Wednesday, 31 December 2014


OK well happy new year to all those deserving of it.

To those that know that there are a great many that are not deserving of it I will give you a preview into one of the many aces I hold up my sleeve.

It will keep you busy and with me things to post over the next couple of months, I made a start but I realised that I was missing loads of pages containing many dozens of emails and I am not kidding you on this one!

So I will scrap the screenshots I did and start again another day.

What I will do here and now is show you one single screenshot ...

A screenshot that speaks a thousand emails!

After your done absorbing the gragantuan possibilities to come from just this one series then consider that I still have better yet to come later in 2015?!

Happy days are here again, lol. Well not for some, lmao!

Now remember...I am going to remind you for a reason something I have said all along and maybe, just it will begin to sink in?

I was never in a rush to win, I was never in a rush to get my point across...I always knew I would eventually, little by little and piece by piece ...

After all it has been two years and now I am going to present in sheer large numbers some ... OK understatement there, a lot of lists of dozens and dozens of emails of a whole mountain of more proof!

I have only ever shown snippets in screenshots before ... yes OK that is also my bit if fun of dangling carrots to blind donkeys to show them up as the blind over paid fools they are.

It was always about the winning...ALWAYS! Welllll with a little something else besides, lol. All in good time...


Well what do you know?

After not bothering to even plug my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel into my new PC because I thought it faulty and Microsoft not stupid enough to program their operating system so that other peoples devices are broken when they are not...turns out I was wrong!

Microsofot really ARE that stupid!

Might explain now why I suddenly got given a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate?!

So today I plug in my Thrustmaster Joystick, as I bought IL-2 Sturmovich Ultimate Edition yesterday and then forgot all about it, I then decide to actually pull my own thumb out and plug in the raciung wheel.

Oddly in the software the number 5 input, the accelerator, does not suddenly light up and refuse to go out like it did the day after the Windows 7 Pro I bought through Amazon declared it was fake, despite holograms on the disc...albeit stating 'Dell' too! Lol.

I really thought the racing wheel was faulty, well it did come in a very tatty box and I was not aware that PC World were selling refurbished crap at that stage. Or that Argos, Littlewoods Catalogue, Very Catalogue (so likely Isme too) and B&Q were all doing it. Explains the blaise attitude I had when confronting them about it.

In fact...well I can say it here buyt those that I attack on my corruption blog ... well this blaise attitude was what first gave them away and how easily I spotted the next lot at it and then manipulated each of them to getting it oin tape. This by admissions, admissions by lack of denial and the usual stuff like contradictions. In fact on many occasions among my documentation and recordings the word 'contradictions' is somewhat of an understatement because on many occasions I have between three and six people saying completely different things.

I could easily claim that they are liars based on the fact only one reason can possibly be true. However I already happened to kknow what the truth was, I just did not tell them this, and the simple truth is that in the case of the six different answers...none of them were true.

So after starting to build a computer I still have not finished nor have I even added the graphics card I wanted to get I have also not been looking at driving games because Windows was screwing up my Racing Wheel! Hmm now that I think about it I would have moaned to Microsoft and I would have stated the issue with the wheel, anything I suspect I always state because...well, lol, I do get it right mostly as seen on my other and very popular corruption blog. Might be exactly why I got a free ultimate edition of Windwos 7? How sad is that? My most popular blog is my corruption one?! I wish it was any of the others. In fact I wish I had not felt I had to start a corrup[tion blog at all. But this country has been in a dark place in recent years and it would only get darker...well until, I thought, everyone knew the truth and the real culprits. Or started to call for the heads of the real culprits and not being fobbed off with some half-witted frontl;ine staff, jobsworths without an ounce of sense to know what is and was going on right under their noses? Lol.

Now I can start looking at driving games again and start drooling? Hmm perhaps 'Raving and Drooling?' lol. Old.. umm.. music reference there.

Also, sorry Thrustmaster 9or Guillemot) ... I take it all back, lol.


This ones going on two blogs, which does happen ... rarely.

At the moment I am NOT doing that which I ordered myself to do today. Cleaning and tidying up!

Mainly because someone hung on the phone for ages that wanted to ask me something. I also had another phone-call today where I found out that someone, sort of within my family had slagged me off boxing day morning, he is rather lucky I did not know as the mood I was in the last punch around the face off me would have seemed like a walk in the park compared to what I would have done.

