Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I was reading about the AMD Jaguar chip to be found inside the new Sony PS4 and the XBOX when a couple of things occurred to me!

First off there was all this talk when Bulldozer released form so-called gaming experts about ho there are NO games that use more than a core or two for processing and how HARD it is to do this.

I pretty much knew the first one was not true though admittedly these were minimal in numbers. I ALSO know that the SECOND ONE was not true and the number of times I wanted to join up to a website just to go onto a clicky forum of armchair experts to explain to them in the most POLITE way that they were talking nonsense, oddly enough most of them stupid enough to own a Core i3, but thought better of it as the word TROLL will just be banded about like women at a wedding with far too  much confetti!

No the reason I now realise that there are is not much parallelism in games is because of one thing and one thing only...THE EXISTENCE OF CONSOLES?!

Or in other words so PC Gamers can get an excuse when really there are being ripped off for ported games?!

FOUL! That is what I hear them crying out at the top of their lungs at my use of the words rip and off but it is and no matter which way you slice it that IS what it is. Another bunch of cash for a game yu have already created and you do not want to be bothered doing it all over again for the PC! But you want the same amount of cash coming in though?!

EDIT: John Taylor of AMD announces a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR GAMERS REGADRING AMD HARDWARE?!?! (Oh this just gets better and better!!)

Courtesy of Tom's Hardware:  CLICK HERE!


Then while I was reading and trying to figure out exactly what this confusing AMD Jaguar is, my money on TWO PROCESSORS SIDE BY SIDE AND CROSSFIRE like they did with the twin socket FX boards a few years back, I realised that this is all about to be proved of course!!

Whether it is ONE Jaguar processor or TWO side by side make no nevermind. It has eight cores and THAY WILL USE THEM, or its a complete waste of money building the things based on a processor with that much silicon.

Now according to the armchair afficiandos a Core i3 would have been perfectly adequate?!

According to Custom PC your only processor is an Intel one?!

I have long since complained about this and even emailed these experts who sale a magazine based o building PCs prmarily for GAMING.

Well now I find it really bloody hilarious as I have been proved that had a bought into a subscription to Custom PC I would have wasted my money and been ripped off as...

1) Games will be PROGRAMMED from now on on BOTH CONSOLES, if not ALL THREE, for not only AMD Processor cares but for PARALLELISM and ...


3) GPU Cores also used for parallelism?

Oddly enough I used to find this a bit annoying when Intel fans went on about this with their nVidia cards. Run down parallel processing when talking about AMD's FX chips but talk it up when talking about your nVidia cards?

Really funny. I think some people and even forums should be banned for being stupid or just contradciting, whichever is a better fit for the annoying ones, lol.

Now to all the AMD people, plus the ones that took the piss, cried like babies and yelled like demented Banshees and went over to Intel and paid three times as much for their processor with a board they will then have to replace a year later and nVidia Graphics when they are too focused on tablets...

...whose laughing now DUMB-ARSES?!?!

I think its bloody hilarious, really I do! So much over the top shit about AMD on websites, forums and even YouTube!! Loads of these moronic idiots how now managed to be shown up as the IDIOTS THEY ARE by none other than the very corporation they lambasted for the longest time, AMD!!

That is soo funny and i cannot help but wonder how long it will be, if indeed it has not even started, when the AMD fans will be going on-line with the Panzer-Fausts (flame throwers) and scorching the chat rooms and forums and toasting the Intel camps to the walls?!?!

I might give it a week or two for this knowledge to suddenly occur to them get posted and then goes around like wildfire?!

Well that is unless of course though are just so much the experts they are now lambasting both Sony and Microsoft for using two year old technology and know better ate doing these things than the big guns do themselves?!

Could they be that bloody stupid?

I have to admit that even I did not see this one coming, a GRAND SLAM across the board on the console games with both CPUs and GPUs for AMD?!

You think now that this might have been their plan all along?! Now a few interesting points to watch out for over the next 12 months, or 6 months into the release of the consoles...

1) You think now this MIGHT have been WHY they bought ATI in the first place?! 

2) Do you think it entriely possible that while Intel were overcharging you for crippled processors AMD WAS INDEED concentrating on gamers but NOT bringing out the all killer AMD FX everyone wanted and producing better APUs to get into the console machines?!

3) Do you think it possible that before very long PC gaming will improve dramatically, including even with the porting, and that this was down to AMD's APUs being in the consoles and therefore you will have AMD to thank for this?

Yes I now realise that the next 12 months are going to be extremely interesting, extremely exciting and EXTREMELY FUNNY!!


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