Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Well this is good news is it not?

According to this report on the BBC the 4G network is about to double in speed yet again and according to them you can download files in megabits per second?!

Makes me think of that journalist who famously made a Dick if himself by getting two very different animals mixed up but cannot recall what they were. Elephant and a Gorilla I think, lol.

Any who, so they have bought out 4G and now have doubled the speed and then quoted it as being exactly the same as 3G?!

My God man, sort yourselves out and get your act together.

On the serious side I had not looked at the technology and had assumed, by the ludicrous charges levied for a monthly fee that it might have hit somewhere close to a gigabit?!

But no, even with the doubling of speed the bandwidth if about 150MB per second and that is after they doubled the speed!

In all honesty I am not exactly in the middle of nowhere in Enfield and have two transmitters within visual range and clear line of sight and yet I do not get anywhere near the claimed speeds and what I do get is s pain in the arse. Indeed where I am typing this from on my bed it is intermittent most of the time?!

I am with Three and you might think that if why but I have also used T Mobile and O2 here and they rarely work at all!!

Orange is no different but I cannot speak of Vodafone.

I have given up speaking them about it as they lie like everyone else and just do not care as long as they get their money!

Maybe IF I got this service I might actually get 3G speeds?! Oddly I very much doubt it!

So another service in s long line of potential screw ups and disservice and let us see how this one goes?!

Funny how technology reports and programs along with advisors never cover the dark and rotten side to all this technology.

I myself am going that when everyone had their services on offer it will not only work but also come down to sensible prices?! I mean their IS a lengthy recession which is scarily close to a depression!

Oh but it also turns out that this 150MB service had no phones currently on the market to handle it?! They top out at 100MB?!

I guess that means everyone had to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 and the iPhone 6 or 7?!


Maybe some want to hold out for the Galaxy S10 and iPhone 12 for when the Gigabit service comes around?!


By THAT time most would have spent £5,000 on phones and good knows what on the monthly tariffs with current and potential price rises.

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