Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Well this is good news is it not?

According to this report on the BBC the 4G network is about to double in speed yet again and according to them you can download files in megabits per second?!

Makes me think of that journalist who famously made a Dick if himself by getting two very different animals mixed up but cannot recall what they were. Elephant and a Gorilla I think, lol.

Any who, so they have bought out 4G and now have doubled the speed and then quoted it as being exactly the same as 3G?!

My God man, sort yourselves out and get your act together.

On the serious side I had not looked at the technology and had assumed, by the ludicrous charges levied for a monthly fee that it might have hit somewhere close to a gigabit?!

But no, even with the doubling of speed the bandwidth if about 150MB per second and that is after they doubled the speed!

In all honesty I am not exactly in the middle of nowhere in Enfield and have two transmitters within visual range and clear line of sight and yet I do not get anywhere near the claimed speeds and what I do get is s pain in the arse. Indeed where I am typing this from on my bed it is intermittent most of the time?!

I am with Three and you might think that if why but I have also used T Mobile and O2 here and they rarely work at all!!

Orange is no different but I cannot speak of Vodafone.

I have given up speaking them about it as they lie like everyone else and just do not care as long as they get their money!

Maybe IF I got this service I might actually get 3G speeds?! Oddly I very much doubt it!

So another service in s long line of potential screw ups and disservice and let us see how this one goes?!

Funny how technology reports and programs along with advisors never cover the dark and rotten side to all this technology.

I myself am going that when everyone had their services on offer it will not only work but also come down to sensible prices?! I mean their IS a lengthy recession which is scarily close to a depression!

Oh but it also turns out that this 150MB service had no phones currently on the market to handle it?! They top out at 100MB?!

I guess that means everyone had to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 and the iPhone 6 or 7?!


Maybe some want to hold out for the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 12 for when the Gigabit service comes around?!


By THAT time most would have spent £5,000 on phones and good knows what on the monthly tariffs with current and potential price rises.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Well they are at it again!

AMD, Advance Micro Devices, released a Road Map for their Server CPUs and because there was not Steamroller based Opteron they start whining there will be no Steamroller FX CPU too?!

How in the hell did you all come to THAT conclusion?!

You DID note that there was an ARM based Server Chip?! I would have thought this would have been self-explanatory?! No steamroller Opteron but an ARM Opteron and by your logic the next AMD FX chip then will be ARM based too?!

*shakes head*

Now on another note there is this talk of a couple of AMD FX-9000 Series CPUs and THIS I find extraordinary!

There is a AMD FX-9650 and an AMD FX-9350 so the 8 moniker seems to be being skipped and there is this crazy talk of a 230 Watt power consumption?! My word I cannot see how that can stay cold?! I am currently using an extremely crap HP Pavilion DV7 with a Phenom X3 and to my utter disgust it gets a bit hot playing games, or just running Ubuntu which is worse and now twice under different versions of Ubuntu, 12.04 LTS & 13.10, my laptop has shut down twice due to overheating and this was while doing nothing and on the desktop screen?!

I cannot see the power consumption being that but I would keep them away from laptops if they are, especially laptops running Ubuntu and I strongly urge other Linux flavours, like Mint, for your Linux fix.

The link above has an interesting read but though I have come across his blog before I am not sure how many things they get right. Might be like that other wally then likes to promote Intel while overly bashing AMD that makes himself look very obvious, lol.

Speaking of which if you look at the comments on this link you will see a chap called jml12 who...well sounds like he IS 12 and comes out with the most childish rants towards AMD. Now I would normally wager he gets free i7 CPUs sent to him by Intel, oh that would have to be a motherboard TOO then lol, for each month he rants but...well it is too childish to make a blind bit of difference,

Maybe his dad has shares in Intel because he certainly is not old enough to?! LMAO!

His rants really are funny at times but I guess not for the other people commenting. Also the wally keeps banging on about power consumption and says that is what is important to him and everyone else and why AMD will die.

Well he fails to take into account TWO considerations and that is wherever he pops up, and he pops up all over the place. he is in a minority of one so if there are ten people commenting that is ten percent. More than ten people then it will be less that ten percent and if they are commenting on AMD's chips then he has got his figures wrong.

He has also completely FAILED to take into account the people that now have huge solar panels on the roofs of their homes, the moron. Might be costly but power is free, dumb-arse!

I see enough solar panels now with more appearing now and then and even a farm that is cycling distance from me has a solar panel mounted in a field that must be 30 feet by 10 feet?!

Also hilarious is a comment by John Doeson who rather cleverly used jml12's own logic against him while attacking Intel and then states that we need BOTH companies, very true as I stated before, or we will be ripped off.

This idiot really does fail to smell the coffee as if he loves his Intel Haswell chips so much if AMD do step up over the next 6 months this chap will find that the most expensive Intel chips will be halved in price and I am sure he will be over the moon to have that occur?!

