Monday, 5 June 2017


I burst out laughing ... at that. It is not even mine but someone put it in a comment on one of Gamer Meld's recent video about the 18 Core Intel HEDT chip they announced.

In the comment he simply said "Walletripper v Threadripper" and he might as well as added 'Sideripper' because I thought my sides were going to burst open I laughed that hard!

Heh, jokes aside I had watched a couple of things on CPU stuff tonight and engaged in a long conversation with an Apple fanatic.

It was funny when he put all these new expanded cores in Threadripper and ... Walletripper, hehe, down to Apple! I stopped in the conversation and went ... "Errr what?!"

No, son. Just no.

He put all these things down to Apple because he had just watched an announcement that Apple were introducing new Power Mac Pros, or whatever they are called, with up to 18 core Intel chips that start, not 18 core, at $5,000!

I said "No, son. Apple do not make CPUs so this has nothing to do with them ... look? I was going to build an AMD PC Rig when Ryzen came out but I was not that bothered that I couldn't because I believed strongly that they would announce 10 and 12 core Ryzens a few months later. They have. I also stated that Ryzen was far better than they were stating and that 95% of tech journalists proved in a matter of days that they do not know what they are talking about. Hang on? Did I not tell you 6 months ago that this was going to happen? I told you that there was going to be an explosion in power and core count along with artificial intelligence in 2017?"

I then remembered that when I told him this he simply would not have it.

Now we have this announcement, he gets excited and thinks it is all thanks to Apple?! Jesus!

I then explained that AMD announced a new platform for HEDT and that they announced not only 10 and 12 core CPUs but also 14 and 16 core ones for this platform too.

I then explained that Intel reacted like they had shat themselves in a way, that would make Stewie Griffin proud, and that what has happened is that Intel rushed to Apple and said ... "Oh you know those server CPUs we would not let anyone have for less than a telephone number? DO you want them now at a cut down cost?!" and that this was purely to stop AMD approaching Apple of vice-versa.

I had a mate that thought Apple created the smartphone. That they invented the WIMP system and when I pointed out that they did not has answered "Oh I suppose your going to say Microsoft invented it?!" to which I smiled and said "Well, no. It was Rank Xerox actually". Before you wonder my friend was not aware it was known as a WIMP system, though technically ... I am not sure Apples iOS can be classified as a WIMP? Is it not all about icons? Lol.

If you do not know WIMP simply stands for ... not not that skinny scrawny bloke in the corner, it stands for Windows, Menus, Icons and Pointers. See?

That leads me onto the two videos I saw ...

One stated that Intel's 18 core chip that they announced wont be available until next year, 2018? Umm, what? Apple will have it in their system in December? Ooooh!

The other one stated that Ryzen has had yet another update and that now the games that performed badly, this time Rise of the Tomb Raider, got a massive speed boost of like 30%.

Ugh, told yah!

You cannot claim that something is slow or too slow when other figures show that it is more than capable. The end.

AdoredTV showed in a very clear and easy to understand way that Ryzen was in fact fast and that the ... umm Tech reviewers had totally missed that and that everyone and his brother wanted the slow numbers of a badly coded game to the the best case scenario when it clearly wasn't.

So now and if your dumb enough to be brand loyal all those brand loyal Intel fanboys are getting this Basin Falls platform that will be known as X299 and get up to 18 cores .. though it seemingly is becoming rapidly debatable when it comes to when this will actually take place?

Also Intel has become .. animated .. or just orally so, lol. But the way they are talking seems to strongly point to the fact that they are going to pull their thumbs out of their arses and I hope they end up feeling this in a strong way to the point it is almost painful. Then maybe in future they wont keep ripping people of for tiny increments in speed? Though in all honesty they used to do this many years ago in the days of the 286, 386 and 486 chips so ... it is not likely.

Which reminds me ..

'Walletripper'?! So funny, lol.

Oh wait? I do not think I was supposed to mention that I will be building a Ryzen based PC? I am sure I was supposed to only hint at a big change and not state what it was?

Oh wait? Did I say 'What it was'? Sorry the 'it' in that sentence is so very much an understatement it simply ain't true!


Now where exactly is Whitehaven?

Hmm I wonder when I will start seeing people rip into these so called PC tech journalists because they went and bought an Intel CPU with only four cores and now realise it is going to be too slow before very long?

Hmm probably with most of them I will have to wait until their PC's actually physically slow down and that is when they realise, go back to these tech journalists and rip them one in the comments sections?