Thursday, 7 March 2013


Well this is worrying I must say and I think I am going to have a cross-over going on here with another bog subject?! Hahaha!

Right I read an article on the Tech Report that cited a series of rumours spreading around the Internet that there CPU, which is also my namesake, Intel Haswell has an issue with USB 3.0 Devices.

Many were thinking that this would be sorted out in time for release but it seems the talk is that Intel has requested to partners to accept (or sign in blood) the issue PRIOR to receiving the CPUs (or otherwise they will not bloody get any?!)?!

Wow! Shoot yourselves in the foot why don't you?!

The odd thing is I am reading some interesting things about AMD and some deals it has going on and seems to be like the proverbial 'Phoenix Rising from the Ashes' at the moment.

I also wonder whether nor not many motherboard manufacturers have been party to something happening too as there are whispers of new AMD boards with USB 3.0 and able to take AMDs Jaguar, Richland and any others besides. Maybe there are going to be TWIN APU motherboards using the FM2 socket, I mean how damned cool would THAT be?!

As well as Intel allegedly stating this, which to me suggests that have been side-swiped by AMD on their blind side and taking it out on board manufacturers as they did not see it coming, I have also read that it is to go running to Apple too?!

Hmm tell take signs there of something in the works that Intel does not only HATE but has it running scared?!


I think I am going to witness something very soon that even I did not actually foresee happening after the Bulldozer launch but will be over the moon if I am right.

Intel and Apple sitting in the tree, K..I..S..S.. lol well two really nice companies getting together there, they deserve each other!

Indeed this is what I was searching for when I came across these things as I sense there is ... something brewing. I was trying to find out even more about these 8 core Jaguars and the FX CPUs and APUs likely, or not, to arrive between the beginning of April and December 2013, or even January 2014, when I stumbled across these two snippets of information.

I cannot recall a time when I have seen Intel quite so animated and rude/crafty with its partners, or indeed just being jack blunt?! Really I can't!

So if these two things I read about turn out to be true then Intel must have found out some news (ooh and how did they do that then?) that they not only did not expect but certainly did not want to hear.

There has also been a flurry of reports about the SLEEKBOOKS too with Richland inside and one in particular was a HP Envy Laptop, hope the Envy line is better than this UTTER CRAP DV7 I am currently using lol?!

As a long standing, now, proponent of HP, except this one, I was intrigued to see that as normally I do a search for their Envy lines when there is a new APU and I did this with Llano and then Trinity and they were always the last one to find any data on releases with AMD APUs inside so this was VERY DIFFERENT INDEED!

But if a strange one yu might think after all you should realise that I should want the Intel Haswell to succeed?!

WHY? I hear you ask!

Well I did say it was my NAMESAKE!


Well my surname IS HASWELL!!


Well I do want it to be good of course but I also want AMD to catch up too. Only I might just get more than I had hoped for?!

If so this will be very good indeed for all of us and a great deal sooner than you would have orginally guessed, or I should say 'I GUESSED'!

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