Hmm now I am looking for the details on the chips again, as I have forgotten one of them, possibly two, I have now read different model numbers for them...

AMD FX-9590
AMD FX-9370

Hmm and this site states 4.3 stock clock for the 9370 and 4.7 for the 9590?! I thought I had read somewhere that one was going to be 5.0GHz?!

It also states 8 cores for both and based on Piledriver cores but the power consumption and very high prices quoted do not tally up with this?! Price quoted at $500 to $1000 seems to strongly suggest a couple of very fast CPUs?!

Therefore something else must be coming into play here?! The 9 moniker, the power consumption and the price suggest a big leap in performance because no one would buy these otherwise!

SO what are the possibilities?

1) When released it will actually turn out to be Steamroller?! Though at those power levels SteamEngine might be more apt?!


3) More cores? Possibly a 5 module and ten core set up?!

I really cannot see how they can achieve what is flying around the Internet like a Pterodactyl on drugs without ONE or any combination of the above in all honesty. It would explain the TRINITY, OK bad joke, of facts flying about and cost/moniker/price?!

Hmm if they do release this 9 moniker chip maybe the bigger jump in performance to steamroller proper in 2014 will warrant a new name?! Like AMD FXX?!

Will be very interesting and if this is some kind of stepping stone gap filler to the main release in 2014 it should just keep us inquisitive types entertained enough until the main event?!

Christ! I might even BUY one?! But these blogs would have to start being productive for me by the time they come out otherwise I will be constantly avoiding sites with details to avoid repeatedly wiping dribble off my keyboard?!


Roll on the good (or just interesting) times!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Best pictures of the PS4 can be found at the following link in New Zealand of all places, lol.

Hmm apparently it is surprisingly small and now I have read that I do notice in the pictures it looks small, compared to someone hands holding it or the controller, which granted could be a foot across, lol.

Not much I can find for the odd looking guadrilateral cube that also plays games films and music, lol.

What I can tell you is the fangirls have already started spitting venom at each other from the pink armchairs in their bedrooms!

OK so what we know is that like the XBox One the PS4 has..

8 Jaguar Cores
8000 or 9000 Radeon, either GCN 2.0 or 3.0 as from cryptic rumours
Sony PS4 is Cheaper
No limit to used games (HATS OFF!!)

The CPUs will be custom designed further beyond the fact it is 8 Jaguar cores and that bit we still no nothing about. Both Microsoft and Sony have had their own design input.

The swings and rouandaboouts bit now comes with the following...

Despite them being very similar the XBox One does have fewer GPU shader cores than the Sony PS4 and on paper looks to be slightly slower.

But there are two things to consider here

1) Microsoft's long term experience with x86 CPU Hardware and GPUs

2) Also when it comes to both designing hardware and software for these chips. Unless they do a Windows HATE on us, oooh I AM sorry I mean Windows 8.

I am somehwat confused over waffle over both the pre-owned game fiasco now as there was also mention of monthly fees?!

Now it surely is high time that these companies stop trying to fool and rip off people, just charge what you need to and that is it, fangirls will just have to stop whining.

It costs what it costs so get over it.

But do NOT start fecking around with the OS's again to bind people over to your wants and do NOT charge monthly fees that is so dead in the water you do not wanna know.

Oh and Microsoft?! That thing with the pre-owned games and the Windows refusing to play with Linux?! Oh dear. Bad people, BAD! LOL.

Yes OK I wish I had not tried the Linux version that I did now but you are so narrow sighted, hell bent on control and greedy for power that if you are not careful you will find yourselves with none of those.

I am rather surprised that in all these years Linux (like Ubuntu) did not rise up to be a real threat to you but while you are chuckling at that you failed to realise you are being broadsided from the starboard bow Cap'n, could no resists that.

Now that you are turning to see that you have released that there are two OS's shooting at you in the name of Android (GROAN GOOGLE AGAIN) only to be hit in the backside Mozilla!!

So reports of Android on the PC, a Mozilla OS on the PC, Linux on phones and two new games consoles, two new generations of graphics cards and a die shrink on the AMD CPUs?!


Eh?! What's this? Where am I? WHy am I laying on the floor?! WHAT IS MY NAME?!?!



Also a real shock on pre-owned games!

I had a right royal disagreement with Sony on the phone someone ago about this and rigging the OS.

I have never even owned one!

It is good to see them now do U-turn when Microsoft have peed everyone off.

Design of the PS4 looks kind of nice too from what I can see on my smart phone screen! Though initially I think the XBox One may have the edge but Sony's decision on pre-owned games won me over.

Hmm I may actually now but my first ever, well apart from PSP which I sold over USD, slab of plastic?! I may even buy a Vitae.

I did like the idea of the Orbis Vitae, Sony! What happened there?! Lol.

