Sunday, 24 November 2013


Been awhile since I posted on here, sorry about that. Had several things going on.

Today I was looking around to see if there had been any engineering samples of the next generation APU in the form of AMD's Kaveri, due for release on January 14th 2014.

I am quite interested to see the benefits of the HSA and HUMA. Despite really wanting to see and buy an 8 core Steamroller in an FX guise at 28nm I am trying to convince myself into the APU side based on something that many fail to realise, see next paragraph. That is that despite the AMD Kaveri having only four cores and no mention of a 6 or 8 core processor that in future that GPU side of the chip can also provide processing duties. So I am telling myself that with new software, who cares about how old software is coded anyway, the coding will take advantage of the GPU side when it comes to anything else other than games?! In effect this would make the GPU side faster than the CPU side and I say that regarding all cores, not just AMD's cores.

So technically half would be four cores and the other of a possibly higher grade, be it slightly faster than the four cores of more equal to an added 6 cores? AT the end of the day it is the benchmarks that count but ONLY if they are coded for this. Until such a time when this occurs no one can say nothing. Only this has not stopped many opening themselves up for a huge amount of crriticsm in the coming months.

This link below has an article regarding AMD's Kaveru being photographed in Engineering Sample form. But that is all it is and far more interesting are the comments at the bottom whereby trolls and fanboys get into such fistycuffs that even the nicknames used are intended to poke fun. Unfortunately the degrading aspect of the CPU as well as the GPU wars is both low, imooral and childish. Rather remeniscent of the Apple versus Samsung debarcle?

Now I see it thus...many people, whether employees, sccerpting gifts or just idiot fanboys, are becoming scared that it just may be that AMD might be on the up and up with this next APU and sounds like they are scared. The mere fact that these new generation APUs are the heart of the consoles and that there must be a good reason for this seems to be striking fear into the hearts of Intel fans, and there is one in particular I can think of. It seems there closer to getting ot right AMD get the louder and more confontational these people become.

I hate the fanboy flame war thing I really do. It is for this basis that I rarely entertain forums and someone even suggested me starting forums for the twelve subjects I cover but not interested dealing with people who refuse to budge no matter what when they either quite obviously wrong are throw around their beliefs as if they are proven fact without them being based on any data of any kind.

Now I for one had thought that precisely a year ago I could start thinking about building a new rig, computer, which would start early in 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstance, mostly covered on other blogs I have, this did not occur. Part of the reason is that I did not quite achieve many of my goals nor input as much as I thought I would into my blogs, thereby not quite garnering enough visitors to achive things in record times. Added to this there was an issue with the blogs and they were inundated with far too many adverts which I had not realised were there. SOme had around ten on or more when the total allowed for certain ads is three. Bizarrely it turned out that my pop up blocker was actualy hiding the blocks containing the ads in my set up layount screen. So I kept adding ads to ones already there which just krept upwards over many months. This did two things...

  1. Firstly it stopped my revenue from Google in  its tracks and it refused to budge for the last four months and had likely been slowing down for a couple of months before that too.
  2. Secondly it was putting people off returning to all my blogs as they looked an absolute mess and it is annoying that I had not realised this and has cost me. Not helped by the fact that Google refuse to even speak to you until you reach the minimum payments of £60 per month.
  3. Meaning that I should have reached that months ago but did not due to a problem that was primarily Google's they refused to speak to me about.

So now that this has been discovered it has also been corrected... 

