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Just thought I would add this for now while my main BLOG POSTS take a break for a couple of days, well other than one document just arrived i need to put up of my wasters of tax payers money, lol.

Now I have managed to install and play several games and before I list them and the effects I have experienced I will point out something about one of them I love and that would be Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. In the local Game store I saw the 5th Anniversary Edition for sale and asked this chap if he knew his game engines and Elder Scrolls stuff, Windows 7 and graphics cards tech? He said yes and I waved Oblivion in my hand and stated my above listed tech details.

Ohh no I doubt it! Not the M version of the graphics, was his reaction.

Now I would not dream of attemoting to install Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on my laptop but thought I might get away with the previous game in medium settings and told him that.

Oh not really no, he repeated.

Oh that is a shame as I play Fallout 3 by the same company and thought that as that was OK this would be too?

You play Fallout 3 OK on your laptop?

Err yes and on medium to high settings too.



Oh well if you can run that OK then Oblivion will be fine, it is older version of the game engine!


Another issue I had was that not only was i surprised at the games I was able to install and play but was also surprised at the level of detail I was able to achieve, been out of games for too long.

Part of that is that this was NOT the laptop I wanted to buy and even so I wanted to build a RIG but needs must and thanks to all the corrupt government departmens and the lying and cheating this has not been possible for some years now. But I only had 3GB Ram in this laptop when I really wanted a machine with 8GB in it.

I was aware and recalled how 32 bit operating systems can only address up to 4GB of memory and this wall was hit some years previous, despite what some bright sparks are stating around forums on the internet, like its 3GB or 2.5GB, or 2.7GB or 3.25GB or 3.5GB?!?! Morons out there that have never heard the saying 'a little bit of knowldge is a dangerouns thing'?!

Oddly running my Office Start Up for anything was slow, Had resisted installing Open Office as Office starter was pre-installed, so thought gaming would be a no-no.

But as I run Windows 7 64 Bit I thought that if I increase the RAM to 6GB, any day now the 4GB stick will arrive, that this would dramatically increas the performance of Windows 7 and at the sametime free up memory for gaming. But looking around forums for confirmation the same idiots with all the different answers state no?! Well wait a minute these are not very bright statements, it was already clear that Windows 7 64 eats up RAM and with only 3GB which will also likely be shared with the built in graphics surely you have not worked out your figures correctly??

Now if you already had, say for arguments sake, 6GB or 8GB installed and was going to 12GB then it is highly likely that there would be no difference. But with a 64 Windows 7 hogging 3GB when it needs more than 4GB?!

Well I will find out in a few days and the plan is to then get the exact same memory stick again so that I have 8GB and with the two sticks they will then work in DUAL CHANNEL mode and therefore produce another incremental jump in speed. Whether this is noticeable or not time will tell.

As for the games currently running on the above specs these are...

Edler Scrolls IV Oblivion by Bethesda  (RES: 1600x1080)  Med- High
Fallout 3 by Bethesda                              (RES: 1280x768)    Med-High
DiRT 3 (yes I DID type THREE LOL)   (RES: 1280x768)     Low-Med
Need for Speed : Hot Pursuit                 (RES: One of the above lol) MED
X3 Reunion                                             (RES: 1600x900 annoyingly) HIGH 4x AA 8x AF

Need to edite this and take note, I dunno what the AF and AA are of the above, DiRT does have trouble with what I have more so than the others followed by Fallout 3.

Now another winter is fast approaching and another year where I think about building a rig for games playing during the crap weather. Only now I am desperate because ...

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!!!!
X REBIRTH (Rebuilt X Universe Engine?! Supposed to be out 2012?!)
Metro 2033
FarCry 3

along witht he fact that next Playstations XBoxes imminent and therefore gaming and graphics will move up a very big notch and the PC, which in all honesty is already in that notch, well get the games to use the power of graphics cards now coming out?! Oh boy! Total Immersion expected!!! LMAO!


So after listening to idiots and wasting EIGHT MONTHS I could have been gaming I am now drooling that if things look like they do on my current laptop then what are these new fandangled, albeit way overpriced (see below) graphics cards like?

The only downside to this is the astronomical prices I have seen of these cards. It is utter madness and considering it would likely take two years for a game to utilise it makes the figures even more ridiculous...

I remember some years back when top end cards being released hit the £400 mark and remember thinking how stupid that was. Even THAT is more than the £370 I paid for the laptop I am currently typing on! But today I am seeing cards of £700 or more! Are they crazy?? LOL.

Then I read that the number of PC computers sold is falling ... WELL DUH!!! YAH THINK!!!

Oh and the best one is the console guys all taking about gaming on the PC is dead and at an end soon..

WELL NEWS BULLETIN ... I have heard this argument every year for as long as I can remember. In fact I was the owner of an Amiga and watched as PC titles became popular, over took the Amiga and me and another Amiga enthusiast and a right boffin with computer tech started talking about switching over. He said he wouldn't but ended up making the jump before I did.

If there is a market then there is A MARKET!!!

I will eat my hat if this ever happens! LOL.

After all they are ALL computers and are just housed in different boxes!!

I will also throw myself off the nearest bridge if all that is on offer are plastic slabs and touchy tablets?!?!


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