Thursday, 14 March 2013


Well after three says if messing around with UBUNTU I have broken it.

The last two attempted boot upes have failed and freezes on the screen that is all purple and says Ubuntu with the little dots and does it right after the little drum noise it makes.

Indeed it had stayed on that screen the whole while I have been typing this on my faulty smart phone lol.

Unfortunately I have finally decided it comes off. These Linux people really should keep abreast of what their creation works with and does not and issue warnings as should thre magazines.

In fact Computer Active only stated there were issues reported with Windows 8. You would think that worth only two companies producing GPUs that they would all get to hear of issues?! Especially when there us all this error reporting parts of operating systems theses days.

Cine to think if it I don't think the Windows error retiring ever really did anything other than make users think the next version would be really ace. Oops, lol.

Right I have forced a power off now and booting into Windows. A shame that and really frustrating as I thought I had it sussed a few times only to break it completely.

I will have to remove it now to regain the 19GB I awarded it. I think in future I will not bother with LINUX unless I have a complete list of compatible hardware so u can build a rig for it.

Waaaaah! SOB SOB!! Really liked it and wanted to use that SMS really depressed it went the way it did.

I do not have the time to spend days on ends trying to get it to work I'm afraid do it gets ignored now for a few months.


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