Now I shall continue to research until I find out some concrete things about the hardware and cast opinion over what I find.

Good time later in the year and during 2014....GOOD TIMES!


Monday, 10 June 2013


I was looking very briefly for the latest information on AMD's next generation of Radon graphics cards, codenamed Volcanic Islands, when I came across Semi Accurate and a page of them bitching.

This was because they had produced an image of the Volcanic Islands architecture to explain something, stupid thing to do and even more stupid is to put it on the public domain, and this was taken up by...







This was then posted around and reported as a bonafide image.

I do not have it nor have I seen it and nor do I particularly want to see it either, well not now!

Now I am not sure what has entirely gone on here and whether or not someone cried foul and then everyone started pointing the finger at Semi Accurate or not.

But what this IS, is a prime example of not just HOW the Internet is most unfortunately mostly misinformation but also how desperately many sites are scrabbling around in the dirt for any titbits of information to attract viewers and build up hits.

Hmm how can I cut that down to a bite sized bit of information?!

How about ... Competing over BULLSHIT?!

It has become very sad and makes searching for anything more and more shit with each week that goes by not helped by the rigging of search engines to support those that benefit them most.

You would think that someone could come up with a search engine that could not only disregard some of the worst depravities found on the Internet (and lock them up) but to filter the wheat from the crap?!

Instead of just everyone rigging everything to suit themselves, lol.

I often sigh loudly at the very idea of someone going through the trouble of producing an image regarding CPUs or GPUs that is fake. Just very sad it really is but whatever the truth is regarding this incident I do not know and I am sure all involved will have a different opinion.

It is in s small part why I started this blog in the first place. You will see no road maps are architectural images posted by me as you just cannot take the chance.

Well unless these manufacturers decide to use me as an outlet which I could not see happening any time soon, lmao.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Memories if falling on my arse and blaming my shoes or trainers during to mind along with a line from a Lee Evan's stand up routine. 'it's the shoes'

On the other hand the very idea, just out until I see the hardware, but this could turn it to be very, VERY cool indeed?!

The idea if having something on your feet s well as your hands will have me now salivating over my mountain of prescription pills at the possibilities of controllers for you're feet?!

Oh man just how cool could this cool it to be, provided all the major titles e all live are coded for these new things and coded WELL.




Could be very good and I fancy an Ip Man, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme or Chuck Norris game based on one of their films, lol.

As one liked to say to me based on my Wing Chun Kung Fu abilities and not the I've that says Hong Kong Fooey or Kung Fu Master but... HIIIIIIIYA!!

A chance to practice my Bong, Tan and Gum Sao?!




Now THIS is a proper keyboard!!

Unfortunately it is old and I seem to have to have a long dangley lumpy transceiver plugged in and my systems will NOT see it without it?!

The early Bluetooth technology must have been limited in some way and I did think that the modern transceivers today would allow me to link this WITHOUT the long double lead and lumpy transceiver that comes with this one?!


The LUMP that is the TRANSCEIVER

The accompanying mouse, on the LEFT, shows this models age even if the keyboard does not!!

The ugly and bulky transceiver is thrown onto my gadget and transceiver lamp!!

Now the keyboard I wanted is the Logitech K800, I think it is called, with backlit keys which are shallower than this old design. However it is really hard to judge how good a keyboard is in a store, except when I spotted this one!

I walked into the Cash Converters store in Waltham Cross and as I walked around I immediately spotted this and GRABBED IT and held it close and TIGHT!!

LMAO! Sounds veyr sad I know.

BUT I am sorry to say that many keyboards are absolute GARBAGE and really crap to type on and actually puts me off doing anything online, which is not good and anti-productive and slows down my journey to reach my goals.

Now the backlit Logitech K800, looks like this with backlit keys, is priced up at £85 odd in PC World, to you yanks this would be close to $100 or more and for a keyboard, albeit a decnt one, this is ridiculous.

Yes.. YES OK so I did buy a Logitech Lenovo when I bought my last computer and bought it at a knock down price of £110...hmm or was it £130?! But at the time I wanted to build a real fancy system and had the money and spent £3,500 on it in the end.

Still it is in essence a keyboard and lately I have had a great many budget ones, not THAT budget, with the lettering rubbing off after a short period of time, even Logitech ones?!

This has NEVER happened to me in 30 years of computing but has happened THREE TIMES in the last two years!!! This includes Laptops and by Hewlett Packard too which is really a surprise for them. In fact I am utterly disappointed in Hewlett Packard for a whole bunch of reasons and I cannot be the only one either?!

I would imagine that they had a big backlash which is why they threatened to leave computer manufacturer and therefore throwing their toys out of their proverbial PRAM?!