  1. But this will take a little while for the people that were put off by the inundation of ads to realise and come back more often that they were.
  2. The revenue which already leapt forward in a 24 hour period proving what I have said to be correct will move ever higher over the nect couple of months as new visitors come back more often and visitors I have had over the last 6 months also come back more often
  3. Based in that last detail being correct then at the time of the launch of the AMD Kaveri chip I may be able to buy my first purchases to FINALLY build a budget PC, which I will of course film which will help promote my blogs as well as my YouTube account, lol.
  4. It was always a long term plan that would take one or two years to get everything neatly networked together to work as a whole and achieve what I wanted. Yes I was wrongly cocky and over confident that I could do this in less than a year but it mattered not I was in this for the long haul no matter what.
  5. Also remember I knew not that you could generate revenue from blogs when I started, I only wanted to help people and just doing what many said I should have done for the last ten years!
I had hinted of this before but I did not really want to put any details in unless I was sure and I only had that sudden LEAP in the first 24 hours of one set of figures. But I really needed a minimum of a month and more realistically TWO MONTHS to be absolutely sure. At this point, around the launch of AMD Kaveri on the 14th January 2014 strangely enough, I might able to make predictions on my blogs with an absolute certainty. Once it starts ot does not stop and just heads upwards.

One other subject I am into is exotic animals and plants belong mostly to the Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Orchid areas and have acquired slowly some tools and now only need materials to start making custom design cages that have been knocking around in my head for over a decade. SO attempting to do some manufacturing and get nbetter and better at it to sell some here and there, a back up plan.

Of course and as I have long staed my plans were so multi-faceted that it would put the best diamonds to shame! Here alone I have described, technically, just six of a much larger numbers of goals set out to achieve. Each of the corrupt organizations being another list, helping people and groups of people is another list and so on and so forth.

Now hopefully I can discover in the coming weeks that the AMD Kaveri chip is pretty decent, especially for the price tag, and can purchase the one being called the AMD A10-7850K or here rumours of a faster one to come a little later with a slight wait. If this is tha case I can 'drop in' a AMD trinity or Richland into an FM2+, or whatever the latest motherboard is, until the quicker chip is released?!

Oh yes I forgot I need to keep an eye on the Steam Operating System too to see if that pans out? Hope it does as Windows 7 is the only OS from Microsoft worth having in my opinion. Likely might be the last one worth having which is not good so the Steam OS which is Linux based could work out to be fantastic with any luck. Unlike a particular Linus OS called Ubuntu, lol.

Here's a look at a Kaveri APU engineering sample:

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Friday, 15 November 2013


Oh this is exciting, very exiting indeed and a real surprise.

I had my doubts that quantum computing would get very far and around used had to me at extremely low temperatures a few hundred below zero.

But now out had been achieved at 25 degrees?!

Quantum computing might not found like much but nothing could be further from the truth!

Now to start with we are talking about single atoms here! The tiny switches inside a CPU measure around 25 around across, give or take a few soon widths. Also that is if my memory serves me correctly which it sometimes does not.

Secondly not only are single around way, way smaller than current transistors but the quantum physics might sound tricky but put simply an atom can represent three values  in other words not just 0 and 1! So think add a two to this. Now take the fastest chip available and shrink it to a 20th of its size while making it 50% more powerful per clock cycle. That is 1 hertz if the Gigahertz the procedure works at. This brings me nearly onto this speed, or frequency as this is likely to be far higher than the current 3 to 5 GHz?!

Now the weird bit of ask this is on how out achieves this. Each atom can spin in one direction, the opposite direction and were it gets a but weird...both st the sane time. These are known as juxtapositions.

Think that is about as simple as I can explain it but in truth even the leading scientists knowledge will only extend so far. The rest if theory they are trying to establish as fact.

When will you have one stating at you from atop your desk? Well I might have said ten to fifteen years a year our two ago. But with this news report I might hope that five to ten years with my fingers firmly crossed!

Let us hope its not an Intel made CPU as its likely to cost 3 to 5 grand. If it is AMD likely to cost 3 to 5 hundred, lol. Likely to be a whole new company I would imagine.

Quantum Computer Storage Record Smashed -

Tuesday, 12 November 2013



Well here is Bit-Tech of Custom PC Magazine fame, which I stopped liking when they became extremely biased a few years back.

For the first time in bloody ages they mention AMD and a CPU and yet they get their facts wrong?! I guess that is what happenes when you obviously have gobne out of your way to ignore their products?! Lol.

