Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Now that I have rattled off because I now and do not know when I can...

1) Play SKYRIM



4)Play NEED FOR SPEED or any other og f my games

5) Regain access to my Windows files, photos documents scans and the like (My Screen Test Second Series is on hold now)

I have come to terms with that (he states while knee deep in fingernails and toe nails!!)

But I really would warn anyone away from attempting what I did without a great deal of knowledge of the current methods of boot files, managers and EFI's currently employed by both Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows!!

REALLY DON'T! I suspect it may well be a great deal easier if you have two separate drives and dual boot but with the two OS's occupying their own drives but unless you have I would REALLY avoid this and totaly ignore ANY PC MAGAZINE that states differently as they have obviously no knowledge or experience at all on DUAL BOOTING LINUX and WINDOWS?!

I can tell you this much... I WILL!! I will reacquire everything and still have the current Ubuntu installation still here.

There are many ways of doing it some purely through technical know how and I just have to work it out...

The other by having hardware know how I DO possess but NOT the hardware...BUT I WILL!

Now THAT is just my nature I will not allow myself to be beaten, ooh OK I will not allow myself to be beaten down for long. But I WILL win the war in the end, lol.

The reason for this short post is to not only explain that, for more reasons than you could possibly imagine, but also to explain that I am working my way through this book and I get a great deal of things with both Linux and Unix, and anything else based on Unix like Mac-OS and Android for instance, that I did not understand before. Or fifteen years ago when I dived in head first as soon as a lecturer friend called Alastare Measures presented me with a pale blue Red Hat CD?!

Oddly enough it was Alastare that taught me something else about computing that I had to recently employ yet again after many years because of.... oh damn LINUX!!! LMAO!!! FUNNNNYYYYYY!!!!

Anyway! Yes I am now getting it! I am also understanding how it works differently to Windows and DOS and in all honesty whereas years ago it made LESS SENSE than DOS it is now making alot more sense than Windows directories and the way that works.

I do have an android phone and it is rooted and has superuser permissions so I have had these brief interludes of linux involvements. However looking at the file structure on the phone never made sense to me but now it does.

My head has spent far too long in the Microsoft was of doing things in trying to make a computer appear more...HUMAN! Albeit it doing very badly in the process and just slowing the OS down over consecutive releases, or even fall over.

So now I am having fun now...until the next time I come home soaked and in pain and just want to play Skyrim for a few hours to relax and cannot, lmao!

But I will get there eventually. If I have not sorted the issue in 2 weeks I would most certainly have after 4 weeks.

This will serve to show my determination to see things through and find my way around obstacles in my path that prevent me from doing what I WANT to do and NEED to do!!

It will act as ... an self made marketing post to show a side of my nature.

It will show that despite the fact and can appear to be beaten down and on the verge of defeat I will rise up again when least expected and triumph over the instruments of my demise.

Yes I am smiling today and am looking forward to this! Once this book is done and at the end of the week another and more technical one arrives I should be in a great position within a week or two of beginning to read it?!

Hmm I had better get another pack of bookmarks this week!!

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