Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Best pictures of the PS4 can be found at the following link in New Zealand of all places, lol.

Hmm apparently it is surprisingly small and now I have read that I do notice in the pictures it looks small, compared to someone hands holding it or the controller, which granted could be a foot across, lol.


Not much I can find for the odd looking guadrilateral cube that also plays games films and music, lol.

What I can tell you is the fangirls have already started spitting venom at each other from the pink armchairs in their bedrooms!

OK so what we know is that like the XBox One the PS4 has..

8 Jaguar Cores
8000 or 9000 Radeon, either GCN 2.0 or 3.0 as from cryptic rumours
Sony PS4 is Cheaper
No limit to used games (HATS OFF!!)

The CPUs will be custom designed further beyond the fact it is 8 Jaguar cores and that bit we still no nothing about. Both Microsoft and Sony have had their own design input.

The swings and rouandaboouts bit now comes with the following...

Despite them being very similar the XBox One does have fewer GPU shader cores than the Sony PS4 and on paper looks to be slightly slower.

But there are two things to consider here

1) Microsoft's long term experience with x86 CPU Hardware and GPUs

2) Also when it comes to both designing hardware and software for these chips. Unless they do a Windows HATE on us, oooh I AM sorry I mean Windows 8.

I am somehwat confused over waffle over both the pre-owned game fiasco now as there was also mention of monthly fees?!

Now it surely is high time that these companies stop trying to fool and rip off people, just charge what you need to and that is it, fangirls will just have to stop whining.

It costs what it costs so get over it.

But do NOT start fecking around with the OS's again to bind people over to your wants and do NOT charge monthly fees that is so dead in the water you do not wanna know.

Oh and Microsoft?! That thing with the pre-owned games and the Windows refusing to play with Linux?! Oh dear. Bad people, BAD! LOL.

Yes OK I wish I had not tried the Linux version that I did now but you are so narrow sighted, hell bent on control and greedy for power that if you are not careful you will find yourselves with none of those.

I am rather surprised that in all these years Linux (like Ubuntu) did not rise up to be a real threat to you but while you are chuckling at that you failed to realise you are being broadsided from the starboard bow Cap'n, could no resists that.

Now that you are turning to see that you have released that there are two OS's shooting at you in the name of Android (GROAN GOOGLE AGAIN) only to be hit in the backside Mozilla!!

So reports of Android on the PC, a Mozilla OS on the PC, Linux on phones and two new games consoles, two new generations of graphics cards and a die shrink on the AMD CPUs?!


Eh?! What's this? Where am I? WHy am I laying on the floor?! WHAT IS MY NAME?!?!


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