Thursday, 28 March 2013


This is just to notify you that I have a very good, quite revealing and hopefully funny video coming up.

I have delved deeper into ... things and I have managed to achieve thigs I have NOT achieved beforehand. I also had a suspicion prior to attempting this so I decided to film myself doing this and at first I think I guessed wrong and the I am all "Oooh I was right!"


Hopefully this will help a great many as I find out what in the hell was going on, a bit of naivety on one side with some real sinister stuff on the other side, lol.

Also for those with dual HDD bay HP Pavilion and Envy laptops or redundant Optical Drives I may have some help and advice to help you improve your system.

The film is done, or in fact there are TWO, lmao, but I just have to finish a few things and something is downloading right now, ooh that is another hilarious part, and I should have this nailed down tight tonight or tomorrow during the day.

I will upload the, THEN, THREE videos to my YouTube account and then link them into my next post on here.

I was pretty surprised with what I thought up and even more surprised when I took a guess, thought up a way of proving it and then manage to think of filming it before i did it.

See those three dead birds?! Well I only had ONE STONE?!?!


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