Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Well my book has turned up and a great deal earlier than expected to be honest, lol.

It also looks new.

Now it is only a beginners book that is for sure but it was a long time ago I had my little brush with Red Hat and and I remember....NOTHING! Have a hard enough time, well I did last night, remember DOS commands, lol!

So I will go through this and tomorrow order another book and in the meantime time and little by little I was focus in on this Windows booting problem to see if I can fix it.

Now it is entirely possible that something may...present itself to me and a variety of things...

I could end up starting to build a new RIG, ohh I wish!

I could end up getting a SECOND HDD.

Now the latter would be easy to do as my laptop has a SECOND HDD bay next to the first, only you need a special plug and lead to be able to PLUG a secind hard drive in and...

HP want £90 for two 50 Pence plugs and a bit of wire?!


How about this Hewlett Packard?...

I buy a Replacement CADDY for my OPTICAL DRIVE with a HDD Fitted?!

Now even THESE are overpriced and yet STILL COMBINED cost less than Hewlett Packard's wire?!?! I kid you not?!

I visited Maplin when I first wanted to do this and someone that actually worked in the store had the same issue and my jaw dropped when he said "Have you got a HO laptop by any chance?"

You know I felt sorry for HP when they got into that trouble but in all honesty...

After the SHIT I have owned for the last year I would NEVER touch another product of theirs again!!

Two laptops and a printer I have owned of theirs and was hoping to buy a desktop but no bloody chance in hell. I could go into more details about the crap they install on your laptop and how utterly useless it all is but will just droan on o for hours, lol.

In fact I am not sure I would EVER buy a laptop again in all honesty, not after this. Not a Windows laptop that is for sure!


I will also not buy Windows 8 either...NEVER!!!

So Microsoft had better get their heads out their arses over the next two years as they are climbing up it and will disappear up the own jacksies by then!

This utter manipulation of users just to try to get more cash and stop others from getting cash has got to stop.

Also I have seen no end of anti trust cases going on but have now been exposed to some that are far worse and far more obvious to those already pursued and yet I hear NOTHING of any action?!

Also I am not the only one that sees this and a great many see it too and one example is the disappearance of the boot.ini file and I cannot find a way to tell the Windows boot that Windows is now on the X: drive. Well until I do Windows stays off my laptop I am afraid to say so you kinda shot yourself in the foot their Microsoft?!

I also find it kinda odd how two completely different Operating Systems that seem OK for the most part have had utterly disastrous OS releases either side of them?!

This is not me you understand but what others say as I have not used anything other than Windows 7, since Win XP, and Ubuntu 12.04, since Red Hat err circa 1998.

So with Windows 7 you have Vista prior and 8 post its release. I have heard nothing good about either one and Valve seem to feel the same.

With Ubuntu 12.04 you have...err whatever version they were ooh wait they had tens in them?! 11.10 and 12.10?!

With the latter there were two things that concerned me and that was the BIG ICONS and looking like it was going for a touch screen design, stupid on PCs as Microsoft is finding out. The other was the integration of Amazon ads into the OS?! Oooh boy was that stupid!!!

If you have not worked out the obvious this I call going after the gravy and everything else gets left behind or discarded, or us...

...so it is MONEY and not USERS that matters. But as they always say it is about users they LIE.

Hmm sounds a lot like governments and I guess the proverbial BREEDS?!

Like I said before it became obvious that you have to lie your way to the top, everyone knows that, but what amazes me is that when you get there and get caught out LYING the public go oooh your at the top?! You cannot lie?!!! BURN HIM, GET RID OF HIM?!

But wait you knew damn well people lie their way to the top, they lie just about everywhere I look on the Internet. Why so shocked when someone in charge of a large corporation lies? Why surprised when the government lies?

I get annoyed and frustrated with these things and these companies because I KNOW what they are like. I express frustration but I do NOT express shock. Ooh OK yes maybe with the Ubuntu going for the money ...YES, OK I was surprised. But as regards to the contempt shown to people and the love of the POUND NOTE or DOLLAR no surprise at all. Funny enough they have had this attitude for decades now but...aren't well all now skint?!?!?!

Oh well that attitude works then does it not?!

Is their even a fleeting sense of an aroma of coffee?

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