Saturday, 2 March 2013


I have recently been eyeing up a very cute and small mini-ATX Coolermaster case in a local store that is also relatively inexpensive to boot.

I keep thinking about buying it and this has happened in three occasions so far but I have resisted the urge.

Partly due to funding a build, although a MINI-ATX case would inevitably end up cheaper than my FULL-ATX idea. The other part is that funding the more expensive components is a little tricky, or at least right at this very moment but this is changing very soon.

In about 8 weeks time this will change rather rapidly in fact and Small Form Factor I probably will not go for but then neither do I like anything way oversized either. But then this make me wonder as to whether or not a HUGE case and SLI is really necessary and indeed if the next generation of Radeon HD 8970s and Geforce 780s arrive in time that they go in the case is SLI necessary? I built one of the first rigs and I was already playing games on it before Custom PC magazine did a feature on it.

Today we are always thinking about the future but as game playing goes I think things have gotten somewhat muddled and outside of Bethesda Studios no one is really using the full capabilities of even current generation graphics cards and I will go more into that in my next post that will immediately follow this one.

I am, however, leaning away from the idea of multipe graphics cards that will cause a huge electricity bill while actually making no difference to my life than presenting higher numbers to me if I can be bothered to run them and then look at them. You know like Intel fanboys do, or many people on the old payroll?! No there have been a few things I have read brief snippets about that I want to know more about and get hold of and two of note right now are...



Leap Motion is that world like that in Minority Report that will finally reach the general public if we believe what we are told and I do so want to believe that and have wanted that for the longest time...or PRE MINORITY REPORT, lol.

Now the Vuse Eye Glass thing, called MX100 or 1000 if I recall correctly, I spotted in Stuff Magazine while in my dentists waiting room and had thought it was a bluetooth headset?! It looked like a Plantronics Voyager but with a curved shield over what I thought was the microphone and I remember thinking haw deceptively clever. That is until I saw that this tiny device projects a screen in front of your eye from a device in your pocket?! This could be a smart-phone, tablet or I suppose a small laptop even... so it could be a BLUETOOTH HEADSET THEN?! LOL! Just now images as well as sound and ...well that IS a huge improvement for a technology many had thought would fade away. Well unless it uses WIFI of course I was just reading the article when my Dentist called my name but the point is it is an ingenious sounding device.

My late friend Ken would have been going crazy upon me telling him about this, lol.

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