Monday, 11 March 2013


Well it was a pain in the backside but not as much as before...

...but in all fairness this was more down to this HP Pavilion DV7 Laptop and I could not figure out how to get into BIOS SETTINGS and HP have this cut down OS type thing going on I have never used.

Only I lost patience trying to figure out which button it was and it was not the obvious three choices. So could not boot from Optical Drive and therefore could not create a USB key so I cleared clutter and transfered a shed-load, around 80 GBs, of data of to my 2TB WD Elements External Drive and installed it.

Only now I have it on it seems quite pleasing but it boots straight into Ubuntu now and also... well its actually slower than Windows 7 and I was certainy not expecting that?!

It is now late and I have no idea why it is slow as it certainly should be a damn site quicker than Windows 7 so I will have to fathom that out, probably be tomorrow as I am knackered but will tinker for awhile.

It is very uncluttered and I cannot seem to access the files stored in Windows on my C: drive either but that is no big deal right now and more important that I get that Boot Option to appear on start up!

I do find it amusing that the magazine and everyone said how easy and simple it was and yet I had failed to get the Disc to boot, failed to make a USB key and now not sure if I can get Windows back.

Added to that is the fact as I was typing that last paragraph I got the "Error while trying to publish your post" message which was the main reason I decided to try this. Though in all honesty I did not think it would cure that and why I did not try Ubuntu much earlier but my curiosity in Linux and Ubuntu in particular made me think that if I installed it and it did cure that problem it would be a great bonus!

Still I did also get a loss of connection every now and then and let us see if that still occurs?

Now I will try and go back to finding an Excel Spreadsheet somewhere else on my system and see how that software looks as I have never used this Libre Office and only ever used MS Office and Open Office. Hmm Open Office should install on Ubuntu?

Ahh yes I will check out that software center first!!


Figured the KEY for BIOS SETTINGS. It is F10, though I get into it via the "esc" key.

Turned of the HP Quick Launch or whatever it was called.

I then changed the boot delay from 0 to 5 and WAHEY!!!

Only Ubuntu then froze on its second start up and I had to hold the power button down for 7 seconds to force a shut down?! Ohh I think this Wappy thingy may not be quite "there yet"?!

Still seems slow and a little unresponsive and i will be totally honest here and cannot believe I am about to type this but it is making Windows 7 look like greased lightning right now.

This cannot be right and I am thinking it is this fancy method for installing it using the Wabi (was it?) Force method. So I am assuming this is still a relatively new method and has some ... KINKS, lol.

Still I have the Windows Option back up which is a relief as i am quite busy with all these blogs right now and having to mess around with another reinstall just a few months after the last would be quite annoying.

I might look into this unresponsive Ubuntu on the Internet tomorrow at some point.



  1. The Wabi you mention is in fact Wubi and it's to be installed in Window$, NOT Ubuntu.

    I am confused as to why you are experiencing problems with Ubuntu, but I just had an idea... Which version did you install? 32 or 64bit? and which version of the OS did you install? as not all lappys are 64bit. The safest one to install at the mo' is 12.04LTS as the LTS means Long Term Support (5 years as opposed to just 3 for the rest). Don't install 12.11 or 13.04.

    And another thing, you mention your lappy is an HP, well, HP are favoured by Ubuntu as I have 2 HP printers and they’re a doddle to install (HP are the recommended printers for Ubuntu), I'll admit, when I ,migrated over to Ubuntu, using version 11.10 it was a tad difficult installing as it was a new OS to me and I didn’t quite know what I was doing.

    Also, to create a working USB, you need to download the program 'LiveUSB Install' from this site,
    It's easier to do this from a Window$ PC but they have now created a version for Ubuntu if you no longer have access to a Window$ PC.

    I have also just seen the tags you used, am I correct in thinking you tried to install 10.04 OMG, that’s ANCIENT. Get 12.04 installed IMMEDIATELY.

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  3. Do you want some free Ubuntu stickers? ask me or visit system76's web site for details :-)

  4. Oh yeah could not remember the name of that thing, lol.

    It was 64 Bit Version. Was very weird that it behaved like that was unexpected to be honest. Maybe I will build a small PC with nothing fancy and just put it on that.

    No it was definitely Ubuntu and am uploading videos of me attempting to sort out the problems to no avail. I do not know what versions there are these days but I did see Red Hat referred to and I saw something called Linux Mint.

    What you said now interests me though as Computer Active seemed to imply that the Wubi only came, or worked, with Ubuntu. So the fact that there are others you can install a similar way makes me want to try again. But these days Ubuntu was the one most often referred to even before you mentioned that you used it so when it stated in this Computer Active How To Guide that it has this Wubi thing and you do not need to repartition I thought it a damn good idea.

    Maybe the problem is with this Wubi but I know not how it works so I will look into how it does it at some point and maybe it will reveal the problem or lead me to realise where the real problem is.


    I am kinda determined to get it working so will leave it alone for a couple of days which will help me to WANT to go back and figure it out. Hmm I will go on Amazon now see what books they have on the subject?!