No after all that, lol.

Something else I had not gotten around to checking and that is my gaming devices, namely my Racing Wheel. My Joystick too but mainly my racing wheel.

Now I have constantly uttered on here that I do not like the way that games have migrated online and that they have been doing this for sometime because of us, greedy gamers who do not want to pay an arm and a leg for their games.

Got away with because a group of narrow minded morons said that they are looking after their business interests and their rights, namely their 'property'.

I always knew this was wrong from day one even though I did not realise quite why. This is exactly what I thought when Steam first came onto the scene and in all honesty I got it wrong as I thought it would not last.

However I had thought that the piracy thing was not so much as an issue and I got that one wrong too!

Now you may recall that once or twice I have slated PC World, among others, because here in the UK we are sold shite from America that was returned bevause it did not work? Or on other occassions because some ham fisted yank had dropped the item, dented it, sent it back for a refund and it got shipped out to the UK, sold to me and ended up getting filmed coming out of its box complete with its dent?!

Well you MAY recall?

You may also recall that my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel seemed to sudenly pack up? Though I did think this might be to to do with Microsoft whereby the program their software they charge you for to act up if your doing something they really do not like, like using an unlicensed copy of Windows or trying to use it alongside another Operating System like Linux wherby Windows suddenly goes blind and starts lying to you despite you paying them all your cash and already having ONE LICENCE already?!

Yeah I call it the thumb up the arse attitude and the world only rotates ideology.

Well guess what I am doing right now?

Well first of all I bought IL Sturmovich ummm the Grand Total Edition, lol. Or in other words whatever it was called and was £4.99 in Game. It is a World War 2 flight simulator and I thought I would give it a go at that silly low price. Yes its an old title and its maximum resolution was not even close to what my monitor can handle. However if it was fun then maybe I would look at the up to date versions to see what they are like?

Well while on my second phone-call today I suddenly remembered that I had bought the damned game! Yes I kid you not and even my daughter asked if I was serious. Yes indeedy that is how it can get, though on this ocassion its more to do with the latest in a long line of shocks at just how I can forget things. Not one, for instance, to lose your rage over.

So what am I doing right now?

Oh I am only trying to get my copy of Dirt 3, a car rally racing game, as the Games For WIndows software it insists on using first off keeps failing to download the latest software which is not at all susprising as I am suyre it was all taken offline? Secondly it fails to load my profile, despite the fact it knows my bloody password somehow?!

I just checked and the software has just asked for the permission to download the latest version which is now the thrird or fourth time it has asked and failed to do this.

I then realised that I was now slap bang in the middle of one of those situations I have harped on about for years before I started bloggin?!

Here is a product I have pourchased I can now no longer use, I think and until the software allows me to, despite the fact I have paid them money to do so?!

Herein is why I complain about QUANGOS and ombudsman on my other blog, because when the rich get greedy and screw you for money and excuses to screw their customer base while grabbing cash there is nothing in return for protecting gamers with little cash when suddenly they no longer have that which they paid for.

Sorry to all greedy wankers out there but you stubbornly refused to ao anything and not giving a crap as long as your money was coming in but I do believe its starting to just nip you in the arse just a little lately. The really big bite sized chucks taken from your arses are yet to come.

How has this carried on for so long?

Well because a bunch of people not included in the creation or the manufacturing process not only refuse to admit, give up their share due to them not being needed anymore but are actually insisting on ever more money?!

Mind getting into a conversation with me as to why?!

Your all a prehistoric group that have not been needed for a fair few years now. I just cannot fathom out why they think your still needed? Do the creatives really believe yoiu when you tell them that they cannot make money without you? No self-esteem oir belief in their own creations?

Uno momento ...

Huh, here we go again. For some reason the software is taking bloody ages?! I can game online on my mobile phone and downloading anything is not too lengthy, except for ones exceeding 4GB and a 10GB file took a good few hours.

But Games For Windows Live is not big and yet I started downloading it before I started this blog and it is only around one third through?!

Remember the first two times it failed, despite knowing my username and my password!

Go figure!

EDIT: Oh I apologise, for those interested in the reference earlier to being ... well slagged off ... well I have some conditions as many know and its no so much the cosntant pains that are an issue...well outside of the busy periods as otherwise they very much are, no its the sudden onset of electric like stabbing pains, really painful knees and back that can have me limping home.

