Tuesday, 12 November 2013



Well here is Bit-Tech of Custom PC Magazine fame, which I stopped liking when they became extremely biased a few years back.

For the first time in bloody ages they mention AMD and a CPU and yet they get their facts wrong?! I guess that is what happenes when you obviously have gobne out of your way to ignore their products?! Lol.

No Bit-Tech, Steamroller is NOT AMD's current core in use, that would be Piliedriver you planks.

Also revealed are details of what the highest-spec chip will be. Kaveri will have up to 4 CPU cores (2 modules) that will be based on the company's existing CPU architecture, Steamroller. It will also feature a GPU composed of 8 GCN 1.1 Compute Units (CUs), making for a Stream Processor (SP) count of 512, or the equivalent of a Radeon HD 7750 desktop card.

What I find rather hilarious about this report is that they have consistently stated that AMD chips are utter pants! So this report strongly insinuates that this new chip will be pants too?!

Hmm a bit odd that!

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