Sunday, 30 September 2012


Well finally and after an inordinate amount of time my 4GB Corsair RAM Memory finally turned up and was quickly installed inside my laptop.

I got a couple of shocks when I opened the case as firstly there was a second and empty drive by and SATA connector, scratched my head on that one, while the memory sticks were actually manufactured by Samsung?!

I removed the 1GB stick and swapped the 2GB stick into the second slot and fitted the new 4GB Corsair in place, close it back up and booted up Windows 7.

The one thing I knew I could run to see if there was a difference was Microsoft Office, albeit STARTER, as just running Word would previously take around 15 seconds before I could start typing?! I ran it and there was a slight pause and just when I was starting the think nothing would change it then appeared in a flash, not gradually as it would previously. Oddly, and likely due to being held in the Cache Memory after this clicking on it would have it appear IMMEDIATELY and this had never happened before, not even close!

So that was nice!

Was not sure, as I have been out of this tech research for awhile now, if the Graphics shared portions of RAM with the OS so did not know if it would make any difference to actual gaming at all and though frame rates might not be affected, only played Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion this far, I did suspect strongly that the 3GB RAM having these games and Windows 7 vying for it would make a difference. I had some curious peculiarities before hand and often Elder Scrolls would crash upon starting and this would always be due to another program firing up late and while Oblivion was first loading. Rather amusingly this particular and late loading program turned out to be a gaming one called Origin which for all intents and purposes seems to be Electronic Arts answer to Valve's Steam!

Well I have run Oblivion a few times and have not had that crash so far.

What I did think would change is that I ordered a game that I thought was somewhat ambitious to try and run if I am honest and this was only because I was having doubts I would get the previous versions to run on Windows 7. That games is the car rally game called DiRT 3 and in this the between game graphics go slow, VERY SLOW. Indeed when I first installed it I could not believe how slow it started up and how long it took to get to the first menu screen, choosing options or even just moving around the menu was absolutely excruciatingly painful and I nearly un-installed it and tossed it to one side until later in the year.

This was just bad programming and all other games I had installed checked out the graphics hardware first and then set it appropriately so it was instantly smooth and I could then easily adjust the settings and bump things up a bit. Even when the hardware was NOT recognised the settings were suspiciously always set to MEDIUM.

DiRT 3 did not do that and gave me the impression this was a none starter, but NO. I now run the game and it runs very smoothly but not before several fist clenching and keyboard headbutting first!! LOL!!

I have not run DiRT 3 yet nor any of the others, X3 Reunion/Need for Speed-Hot Pursuit/Fallout 3 yet so cannot comment on them. But as far as X3 is concerned it would bot be relevant because this game runs on MAXIMUM SETTINGS?!

Oddly and I have not looked into it yet the resolution on X3 only goes up to 1600x900 and I am curious about this as I am sure that this is a resolution for a 4:3 screen and kept thinking surely the monitors were largely wide screen 16:9 when this was launched? So now I think I should have bought a more up to date version of the game!! Like one out about now called X3 Albion Prelude or the earlier X3 Terran Conflict and maybe even the forthcoming X REBIRTH?! Now that running on maximum settings on my laptop with no problems would be kinds cool while at the same time disappointing as if I did manage to build a desktop PC at some point I would want that new X REBIRTH to look as good as is possible on the latest hardware!

So I guess I hope it would run and look fantastic on my laptop while only being on medium setting?! HAHA!

After seeing the empty hard rive bay I have been thinking now about an SSD and an Upgrade Kit and I am also wondering if another 4GB stick would no make much of a difference.

Now telling myself to resist these urges for more RAM and an SSD!!

Friday, 28 September 2012


Side stepping away from gaming for a post I would like to speak about the Internet and the strange effect it seems to have on people that use it, and this means everyone everywhere though there are exceptions.

Now I used the Internet from very early on in its infancy. I got into it in a big way when I first attended Middlesex University in 1997 and back then Social Sites were non existent. Chatting to people far away and overseas involved using something called Internet Relay Chat (or IRC) and one program that was popular to do this was called MIRC.

Programs such as this were purely text based, there were no profile picture and such like and pictures were normally only sent via an email. Indeed even pictures themselves were normally poor as digital cameras were barely in existence if at all.

