Friday, 15 March 2013


I was in my local Maplin store today and I bought a catalogue and spent time looking at PC cases.

The Ubuntu installation had finished just before I went out with the plan on installing the drivers when I got home so nice and easy, cup of tea and no rush.

Now I had wanted to build a PC Rig anyway but I was now looking at a little tiny Coolermaster case and wondering whether to first build a cheaper Ubuntu rig and then move onto a second rig.

This way I could keep the work i am doing and the things that need to be secure, SECURE.

The other RIG would be for gaming and over-clocking too.

I had thought about two SSD's and dual booting on the same rig but too close for comfort and in all honesty it seems to be more of a pain in the backside than ever.

When I worked for a solicitor several years ago he was into Apples and always tried to convince me to go over to them but ... though I used to like the firm they had become too much like Intel of late.

A shame that many of the companies in the western world like to sit on their laurels while milking it for every penny while the Asian firms will just invent, invent, invent every step of the way and western companies do not like that and I think they are wrong, wrong, WRONG. LMAO!

I hate that attitude of create something and then try to live of that one thing and live like a King on it?!

I do not think Michaelangelo did that?!

I do not think Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did that?! In fact he died penniless and was buried in a pauper's grave and I do no think they even know the exact locality of him.

In my book this is called laziness and the funny thing is that much of the higher echolons of society are like this but when working class people do not want to do back breaking work that will not even pay their rent/mortgage along with all their bills as well as walk or cycle for miles to get to work despite the mount of pains that someone may suffer from then they have the audacity to call them lazy?!


Of course this now shows up in a big way because the really cushy numbers they had as jobs while being paid a great deal to do very little they have now screwed up at and cost their country billions upon billions and STILL they want the big bucks while doing sweet F.A?! LMAO!

The west really needs t change its attitudes in a great number of areas and a great number of ways and stop lording it up and making claims about crimes against humanity to the media and other countries as your just seen as TWO FACED and the liars that you are.

Ooh wait a minute is this not the WRONG BLOG?!



As for this small Ubuntu rig now I really do not know about this. It seemed the logical step in all honesty but after the past few days it is a case of, bloody hell go through that again and wast several hundred pounds doing it?! LOL!

What would have been the obvious thing, and the reason why Linux OS should be SCREAMING at AMD is the APU is going to become very mainstream.

I am panicking a little because if I built an AMD FX-8350 rig tomorrow and in 2014 a 8 core AMD APU was released i would chew my fingernails so badly in frustration I would end p with one inch stumps as fingers?!


A 22 Nanometre AMD APU with 8 Steamroller Cores and abuilt in 8000 or even 9000 series Radeon?!

That is one of the few things to make my legs go weak while salivating so much Homer Simpson would be buying a bloody boat!!! LMAO!

Right I think that is far more than enough posts about onto something else for a change lol.

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