogue box.

So for the second time I found myself with a Linux OS that REFUSED to boot up?!?! IN THREE DAYS?!?!

I have NEVER taken any notice of the naysayers preaching about the demise of the PC but in all honesty what with Windows 8 and that Steve Bullmer leaping about stages screaming like a demented Chimpanzee and this abhorrent Ubuntu I now do fear for the PCs future.

Something I was very much looking forward to turned out to be three days of utter frustration and disappointment at both the state of things after 15 years and the bad reporting going on, or NOT as the case may be, in a number of magazines which now cost a small fortune to buy?!

Terrible...absolutely terrible state of affairs.

A real shame it really is...

ooh and if you was wondering about my hardware...

HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop

Radeon HD5470 & 4200 graphics


No point listing anything else as all worked fine, even the WIFI with or without the Broadcom drivers but I suspect it was the drivers included in Ubuntu for this which rendered the OS to an absolute crawl! And I DO MEAN CRAWL!

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc


Right that was very odd. Turned out it needed a reboot to register that the partition, yep wrong Wubi bit, was gone and I realised when it showed I had 280 GB of space.

Only on reboot the dual boot partition is still there, but no big deal as you could, if you have this problem too, go into the BIOS and set time to '0' seconds. Or there is the fixboot option too.

There are a great many descriptions and answers given by people in the forums that seem to go 'right around the houses' to fix this problem and will be baffling and unnecessary to many.

I need my head examined as I have now decided to REINSTALL UBUNTU and have this really stupid idea that I did things in the WRONG order when I was first logged on the first time and...

...well my damned curiosity to get to the truth, it is another bloody puzzle Martin, and see if I am right has led me to go through it all AGAIN?!


Only THIS TIME I am going to do things VERY differently to what I did last time and think I made a mistake in treating it like a Windows install and should have been more...AWARE.

Did not help that I was unfamiliar with many Linux OS's either and I have had a play about and know what everything does and where it all is, well enough anyway, and now want to put my theory to the test.

So in case it goes wrong you might want to ignore the screaming and shouting in the next couple of posts as it is my own fault for having to do things right and refusing to be beaten by anyone or indeed ANYTHING!


Hopefully I will get it right and then I can put on here the correct sequence to a nice Ubuntu 12.04 LTS install on iffy hardware, eh Hewlett Packard?!?!


DO you all have ear plugs?! Hehehe.


Well what DO you know?!


I not cannot seem to neither uninstall nor re-install Ubuntu.

If I try to run Wubi it says it says it is already installed and do I want to un-install it but when I click it nothing happens.

So I am now rifling though the CD for an ununstall program as well as searching the net and seems I am not the only one with this problem!

I thought Linux was supposed to be trouble free and an easier life than Windows?! LMAO!

Viruses are easier to deal with! LMAO!

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well after three says if messing around with UBUNTU I have broken it.

The last two attempted boot upes have failed and freezes on the screen that is all purple and says Ubuntu with the little dots and does it right after the little drum noise it makes.

Indeed it had stayed on that screen the whole while I have been typing this on my faulty smart phone lol.

Unfortunately I have finally decided it comes off. These Linux people really should keep abreast of what their creation works with and does not and issue warnings as should thre magazines.

In fact Computer Active only stated there were issues reported with Windows 8. You would think that worth only two companies producing GPUs that they would all get to hear of issues?! Especially when there us all this error reporting parts of operating systems theses days.

Cine to think if it I don't think the Windows error retiring ever really did anything other than make users think the next version would be really ace. Oops, lol.

Right I have forced a power off now and booting into Windows. A shame that and really frustrating as I thought I had it sussed a few times only to break it completely.

I will have to remove it now to regain the 19GB I awarded it. I think in future I will not bother with LINUX unless I have a complete list of compatible hardware so u can build a rig for it.

Waaaaah! SOB SOB!! Really liked it and wanted to use that SMS really depressed it went the way it did.

I do not have the time to spend days on ends trying to get it to work I'm afraid do it gets ignored now for a few months.



Well I do seem to have a bone to pick with AMD...

For the love of god sort out the Linux driver issue for Christ's sake?!

First off I have been trying to sort this now for THREE days!!

AMD's Catalyst for Linux in bloody abysmal it really is. Ubuntu is not very good even in a shell, command line window, at telling me what it is doing at any given time. I get nothing for ten minutes then a flurry of activity, trying for the umpteenth time to unzip and install drivers for my Radeon GPUs of which I have two different ones!

It now seems to have stopped and stating it is completed but I want to run the command that tells me if it has or not?! SHEESH!!

As for AMD I am really surprised at this as I never had them down as a company that outs all their eggs in one basket?! Unless my GPUs are just too old for them to care about.

But as Valve have now released Steam on Linux and I dare say gradually everyone's game titles, fingers crossed, and the reaction to Windows 8 not to mention Steve Bullmers leaping about stages screaming and disturbing people I would strongly suggest keeping a close eye on Linux and sort your drivers out.

The driver issue has always surprised me and though I have had a great deal of AMD's cards, and when they were ATI, as well as nVidia GPUs I have noever really had driver issues but I know a great many have. No driver means no card and you cannot have one without the other!

So these issues I read about of late I find rather surprising if I am honest and i fail to see how a high tech piece of silicon can be planned, designed, manufactured to the highest standards, sold, mounted in a PCB with RAM and FANS, put in a box and shipped out to be sold on a shelf somewhere. All that goes on and yet some guys righting some code on a computer to act as drivers and they have all these issues of late?!

Too many doughnuts to get through?!