Sunday, 9 June 2013


Now THIS is a proper keyboard!!

Unfortunately it is old and I seem to have to have a long dangley lumpy transceiver plugged in and my systems will NOT see it without it?!

The early Bluetooth technology must have been limited in some way and I did think that the modern transceivers today would allow me to link this WITHOUT the long double lead and lumpy transceiver that comes with this one?!


The LUMP that is the TRANSCEIVER

The accompanying mouse, on the LEFT, shows this models age even if the keyboard does not!!

The ugly and bulky transceiver is thrown onto my gadget and transceiver lamp!!

Now the keyboard I wanted is the Logitech K800, I think it is called, with backlit keys which are shallower than this old design. However it is really hard to judge how good a keyboard is in a store, except when I spotted this one!

I walked into the Cash Converters store in Waltham Cross and as I walked around I immediately spotted this and GRABBED IT and held it close and TIGHT!!

LMAO! Sounds veyr sad I know.

BUT I am sorry to say that many keyboards are absolute GARBAGE and really crap to type on and actually puts me off doing anything online, which is not good and anti-productive and slows down my journey to reach my goals.

Now the backlit Logitech K800, looks like this with backlit keys, is priced up at £85 odd in PC World, to you yanks this would be close to $100 or more and for a keyboard, albeit a decnt one, this is ridiculous.

Yes.. YES OK so I did buy a Logitech Lenovo when I bought my last computer and bought it at a knock down price of £110...hmm or was it £130?! But at the time I wanted to build a real fancy system and had the money and spent £3,500 on it in the end.

Still it is in essence a keyboard and lately I have had a great many budget ones, not THAT budget, with the lettering rubbing off after a short period of time, even Logitech ones?!

This has NEVER happened to me in 30 years of computing but has happened THREE TIMES in the last two years!!! This includes Laptops and by Hewlett Packard too which is really a surprise for them. In fact I am utterly disappointed in Hewlett Packard for a whole bunch of reasons and I cannot be the only one either?!

I would imagine that they had a big backlash which is why they threatened to leave computer manufacturer and therefore throwing their toys out of their proverbial PRAM?!

That in itself is also disappointing. It seems that the attitude of recent times is 'we will make substandard products that will not even last 6 months and charge you several hundred quid for them and tough titties you then give us another several hundred quid and we do it all over again!

Yeah well let me know how that is all working out for you?! LMAO!

Yes so £82 or £85 is the asking price of the one I want and I found this old one with a proper full keyboard for the princely sum of £12.50.

Of course I did not want the mouse, or the huge transceiver dangling on a double wire for KB and MOUSE ports.

Now I am happy to type again and do some more work with my blogs, only problem now is that the laptop is at right angles to me and though my typos have improved I know realise that because of the pains in my back, neck and shoulder I am guessing I have typed correctly and still making odd mistakes, grrr!!

Of course the plan was to BUILD a new RIG or two but I have not only given up thinking that the 25,000 odd visitors will pay off NEXT MONTH and I will make a start and now do not even think about it a great deal.

Oddly I do not check my account and visitor numbers as much as I did, like two times a day in the beginning to 2 or 3 times a week now!!

Also rather odd is the fact that I discovered that Google, who kindly failed to tell me over and over again, that they were not only utter crap with their Google Affiliate Network, now closing down and no surprises there, but that they were NOT the ONLY Affiliate Network and that others were far better at linking you to companies?!

In fact that is an understatement as in a matter of days I was contacted by c company requesting to advertise with me to do with PET PRODUCTS as they had seen my TWO BLOGS to do with this?! This was all done and set up within two weeks of joining that Affiliate Program and I have had over TEN CLICK since then.

Compare those 10 clicks in two weeks to 37 on Google Adsense in 10 MONTHS and it looks rather ridiculous for Google...AGAIN!!

SO I have mentioned this to explain that as I am now completely despondent with the moetizing blogs. But thatI have now Affiliated with other companies vie no less than THREE oother Afilliate Agencies, or DIrectories if you like, and that this may suddenly do in a matter of weeks what Google failed to do so utterly miserably in ten momths.

I love slave labour, don't you?!


SO something may happen out of the blue and if it DOES then this increases my work load over the following months exponentially and in so doing everyone benefits!!

Now you think that Google and some of the other slow burners in this field may have some mathemetician in theoir company that could actually work all this out?!

You would also be blamed for thinking that if you have an art to write, work and have a huge expanse of knowledge that they would realise that this person is going to become quite big and popular and will single them out to look after and nurture what they are doing?!

Like bullocks!!

That last one sound odd?!

Well consider that a SECOND company on the SAME Affiliate Directory that I linked in to other blogs, hmm could be the banner at the top of here, contacted me and said...

'We have noticed a greta deal of traffic coming form your blogs! How did you do it and can you provide screen shots?'?!

I kid you not!

I said 'Look I am STILL trying to get my head around all this after ten months. All I do is be as honest and straight forward as I can be. I also try to be myself with no falsifying anything. I say it how it is and I tell it how it is. That has always made me popular wherever I have been or worked and I am hoping it pays off here for me finally.'

Or something LIKE that but that was it in a roundabout way!

I see patterns, I can work out pretty soon if something is crap or not and just like here if I pick up a right old keyboard which has knocked spots of the last four I bought BRAND NEW then I will say.

That's it and that's all!

Now with a bit of luck I may FINALLY be able to plant the building of TWO computer rigs before very long?!

Of course being able to do all that means the purchasing of lots of gadgets and gizmos along with peripherals and internal hardware all put together in a loving way, well I am a perfectionist at heart.

This provides lots of material for my blogs and this one with no end of material, reviews, photos, videos and more. It also will not stop when the rigs are built either!!

This therefore provides content that will attract many more people who will read what they need to or want to and everyone is a winner!! Think if it as being a snowball effect but do not think hard and fast. A snowball continues to build no matter at what speed it is pushed! Presently it gets pushed now and then but hopefully I can start pushing it at a much greater speed and pretty soon?!

It is hardly rocket science now but Google managed to make it so, lol.

I am fussy and whatever I get has to be the best or very close to it, lol. Now hopefully visitors will get to see this and relish in what I do next?!

Here is hoping with fingers CROSSED!

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