Well this person slagged me off for having to pick me up, which I was not aware they were going to do. In case I forgot I thought I lost my wallet on Boxing Day and was freaking out over where it was. I had lost my temper in my bedroom and things got...broke. 

Unintentionally but they were broken nevertheless when a whole slew of things were hurled across the room.

The odd thing is that despite having these issues the one doing the complaining not only has a car but has forgot that when I drove, yeah I lost my car years ago thanks tot he NHS and the DWP along with me ten years no claims bonus for insurance, I was always the one ferrying everyone else around, none of who which had a single physical ailment at the time.
Yes it is funny how people forget and ... well so did I! It was my sister that reminded me I used to do that when she told me I was being...well defended to my surprise.

Not used to being defended but I am used to being stripped bare behind my back because I simply wont accept absurd statement that people utter without thinking about that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

Right now a full ten minutes later the upgrade to software is finish so ecuse me while I go and press a button and watch a crap piece of software by one of a slew of companies that have gotten far too big for their boots crash and burn...or maybe it will work and ten minutes later I will realise that I was right and that my Thrustmaster Gaming Wheel is a piece of faulty garbage flown over all the way from AMerica just to be sold to some dumb-arse Brit who has no rights in his own country anymore.

Play ya later!

Sunday, 21 December 2014


I stated before in previous posts that I am aghast at the state of PC gaming and the more titles I go through the worse it gets. I mean that literally.

The worse it gets with games the worse it looks for reviewers.

Yesterday and today I have been playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Now to give you an idea of how ridiculous it appears to be in all aspects I ordered the Splinter Cell Blacklist game at the same time as I ordered Call Of Juarez Gunslinger and Red Faction Armageddon. For some bizarre reason the Splinter Cell Blacklist game took a great deal longer to arrive than the other two. Now then where one thing stands out...

While the Splinter Cell game was downloading its second patch which seemed to also be 17GB I finally completed Call If Juarez Gunslinger. Well I say finally because I was stuck at this stage where I was in a huge gunfight with not only all the famous US outlaws but each character had several versions of themselves...hardly seems fair does it?

Did I mention they were all ghosts? Lol.

No I say 'finally' because I was stuck for a fair old while. I did not realise this was the end of the game mind you. I could not believe I had finished it while waiting six hours for Splinter Cell Blacklist to finish installing despite ordering the games at exactly the same time!

I doubt I have completed 20% of the other title, Red Faction Armageddon.

When I started playing Splinter Cell I really did not know what to expect. I have always wanted to try all the Tom Clancy games but read such bad things about them all. There are a lot of titles and the vast majority of them get extremely bad reviews by magazines and gamers.

I have scratched my head over this for a fair old while and it simply makes no sense, how the hell are these idiots making any money?

Unless it's just the PC versions of the games in which case see something needs to be done. 

The more and more I play the more and more I think that either games software houses or the publishers or perhaps both are taking the right royal piss out of PC owners.

A few new titles in to my return to gaming and I came across something I never had before and I very much mean this literally. I was completely confused when I paused and tried to save my game progress. I was stunned and spent bloody ages looking for something that simply was not there?!

How very bizarre that is! It's literally unnerving because you don't trust whatever is it has shut its saving checkpoints. 

Now the odd thing about realising you have this bloody stupid, yes bloody stupid, system in games but I have one series where this literally occurs, read changes, during one particular series. I think this was where it occurred and that was Crysis. The first one you good safe your games and a quick look at Crysis 3 and it was gone.

I don't know whether it's pure laziness or they are literally taking the piss but I have gotten so frustrated about this that I feel I want to contact the coders and publishers and talk then to piss off over you consoles completely and one come back when they have they have grown up!

So my first few titles of Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Elder Scrolls Skyrim and the old fashioned way.

Yet all those three titles I mentioned all have this checkpoint system and one game dies this very badly. Very badly.

This is so obvious and potentially game breaking that's it's amateurish but the fees they command are anything but. 

Splinter Cell Blacklist is the one that implements it badly. Also the design of the game is also somewhat bad too. In fact the whole Tom Clancy bunch I have are still really messed up. I will explain each and with the reasons...

Ghost Recon Phantoms

Was told by Game Store was single player but the exact opposite is true. Was surprisingly better and more fun to play than I thought it would be. I also paid for it die it being a free game. Graphics pretty good and nice controls, especially the getting into cover button as well as firing from cover.

