Monday, 3 June 2013


Well this never occurred to me?!

I have found these Captcha security measures and similar ones really bloody annoying and implemented as if ten year old children have coded them.

I myself have scratched my head at how these can even get to being offered to webmasters let alone actually being chosen?!

I have 20/20 vision and I cannot read the characters half of the time?!

It never, yes shamefully so, occurred to be difficulties that would arise for those whose eye sight not very good. Or anyone else with reading difficulties!

Really should be done common sense and regulating by someone with an ounce if common sense for these types if things being implemented.

Not only badly done but done by narrow minded people and purchased by narrow minded companies and public offices with no forethought at all.

The National Federation of the Blind? Now there is an organisation that actually does something unlike many others. Good for them!

Yup a lot of that about lately, lol.

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