What I immediately found was that back then, and this still occurs today, is that people took on a different personality while on line to the extent of a Jekyll & Hyde type persona! This was sometimes to the extremes, like a girl called KatGirl who was bold, brash and in your face if you was a man trying to get her attention on line but when I met her she was as quiet as a church mouse, and many shocked guys that got nowhere with her as regards to meeting her were keen to ask what she was like in person.

Now me personally I found that a surprise while amusing but most of all quite interesting. Like an animal let out of its cage going wild or someone who felt no affects of inhibitions. Unfortunately this did not work out quite so well for me on other occasions. Like an ex-girlfriend who was tall interesting and attractive who was emotional and heavy handed towards her partners, though I never found out until AFTER that I was not the first!! This often also involved object regardless of how sharp nor how heavy. AS for me, well I was trying to finish my degree at the time?!?! HAHAHA!

What I get nowadays with more access to the people I interact with is that I can often find that people behaving a bit odd have highly professional jobs?! I remember the early days when people would state that only oddballs go on the Internet and that is all you meet. Well I often find that a great deal of people I have got to know HAVE later turned out to be oddballs, like my evil ex lol, and that what difference is there. I then explain that if the Internet encourages people to show their real sides, regardless of what level of odbballness is revealed, is this not better than having a rude awakening later on? Much scratching of chins have occurred after hearing that philosophy over the years.

Indeed and rather oddly and even in the early days I become very well known and popular for one reason, other than my caring personality of course lol, and that was that being nice and genuine on line also was the same they experienced upon meeting me! Many people that had spent months or even YEARS chatting to me and from the USA, Australia and here in the UK would quickly ask others that had met me in person! They did have what they called 'Channel Meetings' where even people in the USA would fly over but these were normally held centrally and in the UK that means Birmingham and I just could not get there. The responses to what is 'allnights' really like was answered with 'oh TRUST ME (or one occasion TRUST US) he is EXACTLY THE SAME in person as he is online'. Of course if this conversation involved women would be followed by my 6 feet in height, muscular but not over the top physique and my blue eyes! LOL.

Over the years as other forms of contact have become available this has not only never changed but shown me that regardless of who they are or what they do, for a career or job, it seems to follow suite with almost everyone!

Unfortunately this results in a fair portion of lacking in sincerity, and I am not singling out women in this oh no. Indeed and as I was known as the nicest guy in the two IRC channels I chatted in, #England mainly and sometimes #London, I was also about to become intimately involved, or was to extent already, the nicest woman in the channels called Sarah, or known as Sarah1. One guy from Hull in the North East of the UK, known by a great on line name as Toytown, had the rare privilege of meeting us both. He told everyone else that us now becoming romantically involved was indeed as perfect in 'real life' as it had been on line.

However Sarah had become INVOLVED with me while trying to find out about her boyfriend and his whereabouts. Though I knew of this boyfriend, named Craig and called MrSarah1, turned out he was a lecturer at MY UNIVERSITY?! How weird that was! However when I checked around on line and checked the university databases some rather bizarre things had come to light...

First off his 32 inch waist and 44 inch chest had the correct measurements but just in the wrong order.

Secondly he had become romantically involved with several other women, unknown to each other though they KNEW each other! One was a married woman called Rebecca, or Red due to her fiery hair, who had her bags packed and about to leave her husband?!

Thirdly his Ferrari was indeed a Renault Laguna!

Also and upon checking the Database at University turns out he was NOT a lecturer he was some kind of mature associate student who had subsequently disappeared?!

Bit of a shock all that was and not what I expected at all, I expected to hear there was some kind of family tragedy that would explain his disappearance!

As Sarah rang me for any information I had gleaned from my various sources it suddenly appeared that she was not only ringing me a great deal but staying on the phone for quite sometime. She was also still ringing me AFTER the reality of Craig's bizarre double life was out and known to all. Her daughter has the same name as my own too. One time I put this too her and she admitted she had found me and my personality somewhat of a strong draw and had realised that she had wanted to continue talking to me and that Craig she had not cared for the details discovered for several weeks now?!