Pay to win which I detest as utter angreed and will destroy the gaming industry for all but idiots, believe me.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Expected and hoped it would be similar to Phantoms and it was... mostly. A bit short though and menus and other noon gaming screens where abysmal and bland.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare

Thought this would be like Phantoms but no, old, bad graphics and bloody hard. You get seen when it's impossible to be seen. Uninstalled it.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2

As above but not uninstalled just yet.

Splinter Cell Blacklist

Odd as it has the best graphics out of my bunch but other things let it down badly. I think that gamers get bitter about shite games because they want to like them so badly but that they end up feeling let down.

Aiming from cover often really stupid and does not work! Why you would it something in the game that's still broken I have no idea. Often your cross hairs are on a wall when submitting to aim from cover.

Saving checkpoints often too far apart in sections that will become boring quickly and then frustrating soon after. The first mission went like a dream but then the same thing happens with the two next missions?!

The controls are clunky like the aiming from cover is. It is already like this was a prototype to test the new controls? 

After a break for sleep just then I returned to playing Splinter Cell Blacklist and I am afraid to say that the three games I just bought are very disappointing, very very disappointing indeed.

The layout of the missions are absolutely dreadful and so is the game elements. Everyone is scattered about and each part is like a game of chess with everyone on high alert?! They simply would not be like this unless there was a full on attack or they knew one was coming. There is also no skill involved devastate toy work from trial and error which you have no choice in doing because along with far too many men scattered about they have the aforementioned dogs and can survive several bullets to the face while wearing normal clothing while your downed with a lot less.

I also had a really fecking annoying part where I managed to progress further and fur done bizarre reason they placed in the odd guys with armor?! I guess the cheers thought they were being clever and smart, err no your not, in suggesting that they can only afford helmets for one in ten men?!

Here is a tip guys, anyone in the spy or military industry that wants to be covert in their actions they do not go wading right through the middle of a complex with so little in the way of cover.

The controls are clunky whereas in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms game is just right and not only are they clunky they are also terribly unresponsive.

If this were any other type of gadget you brought the would be an uproar about it, often making the news and at times millions of things can be recalled from a hoover to a car.

But hey, is only pennies your wasting right? I mean fifty or sixty quid is nothing really...or should I say twelve quid a month for god knows how many months? Or both?!

There should be a body set up that makes sure these games are not either shite or broken before going out the door. If they are and insist upon releasing them then they should be told they can only will them at gashed the price.

I tell you the only way you get through to anyone is money...well outside of physical violence towards them and no I don't mean threats, murder or manslaughter!

I am not saying this because of my own frustrations, you will really need to get you realize this about me. Have I bought a game on release at full price yet? No. So this does not affect me really and the only frustration I have is that I would want to buy one at full price within the first week of release but it is foolhardy to do this. I mean you would have to be a complete fool to just keep doing that!

Two titles I was looking forwards to were Dragon Age Inquisition and FarCry 4. Now with FarCry this was down to since really stupid game design. When it is that bad and you the discovery that 80% of gamers dry the same and it's even listed in games magazines in their to ten of cardinal rules you do winner to who these people are?

Now when I took my...sabbatical from games they had just worked out that the driving force behind games should be gamers and gaming access not money. Oh? Well no it shouldn't and anyone can say what as many times as they like it simply won't change facts. Done and done! The euphoria from playing games is as old as anything whereas the fault ridden idea that everything is driven by money is wrong, been around only five minutes and already proved itself as being felt ridden and simply does not work. The pioneers did it because they enjoyed it with the very idea if being paid to do that which you enjoy was a good thing to achieve.

But like everything else everyone starts to view others as reaching the point ode sitting on your arse while the dollars mount up. When this happens you lose focus and do not strive so hard to come up with ideas. The may well be exceptions to this rule but I cannot think of any. Though I did read an inspiring article about a couple living in a tree house while making thrift own games!

The of course you have the seeking of their souls because a few hundred thousand is not enough, they want millions. Or millions are not enough they want billions. Lol.

Like a man with a name like Dyson you start up thinking you could create something new or vastly improve something that already exists.

You want to recreate something or you want to create something completely new. But surely you want it to be good, right?

