Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Well I forgot to add something to the last post and thought of some more points to make.

I do not like Windows 8.

It seems from something I was reading neither do Valve?!

I had though after all this time that I would finally have to make the leap over to a Linux Operating System and that as it had been 15 years since my last skirmish, and believe me it WAS, with Red Hat that now things would have been greatly improved.

So imagine my utter shock when what should have been a pleasurable experience taking minutes has turned my grey and taken 24 hours only to hit a brick wall?!

I would not mind but this. it turns out, was the brilliant and stable version out of three when the other two were referred to as catastrophes?!


I also thought that Microsoft would meander off in other directions now and from what I read, WINDOWS BLUE, this certainly looks to be the case.

It is also of concern that they obviously do not care otherwise Valve would not have got as far as releasing Steam for the Linux OS!

Well I can say for certain that I know damn well what Steve Bullmer is doing and that is what he always does goes where the scent of money is. Only on THIS occasion it is going to backfire and in all honesty it will be down to one thing and one thing only that decides if Microsoft will still exist in its current form, Steve Bullmers madman antic aside....

...that is the NEXT XBOX?! (the 720?! ZBOX?! XBOX NEXT?! NEXTBOX?!)

They are going after the tablet market and smart phone market but in all honesty they have pretty stiff competition that is already established and STRONGLY in an industry that is a passing phase and will drop of considerably in time. Before people start saying nooo I did not say disappear I said drop off. Just like PHONES DID, just like SMART PHONES DID, just like iPhones now have and just like ,COM!

Cannot see the business for the money!! LMAO!

Yes that makes sense, leave an industry behind that you had tied up for years but losing your marbles with it of late and go sprinting, remember Microsoft's SIZE, after something else others have become establish in and have a firm foothold because you think theirs cash to be made and/or you just want to destroy any competition you see as a threat to your dwindling market share?!

Mr Bullmer that is just not going to happen!

Now while they were pre-occupied doing this Linux could have swooped in from the skies taking all in its path! Well not on what I saw in the last 24 hours I am afraid and what with this laptop not exactly new or state of the art that is worrying!

Fifteen years ago if you even have brief thoughts about Linux you had better hope nothing in your hardware we less than a year old. Less than 6 months and you had better forget it.

AMD Phenom X3 1.8 GHZ
AMD Radeon HD 5470M & HD 4200 Graphics chips
8 GB RAM Memory

The sound was fine and to be honest there were NO graphical issues so not quite sure WHAT was going on and WHY it failed to do so many things...

...but this laptop I bought over a year ago, was not by any stretch the fastest available and ex demo that had been there a fair old while.

Ubuntu should have, and I fully expected it to, been moving so fast that time would appear to be going BACKWARDS?!

Unfortunately it did not! :(

NOW! While I was typing and posting both the last post and now this one my videos of what was happening, DUMB-ASS, I mean NOT HAPPENING are being uploaded to my YouTube account. This curious to see what was going on, puzzle solvers like me, can go and have a look see when they are done, likely tomorrow.

As much as I love puzzles I do not have the patience I once had to sit around for days on end figuring this one out. I have far too money other things going on to boot but that IS slowly changing.

So for now the videos are up for your enjoyment or curiosity and Ubuntu will sit there on my hard drive with the static gathering dust on that portion of the spinning discs, lol.

Well unless I come across or it occurs to me out of the blue (which does happen from time to time) how to fix it?!

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