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Well it would seem that after 15 years of absence the LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems have gone backwards and that is a fact I am very sorry to say.

I am not sure what the issue is down to right now but it could not surprise me if a large part of it was down to Steve Bullmer at Microsoft and more ANT-COMPETETIVE behaviour.

Oddly if my suspicions are ever proved correct I can tell you this much and the Mr Bullmer would have single handedly either destroyed Microsoft or reduced to no more than a squeaking mouse.

After not quite understanding WHY I could not get WUBI to work correctly I DITCHED IT!!

Only things then went from bad to WORSE and I do mean LITERALLY

After starting what was portrayed as an easy peasey thing to do by Computer Active Magazine, a magazine that is aimed at beginners you understand, I can tell you that nothing could be further from the truth and not a single person i the building at their offices tested this in anyway shape or form!


Why? Well if you want something other than the obvious the only reason a journliast would misinform about something and encurage you to download and install something is down to one reason and one reason only...


It has been over 7 days since I started their easy-peasy suggestion and I will now tell you what is going on now.

I SPLIT my hard disk into TWO separate partitions. This is what I should have done in the beginning really and this would now only make it much easier, as was the way I was used to doing it, but that the finished article would be alot swifter and likley graphics drivers would install correctly.

Everything worked flawlessly and set up without a hiccup and I was surprised to see a PURPLE screen come up with the BOOT OPTIONS?!

I thought, how weird?! Doing this the Wubi Way and I had a boot option screen like I remember years ago, black screen and white letters. Then I remembered seeing people stating that you should install Windows first and I thought that this was odd as I remembered it being the other way round.

Of course this time Ubuntu WAS the default OS of choice....

Got in and things worked a great deal better and a bit more snappy.....except that damned AMD Graphics driver STILL REFUSED TO INSTALL?!?!

I simply could NOT believe it!

Then after messing around I decided to reboot into Windows 7 and guess what?

Refused point blank to do it!!

Now I have messed around and tried to add an entry to the BCD but it refuses to do that...

I then wondered if Ubuntu had wiped the main C: drive when using it for a swap drive?!

But no the files were still there.

I looked up as to why I could not alter the BCDBoot file and then realised that it might not be this file at all, though why I could not write it it was still an oddity.

Maybe it was the Boot Loader in Ubuntu?!

Downloaded this program everynone raved about, Grub Customizer, but what i see looks nothing like the screen shots of it running. tried Boot Repair but Windows boot selection was greyed out.

It looked as if the partition had been wiped but it had not and I had seen it and within the file. But it seems that every single possible way to correct this problem just failed to work MISERABLY?!

It has been more than 7 days since I started this and i cannot quite believe just how incredibly frustrating and laborious it is and dual booting Red Hat with NT 4.0 or Win 2000 was a bloody walk in the park compared to this?! That took me TWO days and that included attending University for my Computer Science Degree?!?!

While I was at this is seemed some things were this way purely out of incompetence and no forethought. Then after awhile it amost seemed that I was being LED down the garden path to nowheresville and then it occurred to me.

This seemed almost deliberate! I cannot believe there are that many possible solutions that do not work?!

I am a victim on all fronts of people with, and I mean AT BEST, people with half the knowledge. Or in the case of civil servants and public offices people with NO KNOWDLEGE whatsoever, lol.

In fact I found a page where one guy lets off steam about it to make me blush and I make him right when he said that he had been on loads and loads of sights and forums ne people chat SHIT. Like me he had been through loads and loads of things that had not worked.

what makes me laugh is that these people who are quick to help then start getting arsey with you when they help does not work!

Indeed I got one guy so desperate to find a solution to work that he then told me to force these drivers in place and someone else piped up 'Nooo' and i had already done it and Ubuntu REFUSED TO BOOT!

The world seems full of people that WANT to be experts and yet they have only learned one or two tricks. I am NOT an idiot and when I come along everyone thinks oh easy and I get the IT Crowd treatment ... "Have you turned it OFF and ON AGAIN?!" LMAO!

So at the moment I am not sure if the boot section of Windows does not, or REFUSES to accept that Windows is now on the X: Drive and before you ask no I bloody did not make it that?! I made the Ubuntu partition the Z: drive to ensure no feck ups and on installing Z disappears and Windows ends up as X:?!

Baring in mind everyone says Windows does NOT like it unless it is the C: drive so how did Ubuntu end up changing it to X when their wasnt one, sticks Windows 7 it and then instead of going onto Z as I had instructed places itself onto the C: drive?!


Not only are you supposed to know the file structure used of two completely different OS's, know the command line ... COMMANDS of two completely different OS's but when you gibve them SPECIFIC instructions they go and do things entirely differently to what you instructed and then throw all their toys out of the pram becaus ethey do not want to play anymore?!?!

Jesus Christ, did I slip through a worm hole back into the early seventies?!

This should not be happening!!!

If the next model cars worked the same way the world would be full of motionless cars going nowhere?! You het the next and newer model because it is faster, easier, quieter, more luxurious and any other benefits.

What gives here?

Well I do not know if I will ever recover window, before anyone says it will not recover either!!

I swore years ago that when Microsoft stopped handing over hard copies of Windows with laptops and using these fecking partitions to stick it on I said first and foremost that this was wrong and a recipe for disaster?!

Well I just spent the last eight days COOKING?!

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