If and when I create something I want it to wow people. I would want it to blow their minds. I would want it to be both polished and operational as well as well built and reliable. These are the golden rules for seeing the boat out to sail.

Full stop!

But this has evaporated over time with everything. Now you have these groups of people that simply want to buy a customer base. They buy something that's successful and then make a pile of bull manure to flocks of people hungry for more of the same.

They think of spending far less money while taking the same or very similar amounts of the surf. This simply does not work. They stupidly and stubbornly state it does and is the only way, well they are not going to admit they are idiots ate they, to you things.'s not. Your just unbelievably stupid and naive and think that the customer base are more stupid and naive than you are?! Which I rather find offensive somewhat, dear boy!

Hmm shoveling shite out the door. Sounds like a good line to use for the headline? Lol.

No I have yet to purchase a title that's new because I am still missing one component for my PC, put off because over £300 has gone others. Even saying that I would still wait awhile. Oh yes, I wandered off there for a meander, sorry a bit light headed right now.

FarCry 4 got lower scores than I expected it to get and everyone seems to say something derogatory about the missions! This really annoyed me because I immediately thought the exact she things that marred FarCry 3 had remained.

This to me means someone wants firing or at least kicked in the gonads to be taught a lesson. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 

I have listened to the absolute garbage doing the rounds for years about PC gaming is going to die a death. They were staying this long before my computer science degree and for the last 14 years since then.

I started to think at one point that the rumors of these PC's demise was manufactured by either the game coders themselves or by the publishers? With the idea of doing people complaining so they can get a while new pile of cash for the same product. Could be both but I imagine the publishers would be the likely culprits?

What amazes me with the Tom Clancy games is that I have five titles here now and only two are alike while the others differ drastically in their controls. Weird.

I would be interested to speak to people that are fans of this lot, would be interesting to see what they say.

Now I did have A Tom Clancy title many years ago. I think it was likely prior to Quake 3 Arena but could have been after that title was released. Whichever one it was I am sure I remember you belonged to a group of four. I seem to remember, perhaps wrongly, having to control each one of the four which was confusing at the time.

A world away from a couple of titles of theirs I played recently with Future Soldier and the two Advanced Warfare games. Though the two latter titles are ridiculously hard. 

It seems to me that there were stages in game making when it was not just physics they needed lessons in but eyesight too! Maybe they're still is? Just tonight I was playing Ghost Recon Phantoms when I was killed by a sniper watching a passageway I did not even go anywhere near?! The were a couple of times tonight when I was killed and the culprit was shown behind a wall, one so badly I thought there must have been the user of cheat codes because a few bullets that found me actually rounded a corner by several feet!

Now also quite bizarre was the fact that this was not the only oddball thing to occur. The was a period where everything just went mad. All the opposing side seem to be running around like nutters for several minutes before I noticed a couple of them were moonwalking backwards?! The was also a period where I emptied two complete clips into an opponent who survived only to turn around and kill me with a single bullet?! This happened twice and another time was when I shot someone several times who disappeared fur a split second behind a corner and then appeared again getting my last couple of bullets in the magazine but this opponent, who had been struck by at least ten of my bullets, just carried on walking towards me while aiming his gun at me as if he or she knew they would not die?!

No they did not have that strange glowing red forcefield thing going on either. I did at least figure that one out. Not the red shimmering fog either which interferes with electronics, or appears to.

Oh yes, I am also extremely interested to know how I can be invisible (cloaked), laying on a floor and 200 yards away and after shifting my position I do get my head blown off as I raise my head before I even clap eyes on them?!

I don't know if updates can make things go awry. These strange goings on did not happen previously. It was almost as if I was playing a team that were several tiers above me in the weapons and gadgets department. 

So there matchmaking is a bit odd either that or I'm not completely all up on how everything works. I got added to a fire team and I have no idea what that is. Not sure how the clans work yet either.

Well I did say I was new at this.

Maybe when I've finished typing and posting this I will actually go and look. Well I have planned to do that several times but.. well I forgot. I do that and I tend to lose track of time too.

Would be interesting to drive into this with the relevant companies and governing bodies and due to what I managed to acquire on all the public services, bar two, and several big name retailers I should do rather well. Especially as I have learned new tricks and plenty of gadgets too. 