She also explained how her daughter had said to her one morning during the walk to school 'Mummy? Why are you all bouncy?' lol to which a friend of hers said 'Yes Sarah! What gives? There is definitely a spring in your step' to which she then informed them about me.

She was some way away from me in Wolverhampton but we were planning on me going up there when suddenly the phone calls stopped. Then i started to hear onlone that CRAIG had reared his head online and had found out that I had discovered all this stuff about him at the request of people that had been duped. I was told that he was informing people he was going to hospitalise me and this continued until one time I appeared in the channel when he was doing his bit...

'Err HELLO CRAIG!! I understand you are going to hurt me in several ways and that you are going to hospitalise me?! Well yu KNOW what campus I am at, my last lecture finishes at 3pm I will wait in the rear car park for you, I need the exercise!! If you do not like what has happened and what I have done for the women you have duped well then you should not tell them things and make promises when all you are is a fat lying bastard!!!'

He went offline much to the roar of laughter to everyone, even those that were originally on his side and I mean guys by that. Some that had engaged in arguments with me over him approached me later and stated they were sorry, he had lied to them and a great many men and women and that I had done the honourable things and hoped we could be mates. No problem and always take my hat off to anyone who accepts and admit they were wrong. I will always have an increased respect for anyone that does it but unfortunately it IS a rare thing in this world. Just look at MPs?! LOL!

I never got to see a picture of Sarah, though she had seen one of me and liked it. I was only told by Toytown that the description I have of Princess Diana with Celine Dionne's eyes, or was it the other way round, was spot on.

I was blown out for Craig who did not last long, annoyed Sarah's daughter by always hogging, arguing and fighting over the Playstation, or whatever games machine it was at the time, lol.

That was one of the very few times when I really regretted not getting to meet someone and cursed the outcome of it as I know that meeting each other would have ... sealed the deal. But then I did tell myself for the longest time that I likely had a lucky escape. In truth I will never know!

Was not the last time something like this would happen and nor the worst as that was yet to come. Oddly this was only recently and took place on Facebook. Oddly it was her, along with the aforementioned and late friend Ken, that encouraged me to actually write a book about my experiences that I cover in my shock blog! A book that then became two!!

That story I will cover another time in a post where I talk about my findings, and inevitable disappointments, of Facebook and sites just like it.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Just thought I would add this for now while my main BLOG POSTS take a break for a couple of days, well other than one document just arrived i need to put up of my wasters of tax payers money, lol.

Now I have managed to install and play several games and before I list them and the effects I have experienced I will point out something about one of them I love and that would be Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. In the local Game store I saw the 5th Anniversary Edition for sale and asked this chap if he knew his game engines and Elder Scrolls stuff, Windows 7 and graphics cards tech? He said yes and I waved Oblivion in my hand and stated my above listed tech details.

Ohh no I doubt it! Not the M version of the graphics, was his reaction.

Now I would not dream of attemoting to install Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on my laptop but thought I might get away with the previous game in medium settings and told him that.

Oh not really no, he repeated.

Oh that is a shame as I play Fallout 3 by the same company and thought that as that was OK this would be too?

You play Fallout 3 OK on your laptop?

Err yes and on medium to high settings too.



Oh well if you can run that OK then Oblivion will be fine, it is older version of the game engine!


Another issue I had was that not only was i surprised at the games I was able to install and play but was also surprised at the level of detail I was able to achieve, been out of games for too long.

Part of that is that this was NOT the laptop I wanted to buy and even so I wanted to build a RIG but needs must and thanks to all the corrupt government departmens and the lying and cheating this has not been possible for some years now. But I only had 3GB Ram in this laptop when I really wanted a machine with 8GB in it.

I was aware and recalled how 32 bit operating systems can only address up to 4GB of memory and this wall was hit some years previous, despite what some bright sparks are stating around forums on the internet, like its 3GB or 2.5GB, or 2.7GB or 3.25GB or 3.5GB?!?! Morons out there that have never heard the saying 'a little bit of knowldge is a dangerouns thing'?!

Oddly running my Office Start Up for anything was slow, Had resisted installing Open Office as Office starter was pre-installed, so thought gaming would be a no-no.