No Bit-Tech, Steamroller is NOT AMD's current core in use, that would be Piliedriver you planks.

Also revealed are details of what the highest-spec chip will be. Kaveri will have up to 4 CPU cores (2 modules) that will be based on the company's existing CPU architecture, Steamroller. It will also feature a GPU composed of 8 GCN 1.1 Compute Units (CUs), making for a Stream Processor (SP) count of 512, or the equivalent of a Radeon HD 7750 desktop card.

What I find rather hilarious about this report is that they have consistently stated that AMD chips are utter pants! So this report strongly insinuates that this new chip will be pants too?!

Hmm a bit odd that!


Well I have been waiting for the new generation of AMD APUs and CPUs, if there are any of the latter, based on the Steamroller Cores and HUMA design.

We are very close now to a launch and there are very differing rumours floating about none of which really matter due to it now being weeks away at most. Some state that shipment is already ongoing while others state it starts in December.

I have been waiting for the AMD Developer's Conference as a number of announcements were due to be made with the date flying about the Internet being the 11th November 2013 for all the announcements and that we will find out all on this date. Then I realized that the conference was actually over THREE DAYS, 11th to the 13th November, and thought 'well there we go yet again with people making statements as if they were fact when they are not'.

It is currently 18.43 so the evening of the 12th November 2013 and there is very little about other than a few announcements that have emerged from the conference.

"Specifically, desktop availability will take place on January 14, executives said at AMD’s APU13 conferences on Monday. Chips for notebooks, servers, and embedded systems will follow later in the year", executives said.
That above quote is from the following link...

AMD's next-gen Kaveri chip due in January | PCWorld:

Another thing being reported on some sites is that on January 14th 2014 the 'DESKTOP, version of AMD APU with steamroller cores codenamed Kaveri will be launched with laptops and notebooks being launched later in the year?!

Sorry but this is a little off sounding to me. AMD APUs normally get launched in laptops FIRST and desktops LATER! Should this happen the other way around it will be the first time I am aware of that this was done that way around.

Also my local PC World/Currys Megastore has spent a few days VERY recently changing all their displays and shunting many laptops off onto older shelving and left a load of spaces. The new stands have a mahogany like look about them and look rather dapper. Fancy in other words, lol.

It drives me insane when I walk by and I hear the sales people trying to sell a laptop or notebook with an Intel Core i3 in it and I feel like walking over and saying "don't, just don't!", lmao.

There are also some mad claims about the Internet too and some have been lambasted for them. But I do find it annoying when someone claims that there will be a 30 or 40 percent increase in performance and armchair experts claim that this is not possible!! Grr, you cannot say that! Not likely would be more accurate but there are so many things being implemented in this chip that you cannot say that. Unless you know more than the designers do of course, lol.

Put basically there is a new core for starters and this time has a floating point unit to itself for the first time. It is on a smaller lithography, which may help it run cooler and clock higher. Then there is the HUMA aspect of the chip. No one really knows anything about these combined things but quick to come online and state what it will or wont do, lol.

As for the many core versions of 6 or 8 I have read nothing. Yes there are many stating that there will not be any more, FX Chips, but I don't know. It would seem strange to have a 4 core then 6 then move up to 8 and then back to 4 again. PLus because of all the hype before release previously and if I was AMD I would not want to repeat that. I would keep any CPU only chips under wraps until just before launch. Though this would be a liuttle unfair to those who bought AM3+ motherboards hoping to upgrade to Steamroller.

Me personally maybe think there will be a 6 core Steamroller FX. What I would like to see is a 6 core APU!! Now if they did this with a higher number or graphics cores than the 4 cores then I think that would be one nice chip. Unless of course Steamroller ends up slower than Piledriver which I very much doubt, lol. Besides all this there is also Valve's Steam OS. BE interesting to see what gets announced with that, now that they know that the consoles have gone AMD APU. Maybe a STEAM OS PC will ran like the proverbial Gazelle?! Here is hoping!

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