That in itself is also disappointing. It seems that the attitude of recent times is 'we will make substandard products that will not even last 6 months and charge you several hundred quid for them and tough titties you then give us another several hundred quid and we do it all over again!

Yeah well let me know how that is all working out for you?! LMAO!

Yes so £82 or £85 is the asking price of the one I want and I found this old one with a proper full keyboard for the princely sum of £12.50.

Of course I did not want the mouse, or the huge transceiver dangling on a double wire for KB and MOUSE ports.

Now I am happy to type again and do some more work with my blogs, only problem now is that the laptop is at right angles to me and though my typos have improved I know realise that because of the pains in my back, neck and shoulder I am guessing I have typed correctly and still making odd mistakes, grrr!!

Of course the plan was to BUILD a new RIG or two but I have not only given up thinking that the 25,000 odd visitors will pay off NEXT MONTH and I will make a start and now do not even think about it a great deal.

Oddly I do not check my account and visitor numbers as much as I did, like two times a day in the beginning to 2 or 3 times a week now!!

Also rather odd is the fact that I discovered that Google, who kindly failed to tell me over and over again, that they were not only utter crap with their Google Affiliate Network, now closing down and no surprises there, but that they were NOT the ONLY Affiliate Network and that others were far better at linking you to companies?!

In fact that is an understatement as in a matter of days I was contacted by c company requesting to advertise with me to do with PET PRODUCTS as they had seen my TWO BLOGS to do with this?! This was all done and set up within two weeks of joining that Affiliate Program and I have had over TEN CLICK since then.

Compare those 10 clicks in two weeks to 37 on Google Adsense in 10 MONTHS and it looks rather ridiculous for Google...AGAIN!!

SO I have mentioned this to explain that as I am now completely despondent with the moetizing blogs. But thatI have now Affiliated with other companies vie no less than THREE oother Afilliate Agencies, or DIrectories if you like, and that this may suddenly do in a matter of weeks what Google failed to do so utterly miserably in ten momths.

I love slave labour, don't you?!


SO something may happen out of the blue and if it DOES then this increases my work load over the following months exponentially and in so doing everyone benefits!!

Now you think that Google and some of the other slow burners in this field may have some mathemetician in theoir company that could actually work all this out?!

You would also be blamed for thinking that if you have an art to write, work and have a huge expanse of knowledge that they would realise that this person is going to become quite big and popular and will single them out to look after and nurture what they are doing?!

Like bullocks!!

That last one sound odd?!

Well consider that a SECOND company on the SAME Affiliate Directory that I linked in to other blogs, hmm could be the banner at the top of here, contacted me and said...

'We have noticed a greta deal of traffic coming form your blogs! How did you do it and can you provide screen shots?'?!

I kid you not!

I said 'Look I am STILL trying to get my head around all this after ten months. All I do is be as honest and straight forward as I can be. I also try to be myself with no falsifying anything. I say it how it is and I tell it how it is. That has always made me popular wherever I have been or worked and I am hoping it pays off here for me finally.'

Or something LIKE that but that was it in a roundabout way!

I see patterns, I can work out pretty soon if something is crap or not and just like here if I pick up a right old keyboard which has knocked spots of the last four I bought BRAND NEW then I will say.

That's it and that's all!

Now with a bit of luck I may FINALLY be able to plant the building of TWO computer rigs before very long?!

Of course being able to do all that means the purchasing of lots of gadgets and gizmos along with peripherals and internal hardware all put together in a loving way, well I am a perfectionist at heart.

This provides lots of material for my blogs and this one with no end of material, reviews, photos, videos and more. It also will not stop when the rigs are built either!!

This therefore provides content that will attract many more people who will read what they need to or want to and everyone is a winner!! Think if it as being a snowball effect but do not think hard and fast. A snowball continues to build no matter at what speed it is pushed! Presently it gets pushed now and then but hopefully I can start pushing it at a much greater speed and pretty soon?!

It is hardly rocket science now but Google managed to make it so, lol.

I am fussy and whatever I get has to be the best or very close to it, lol. Now hopefully visitors will get to see this and relish in what I do next?!

Here is hoping with fingers CROSSED!

Monday, 3 June 2013


Well this never occurred to me?!

I have found these Captcha security measures and similar ones really bloody annoying and implemented as if ten year old children have coded them.

I myself have scratched my head at how these can even get to being offered to webmasters let alone actually being chosen?!

I have 20/20 vision and I cannot read the characters half of the time?!

It never, yes shamefully so, occurred to be difficulties that would arise for those whose eye sight not very good. Or anyone else with reading difficulties!

Really should be done common sense and regulating by someone with an ounce if common sense for these types if things being implemented.

Not only badly done but done by narrow minded people and purchased by narrow minded companies and public offices with no forethought at all.

The National Federation of the Blind? Now there is an organisation that actually does something unlike many others. Good for them!

Yup a lot of that about lately, lol.