Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Also a real shock on pre-owned games!

I had a right royal disagreement with Sony on the phone someone ago about this and rigging the OS.

I have never even owned one!

It is good to see them now do U-turn when Microsoft have peed everyone off.

Design of the PS4 looks kind of nice too from what I can see on my smart phone screen! Though initially I think the XBox One may have the edge but Sony's decision on pre-owned games won me over.

Hmm I may actually now but my first ever, well apart from PSP which I sold over USD, slab of plastic?! I may even buy a Vitae.

I did like the idea of the Orbis Vitae, Sony! What happened there?! Lol.

Now I shall continue to research until I find out some concrete things about the hardware and cast opinion over what I find.

Good time later in the year and during 2014....GOOD TIMES!



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