I would have to wait until I have cleared some of the backlog of things I have been working on for my corrupting blog. The two Police forces along with the DWP, Atos and the NHS will all likely be cleared over the next 6 months. My 7 concurrently running plans shod have it since reached their destination too? Metaphorically speaking of course. 
I find one thing extremely bizarre that is not merely just going on but seems to be the case right across the board and everywhere I look...

Over time as we, human beings, learn so we then improve the things that we use and the things that we do.

Of late the opposite is true and all actions and creations seem to have gradually for worse and worse in the last ten years of so.

I hope this changes before to long?

Unfortunately those that now need to take action to change things for the better wing because they will either fail to see it or just be stubborn and wait for it to fix itself.

I for one simply hope that where games are concerned that we have now had two Fallout games and one Elder Scrolls with Skyrim asking with FarCry 3 and now 4 and the greedy companies will realise that they will benefit more if they concentrate on both working models and fun to play ones. 

Though the tithes might have their own little niggles the are easily forgiven when the title is something special.

Hopefully these linear games with mad chess like sections that threaten to bore you to the point of blood setting from your nose and eyes?! Lol.

If Splinter Cell Blacklist had a large open world a little harder than Skyrim with the control line that of Dead Island Riptide or Call Of Juarez Gunslinger ir even its own Ghost Recon Phantoms it would have been up there with the greatest games. What you are left with is a stylish and good looking game with a great idea adrift in a confusing sea of mediocrity.

I am hoping that this all now ends but then does not get fucked up by a bunch of greedy idiots that wasn't micro transactions and okay to win methods in games who did only prove themselves to be even now stupid than this by doing that "..this is the way it's heading"?! No it's not you moron! Just because the greedy corporations you sold your souls too stress all insisting they want it this way you only get permission to do so from gamers. Because they will be the ones to part with their cash. Only complete idiots pay to win on these things and while many gamers with a brain are already up in arms over this it won't be that if before even the most naive realist its a con. Yup a con.

Luckily for me Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Jean Michel Jarre, Moby and Radiohead among others never asked for a monthly fees to continue listening to the music on a CD every month. Otherwise I would end up paying several thousand each month?!

So hopefully I am keeping my fingers crossed that they realise their mistakes?

Though somehow I doubt it.

Thursday, 18 December 2014


Finally I have been playing a title by a label I never thought I would buy from again after a recent bad introduction of a game, I think the worst in history in all honesty and the contender for crapiest tutorials, err were there any?! Lol!

If you were not paying attention that label is Techland. The title was Dead Island Riptide. This only single thing that stood out as good for me was how the implemented hand to hand weapon combat. The only thing.

I was out of gaming for some time and there were many titles I had seen glimpses of and thought 'oh hell, I would like to play that!' For a couple of years now the graphics on TV have looked stunning but once I got back into it it was not quite as good as I thought it looked. Sure it looked good but not quite as good. I remember Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 I think it was advertised on TV. A large building was collapsing in a warzone and I thought 'Oh my word! Look at what they are doing now?!' I imagine if I bought that it would not look as good as I thought it would.

Then there are many other things that I thought with the amount of time I had taken in my sabbatical that would be overcome. Well I am both pleased to say that they have and sad to say that only by very few titles.

Still my PC is ready and geared to play the wave of next generation titles and I am sure that much of that will be history? Fingers crossed.

Just the other day I receieved a copy of Call Of Juarez Gunslinger and I was just too interested due to it being better looking that the original and had to see what it was like. Annoyingly for an old title I had to pay double what I paid for err Skyrim, certainly New Vegas. I did not get double the game in any shape or form.

Upon starting a new game I liked the look and it was so similar to Riptide in looks, assuming here its the same Chrome Engine 5? I also immediately realised it was way better looking and had better guns and added to this none of the guns were exploding in my hands after 6 shots! Did they even bother to watch films of the wild west?

Unfortuanately a few things raised their ugly heads and what I thought was going to be a game that I would personally have given 90% too then started to fall apart at the seams. Oh dear.

Now since I got back into gaming and before long something came up in a title that had me scratching my head, remember I am a PC gamer here, among other things. Many...other things. I cannot remember which one it was but there was this annoying bit at the beginning, in a ship I think it was, where I had to press these sequences of keys that bared no resemblance at all to what was going on. I was almost lobbing my desktop at the window at drowning repeatedly before wondering why on the eleventy millionth attempt I wondered why the letter 'E' was being presented to me? Or was it 'W'? Anyhoo I pressed it and then another letter was appearing on the screen and pressed that one. After a sequence of this utterly confusing as well as totally pointless key presses I was through and out.