But as I run Windows 7 64 Bit I thought that if I increase the RAM to 6GB, any day now the 4GB stick will arrive, that this would dramatically increas the performance of Windows 7 and at the sametime free up memory for gaming. But looking around forums for confirmation the same idiots with all the different answers state no?! Well wait a minute these are not very bright statements, it was already clear that Windows 7 64 eats up RAM and with only 3GB which will also likely be shared with the built in graphics surely you have not worked out your figures correctly??

Now if you already had, say for arguments sake, 6GB or 8GB installed and was going to 12GB then it is highly likely that there would be no difference. But with a 64 Windows 7 hogging 3GB when it needs more than 4GB?!

Well I will find out in a few days and the plan is to then get the exact same memory stick again so that I have 8GB and with the two sticks they will then work in DUAL CHANNEL mode and therefore produce another incremental jump in speed. Whether this is noticeable or not time will tell.

As for the games currently running on the above specs these are...

Edler Scrolls IV Oblivion by Bethesda  (RES: 1600x1080)  Med- High
Fallout 3 by Bethesda                              (RES: 1280x768)    Med-High
DiRT 3 (yes I DID type THREE LOL)   (RES: 1280x768)     Low-Med
Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit                 (RES: One of the above lol) MED
X3 Reunion                                             (RES: 1600x900 annoyingly) HIGH 4x AA 8x AF

Need to edite this and take note, I dunno what the AF and AA are of the above, DiRT does have trouble with what I have more so than the others followed by Fallout 3.

Now another winter is fast approaching and another year where I think about building a rig for games playing during the crap weather. Only now I am desperate because ...

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!!!!
X REBIRTH (Rebuilt X Universe Engine?! Supposed to be out 2012?!)
Metro 2033
FarCry 3

along witht he fact that next Playstations XBoxes imminent and therefore gaming and graphics will move up a very big notch and the PC, which in all honesty is already in that notch, well get the games to use the power of graphics cards now coming out?! Oh boy! Total Immersion expected!!! LMAO!


So after listening to idiots and wasting EIGHT MONTHS I could have been gaming I am now drooling that if things look like they do on my current laptop then what are these new fandangled, albeit way overpriced (see below) graphics cards like?

The only downside to this is the astronomical prices I have seen of these cards. It is utter madness and considering it would likely take two years for a game to utilise it makes the figures even more ridiculous...

I remember some years back when top end cards being released hit the £400 mark and remember thinking how stupid that was. Even THAT is more than the £370 I paid for the laptop I am currently typing on! But today I am seeing cards of £700 or more! Are they crazy?? LOL.

Then I read that the number of PC computers sold is falling ... WELL DUH!!! YAH THINK!!!

Oh and the best one is the console guys all taking about gaming on the PC is dead and at an end soon..

WELL NEWS BULLETIN ... I have heard this argument every year for as long as I can remember. In fact I was the owner of an Amiga and watched as PC titles became popular, over took the Amiga and me and another Amiga enthusiast and a right boffin with computer tech started talking about switching over. He said he wouldn't but ended up making the jump before I did.

If there is a market then there is A MARKET!!!

I will eat my hat if this ever happens! LOL.

After all they are ALL computers and are just housed in different boxes!!

I will also throw myself off the nearest bridge if all that is on offer are plastic slabs and touchy tablets?!?!


Friday, 7 September 2012

Cores & Clocks

Well I seem to in a situation i have found myself in many a time in the past only this time the goalposts are shifting. This is certainly true when reading the many 'opinions'expressed on the internet.

I have been around computers a very long time and I find some of the opinions and stuff being banded about as absolutely astonishing. especially considering that their opinions are that and only that and have no way of knowing, even trained hardware engineers, what a product will perform like BEFORE it is launched.

Especially sad or those individuals who continue to run down the underdog, AMD in this case, and praise the hell out of Intel. The latter a company that is awash with anti-trust issues and has been for years. The ones that take an expensive processor and then disable parts of it, effectively BREAKING IT, and then sell it to you at a reduced cost.

I never seen a customer who could not afford to by a kitten and asking the store manager if they have any cheaper ones with legs missing?! Madness and I have hated this method for as long as I can remember.

