Monday, 10 June 2013


I was looking very briefly for the latest information on AMD's next generation of Radon graphics cards, codenamed Volcanic Islands, when I came across Semi Accurate and a page of them bitching.

This was because they had produced an image of the Volcanic Islands architecture to explain something, stupid thing to do and even more stupid is to put it on the public domain, and this was taken up by...







This was then posted around and reported as a bonafide image.

I do not have it nor have I seen it and nor do I particularly want to see it either, well not now!

Now I am not sure what has entirely gone on here and whether or not someone cried foul and then everyone started pointing the finger at Semi Accurate or not.

But what this IS, is a prime example of not just HOW the Internet is most unfortunately mostly misinformation but also how desperately many sites are scrabbling around in the dirt for any titbits of information to attract viewers and build up hits.

Hmm how can I cut that down to a bite sized bit of information?!

How about ... Competing over BULLSHIT?!

It has become very sad and makes searching for anything more and more shit with each week that goes by not helped by the rigging of search engines to support those that benefit them most.

You would think that someone could come up with a search engine that could not only disregard some of the worst depravities found on the Internet (and lock them up) but to filter the wheat from the crap?!

Instead of just everyone rigging everything to suit themselves, lol.

I often sigh loudly at the very idea of someone going through the trouble of producing an image regarding CPUs or GPUs that is fake. Just very sad it really is but whatever the truth is regarding this incident I do not know and I am sure all involved will have a different opinion.

It is in s small part why I started this blog in the first place. You will see no road maps are architectural images posted by me as you just cannot take the chance.

Well unless these manufacturers decide to use me as an outlet which I could not see happening any time soon, lmao.

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