Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Well I think I finally sorted the glitches out?!

Would not have been half as bad if a major part was not down to speed but I think I managed to fathom what that was. My WIFI driver of all things, grrr. Once I downloaded the Broadcom driver it improved things.

Oddly is states in the Additional Drivers I have the ATI driver but in the system type thing, ooh I cannot remember what it was called, it states the VESA or whatever it was?!

Oddly I have also LOST the ability to shrink the dock icons on the left ... DOCK and they have reverted back to the original size, when I had set them on the smallest.

Also there seems to be TWO, or just me, Catalyst Control Centres and if you run them it states it cannot find... ohhh wait a

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