Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Well what do you know?! At LONG LAST!!

I have the AMD Radeon Graphics Driver INSTALLED and IN USE for the first time ever in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?!

It seems that I decided to do one last thing because everything got into a bit of a mess partition wise and I decided to wipe the whole laptop put it back to just ONE partition and install Ubuntu onto it alone!

Against my better judgement but knowing I can get it up and running very quickly and easily I attempted to install the AMD Radeon Drivers and, HEY PRESTO, it worked!!

There was something I noted that was different with this install and that is that without me downloading anything at all there were about 5 different choices for AMD Graphics drivers where there were only TWO beforehand and do not know what that was all about. This laptop does have two graphics chips in it so that might be something to do with it.

Oh how weird?!

I just noticed that the fan is not on and the laptop is stone cold?! Well you know what I am going to say next?! I simply have to!!

How COOL is that?!

LMAO! Groan!

Seriously though that IS weird. I am not sure I have ever had it this quiet and this cool before and am rather surprised the screen is lit up and I am typing?!

Anyway so there seems to be a serious issue with the graphics drivers for Ubuntu if you dual boot with Windows 7 using the same hard drive, despite partitioning and certainly on a

HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop
AMD Phenom X3 1.8GHz
Radeon HD5470M & HD4200 Graphics
Toshiba 320GB Hard Drive (having second added soon)
17 Inch monitor 1600x900

Ohh I can download STEAM now?! LOL!

Hmm I just remembered I was IN THE STORE where I bought this laptop, PC World's store, and a guy was looking at a HP Pavilion lappie and as I passed I said "Don't!" and the guy looked at me as if I was mad and I walked back up to him and said "no I mean it...DON'T!" and has asked why I said that.

I told him that before my one which I bought out the same store had been back in for TWO repairs, several letters had rubbed of, 'a' 's' 'n' 'l', the hard drive failed, the case came apart and they were supposed to fix it and it is STILL coming apart?!

His eyes went wide and he said "are you SERIOUS?!" and I replied, yes.

Right next to the Pavilion was a HP Envy, albeit a little one I had never seen. I said that the Envy would be OK as the keys are not printed and it is their top of the line range.

Oddly enough I never had any problems with my old Pavilion DV5000 and I had that for 7 years and sold it to a friend who is STILL using it?! Yes OK I did have to change the keyboard for a new one but that was because of missing keys that came off due to its age!!

Now I would NEVER buy anything with the PAVILION name on it and I now realise why they were going to gove up PC manufacturing as they were making stuff like crap! I love it when companies do this and then throw their toys out the pram because people will not put up with it?!

well if I was anyone else I would be kicking up more of a stink but luckily for HP I know where all the keys on a keyboard are. I DO look down but I do not know why as I know where they are and have now deliberately stared at the screen for the last 30 seconds!! Hoho....OOOPS!

God I am not going to have to buy ANOTHER bloody Sony product am I before long? Well if the blogging and other online activities pay off I would like to be able to work online while out and about and even on holiday or abroad?!

This being a 17 inch laptop it is too much really. I will get a 15 inch in future provided I have two desktop machines first of course. If I am out and about and need a bigger monitor there is always the HDMI port I can use on a TV wherever it is I am staying.

Then there is the question of what to do with this one...I would probably donate it or give it to someone.

Annoyingly I will probably be wasting my money then soon when I buy another dive to place inside this machine so I can get Windows 7 back on?!

The obvious thig to do now would be to build a gaming PC but not feasable for awhile and not sure how long before it is feasable. But with Ubuntu on here and working it would be the sensible course until I build a Small Form Form Factor Ubuntu Rig. Building another Ubuntu RIG now would just be a waste of time and money. The gaming RIG is too expensive! So the only sensible option is to get Windows back on here, lol.

Yes STUPID I know!!

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