My intital thought was 'what the feck was that all about?!'

Well it not only returned in Gunslinger but imagine how annoyed I was that it came up repeatedly? Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot. Are we there yet? Where on a gun does it have buttons for automatically spining around and hitting four or five targets placed all around you automtaically? More to the point where would it have this on a mid ninetennth century Colt?

Simulation, realism and physics most certainly do not seem to be Techlands strng points, quite the opposite in fact.

Also letting the game down once again was this artifical intelligence of the bad guys. Well there was not any and once again physics takes a back seat position in one of their games. I was being faced with ever harder fighters who simply moved faster, to the point of completely inhuman and not even on the hardest setting!

It is like the either gradually get stoned during coding their games or get stoned towards the end? I have also seen bullets that go through rockets and bad guys with not only X-Ray vision but bullets that hit you behind a rock when you cannot hit them after coming out from behind one?!

What?! Really?!

I find the situation with PC gaming in a position where it looks an absolute joke in all honesty, half arsed ideas meant for youg kids that will not think anything of it.

It would not be half as bad were it not for the fact that Call Of Juarez Gunslinger is a 'budget' title and yet despite being an old game was twice the price of both New Vegas and Tchlands own Riptide?! Weird.

The bloody even more bizarre thing about it is that like Riptide it has flashes of pure brilliance inb a mish-mash of a mess with pure shit too! Such a shame it really is. Had it not been for the bad points listed and some I have yet to this could have been one hell of a classic.

Another no-no is that when your going to make someone go fecking mental by making hit those bloody keys in a sequence, which you end up having to do at some point otherwise you WILL die, do not then change the bloody sequence proving it has no bearing on realism and so you could not be arsed! Do not, I repeat, do NOT then go and half double the amount of bad guys to shoot through just when you think you are out of it and in need of a sharp intake of breath?! Are you fecking nuts?! I mean that seriously, are you nuts or do you just get stoned all the time in Poland? I mean do what you want but do not put things in your own games that will bring it down to earth after first looking like a classic.

I mean if you possessed the absolute perfect body and looks along with a gun you would not go and shoot yourself in the chest and the face, would you?

It is like these are for kids and they just go, 'Oh whack it [badly port] over to PC as is because we want to get paid more for doing the same nothing'?

What rattles my cage on this is the fact that they all focus on tha same damn titles these days and its become such a joke that they even have the same bad guys in different titles! No?

Dead Island
Dying Light

Which leads me onto the fact that the only outfit who bothered to do a western is now solely focused on zombies?! Oh now I wonder why that is?!

What is annoying about that is that if Techland ever got their heads out of their arses and sorted out the physics, baby buttons, articial intelligence and open world maps the next Call Of Juarez could have been something truly great expecially if next generation graphics, Chrome Engine 6 and not 5.

Its like a start up outfit thought they would get notice by doing something not only different but no on has done and once accepted lets now all just do what everyone else is doing, zombies?!

Still it could be worse? It could be bloody vampires! Lol!

There are also other majopr issues with their coding but I am not going to get into it, I think that I have mentioned is enough.

But I am, however, left scratching my head as to what is going on in the gaming world and why certain things are being allowed to carry on?

I have a blog on corruption, oddly my most popular thius far. In that blog I gather up evidence of corruption via very elaborate and intricate plans along with some clever gadget use of different types that gets me evidence. Evidence of some very shocking people of each area of professionals who swore oaths lying through their teeth and breaking these oaths...repeatedly and over many years.

Now what I found in all that, and believe me I was looking for it as I suspected as such, was where were those groups known as governing bodies and ombudsmen? There were dozens of these groups doing quite literally feck all but each one consuming tens of millions of £'s if not hundreds of millions of £'s each year of the public's hard earned taxes.

So what I did was one by one I approached them with claims and they did nothing after promising to and then twisting what they said. I then told them I had hgard evidence and they wriggled out of it again and some even stated that their job was actually for something else entirely?! I kid you not. I knew that they would not believe that one man with a disability and a memory problem, that one of the corrupt public services kept me from finding out about for over ten years, could not possibly have done the things I did.

