Friday, 26 September 2014


Oops, sorry not ben on for awhile ... loads of health issues, meetings with Doctors and trying to tailor a series of prescription drugs...always a pain in the arse... sometimes literally, LOL!

I also note that nVidia have just announced/launched, cannot remember which, tweo new cards based on new and revised silicon. These are the GTX 980 and GTX 970. Thewy sound pretty good too and its nice to see they are not over a thousand US dollars each! In fact I think that might have been over a thousand GB pounds each?! Lol! No these are around £420 and £250 respectively.

Now just waiting to see if AMD does anything? I have been wairting for something like this to happen and now the first salvo has been fired and at much more sensible prices its just a matter of time before the first ripples take effect! Hopefully followed by more ripples. This is because of the lower pricing and AMD will have to price their old chips accordingly. If they produce new cards in the coming weeks then everything getsa cheaper still? Hopefully, lol.

Well it would have to because if I had £250 spare right now I would buy the GTX 970 and it has been a long time since I have wanted to buy an nVidia Graphics card. I do like to support AMD in all honesty and I do not like Intel's ludicrous prices. Yes their latest 8 core chip sounds great ... until you look at the overall price of the setup!

Yes cannot wait to see what they have in store with their Radeon 370s and 380s! Ooh yeah interested to see what Carrizo is like to and any mentions on the design that will follow the Bulldozer family. The node shrinks for CPU, APU and GPUs are really annoyingly taking their time! For me this always brings the greatest benefits and surprises...well OK most of the time, lol.

Ooh yes and I noticed that PC Gamer magazine did an article on CPUs and APUs in their latest issue? So glad I did not buy it because in the A10-7850K review they mentioned the word "bottleneck"?! Oh dear! They really need to do their homework, lol. They even stated that you would not use it in a gaming PC?! It is not a gaming chip?!

Well thats fecking funny as I have been gaming on it for a couple of months now! My word you simply cannot get the staff, lol! Considering the cover prices of magazines these days you would think they would put the effort in? Huh, just had a thought and that is that I would hate to see the comments following that article once it is online, lmao!

Sorry PC Gamer but I am afraid that you are wrong as there are videos on YouTube where all that was tested and even an Intel guy had to admit their was no bottleneck and the test rig is being kept to go to LAN parties! Ooh dear, its a reason ahy I am very wary about buying magazines lately as its like the electronic goods here in the UK, mostly other people's garbage, lol.

Anyhoo I have acquired a number of titles over the last month purely because I wanted to get into each series before playing the more up to date games.

I also wanted to see what the hype was all about so ...

The Witcher 2 (great but Kayran bit is stupid and unfair, forgot to drink potions and unable to so have to go back to earlier save, if I can that is lol)

Mass Effect 2 (Yes I can see why its well liked as I like it, though I hate the way you navigate the Normandy! Already looking forward to Mass Effect 3, hope the clever use of spacebar for cover remains?!)

Dragon Age Origins (Great Story Design and Characters but invisible walls are a big no-no for me ... saying that I STILL play it and very much looking forward to Dragon Age Inquisition)

Borderlands (first one and bloody love it! Like Witcher 2 stuck on a hard bit at the vault!)

FarCry 3 (Loved it until like The Witcher it gives you a really stupid scenario thats unfair and annoying, waterfall no guns knocked out again and a helicopter, and enough to put me off ever buiying FarCry 4!)

are installed along with ...

The Witcher (stuck at the witch and the hounds lol)

Deus Ex Human Revolution (I am playing again! LOVE IT! Wish it was a bit more open mind you and bigger maps)

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (hmmm over rated and stuck at unfair point, lol)

Oh yeah there is Dead Island Riptide but that is being uninstalled as it is utter garbage I am afraid, no two ways about it. The list of faults is ridiculous with the obvious two being ...

Well you cannot swim which makes it kind of hard when you crash your boat on some rocks!

There are no bloody weapons in the game.

Zombies seem to come back to life. Well respawn oce your a certain distance away when you have just a bloody machete you have to whack them with a dozen times to behead the damn things which I later realised was pointless.

Road far too narrow for the cars those chose to put in the game!

Oh and even better than being unable to swim is being hit by a Zombie's hands yet your unable to hit him with a long machete?!

So I see Dead Island as more something for kids, but then its so bloody violent and gross I do not like the idea that its aimed at kids! Wish I had bought Left 4 Dead 2.

Now just in case one idiot that left comments on one of my YouTube videos comes here and reads, along with anyone else as grey matter challenged as him, I will include the following games I played previously ...

Doom 2
Quake 1 to Arena
Unreal (Yes the FIRST ONE LOL, and others)
Total War
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (loved this one, cannot believe Id today)
Deus Ex Invisible War (still have this one here)
FarCry (still have this one here)
Comanche 3 or 4 (still have this one)
X Beyond The Frontier
X2 Reunion (err no Rebirth as I read the reviews lol)
Jedi Knight - Jedi Outcast

...many others I cannot recall

If I want to go further back ... COMMODORE AMIGA! Not far enough?! Look at bottom!

Shadow Of The Beast
Birds of Prey
Frontier (Elite follow up)
Xyphos (like Elite)
F15 Strike Eagle 2 (Microprose ... God cannot believe I remembered that?! lol)
A6 Intruder
Falcon (loved the Rowan Software stuff)
Wing Commander (all of them)
Combat Pilot

...many others I cannot recall off the top of my head

If you want FURTHER BACK?! Commodore VIC-20 lmao!!

Err cannot recall games probably things like Defender and Scramble.

Before the VIC-20 it was an Atari 2600 I think it was called with Air Sea Battle, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, The Gauntlet and the like, lol.