At the moment I am waiting to see the results, or benchmarks, of the Piledriver based AMD Vishera CPUs as the long awaited Bulldozer chips were somewhat disappointing. I was aware if someone that called himself JF-AMD who made remarks about his opinions are his own and it was obvious he worked for AMD.However he made a statement in one forum thread I was keeping an eye on for details on BD and I have to interject, god do not ask me to recall, when something he said was just not true. I told him so and suddenly many things he had been claiming my mind simply put in the trash-can, pardon the pun! At that point I suddenly realised that this was going to be disappointing and when it turned out thus I was also disappointed that AMD had allowed him to do what he did and likely put him up to it.

This was not the company I had come to admire over the years and what they did was absolutely stupid and even more so considering the money and salaries being banded about the company! *sigh* I only hope they have now learned their lesson and do not even think about pulling anything like that again. I also hope that the situation is improved with the Piledriver cores in the upcoming AMD FX CPUs?!

I would have thought so as there would be some improvements and each of these in turn should mount up with

1 Minor alterations that improve the IPC
2 Clock Frequency
3 Lower Power Consumption

Now what I am hoping is that the IPC will improve and whether this turns out to be 3% or 20% the fact that the base frequency will be higher will then increase the speed of the processor overall. This will, and can only ever be proved by, real world benchmarking....

But then even this has become a grey area if the mixed Bulldozer benchmarks are anything to go by, as nothing makes any sense in reality. In other words some things it is good at, as the naysayers hmm no intel fanboys... hmm intel reps state 'cherry picking', and some it is not. Sorry people it is either crap or it is not, if a processor can run SOMETHING well then there is obviously something up with the coding on the other parts and this is NOT down to the processor. Yes at the end of the day you CAN take this into consideration for your purchase but you simply can NOT blame the processor. These are the pitfuls of attempting innovation. But be honest about it, do not lie about it as no one will respect you for it and it will not work anyway.

The Harbingers of Doom predicting the demise of AMD and the speed desktop CPU crown also has me in fits of laughter. Why would you do that? Just ...WHY? It baffles me it really does. You look stupid for a start, you preach about things you obviously know nothing about, or maybe you actually WORK for Intel?! You talk about how easy it is to make CPUs, do it in your bedroom do you, and best of all is you have just handed over to Intel £600 to £2000 you were completely ripped off for and then you go around arguing and defending them and attempt to bring about the very thing Intel want, AMDs demise?!

Blind leading the Blind except that it is not. God the Executives at Intel must be crying into their Lattes with laughter over people like that. I can imagine the lunchtime chats "'ere this spotty teenager in his bedroom went and upset some AMD enthusiasts by saying this..." LMAO.

The funny thing is I have noted something about these newly designed BD based CPUs and that is that with the improvements and the upcoming die shrink, though not as small as 22nm (nanometer) as I understand it, this will allow a big jump in the clock frequency and this is not mentioned a great deal in many of these forum heated debates.

Now this comes in, again as I understand it, with the Steamroller CPU and I believe the die shrink will be 28nm, though I hope its smaller even by a small margin. I would estimate that a 22nm AMD CPU whether it was Steamroller, WITH its improvements, or the soon the be released Piledriver Cores I would guess that the GHZ would be a fair leap forward to what they are currently doing.

If you consider that Intel's Ivy Bridge was NOT the big leap these spotty Intel fanboys claimed it would be and that Intel's Haswell (hmm did someone mention my name?) might not be a big leap either it is not far fetched to state that at the time of Steamroller the margin of difference will be pretty minimal and even non-existent.

Also what I find is irritating is that these Doom Mongers serve themselves no good at all....

Her dopey if AMD bring out a faster chip then so will Intel!!

'Oh you can't play games on them'?! Oh please!!!!

I for one would hate a world where Intel has no competition and some magazines that cover hardware, primarily thinking of Custom PC here, might want to remember that as if it goes back to a snails pace then so will magazine sales and many other things besides. Intel would not give a crap about that though!

Not wanting to sound like JF-AMD this is just my opinion and I definately do NOT work for either company, and no Intel Haswell was NOT named after me at all!!!


Just food for thought!