I then kept repeatedly doing that for a number of years and am still doing it right now...with all of them, bar the ambulance and fire service all others are in the frame and still so.

Now what somew of them have realised very recently is that I have indeed not only done as I claimed but I did it repeatedly so so for instance with the NHS I have a long list of General Practitioners at it as well as five separate hospitals.

To get you to focus on that not being just talk, as I simply do not do just talk, is that I did this for several years before starting the blog in August 2012. I had plenty to publish already and did so. many have both used and thanked me for what I have done, inlcuding even a Vicar. In January of 2013 I was asked by a backbench Labour Member of Parliament, Michael Meacher, if he could use my blog data to argue with Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons andf also send items to the news media.

Since I gave him permission to do that almost two years have passed by. That is two more years of me collecting data. What data? Oh just video, secretly recorded audio they keep telling me now is illegal and I tell them to take me to court then, documentation going back twenty years, screen-shots and all manner of other things.

Why did I do it? Because I have a history that reads like a horror novel and as a result of the covering up and lies to save money my daughter had a horrific childhood. There are court cases presently and there will be more you can rest assured on that. As well as this I just got fed up of the constant bullshit and lies while being shafter over by a bunch of people that seemed to think that being over paid to do feck all is their birth right.

I realised and decided that the only way that I was ever going to stop it was to confront all of it and them at once. This is what i did and what I have been doing and still do. My blog shows that I predicted a great many things long before they happened, like the recession for instance.Now I feel like I am paying for things that for twenty years I told them would happen and now made to feel like its my fault. I did not vote for them so its not.

Then when I see the weird prices and the half arsed coding and porting and I see long lists of gamers feeling like they were ripped off and lied to along the way and I think...

'Hmm, maybe I should have looked into the governing body of software?' Lol!

To be honest many would say that it would seem impossible, considering what I have proved I did do on my corruption blog, to fit any more in. But considering many of my over paid and humungous victims arer appearing in the TV News on a weekly basis I do not think I have much more to accomplish?

I currently have seven, thought I had six...did state I have a bad memory, plans in motion...or at least they will be if I can remember to print out the reports and send them all off in the post. These will just unfold all on their own and each reach the TV News media all on their own.

Besides that I have taught 100,000 people to do what I have done and this increses by over 10,000 per month.

So yeah, maybe at some point I may look into the so-called governing bodies about both software and games? After all I for one think its unfair to wait until others go ahead and waste their cash before finding out that £40 to £50 game, more in some instances, is a pile of crap! Don't get me wrong, I do do that! I just also think its wrong but gamers, well some of them, seems to give the only reviews you can trust?

Ooh that reminds me! I might like into the ombudsman and governing bodies for magazines too as I have several bones laying around here, believe me!


Sunday, 14 December 2014


I happened across this letter to the Metro Newspaper regarding computer had games and in particular Dragon Age Inquisition and the launch of broken games.

They also rant about one I bloody hate and that's updates an in particular the PlayStation 4. They also mentioned how bland the games have been in the next generation consoles.

I am reading more and more letters and comments like this and it seems it'd d going to hit them line a brick wall when they realize that none of this is being reported by the gaming and tech media until age after hundreds of thousands have done their nut about it, ooh that reminds me about U2 lol, but more importantly seems to always be missed on the initial reviews.

Making me all his this can be? Meaning they either never actually played or tested the thing!

Even now interesting is held within the Metro article and written by the newspaper. Now it gets a little odd when they say...

"The words and views in the letter are not the views of the newspaper."? Wow, bizarre.

So they don't review things in the Metro or they did, did something obviously good or is that bad and paid to do so but publishing this letter covering their arses?

Also they may report at how many consoles they have sold but the only ones I have seen after being sold as new have been in other stores being sold on as used. The local Game store had two of each of the PS4 and the XBOne.

I know of 7 people off the top of my head that are others of PS3's and XBox 360...ohh make that 8. None of these own either if the new generation though one of these could be about to change?

Bizarre times indeed as at least gamers are growing done gonads and not now either resisting the urge to get ripped off or making the moves to resist being made an absolute idiot of for fifty if sixty quid instead of forty quid which is still l fecking ludicrous.

Strange days are truly here.

Saturday, 13 December 2014


I have mentioned many times previously of the number of fanboys and idiot gamer journalists championing Intel chips which are bugger all to do with gaming over AMD chips. I have also ranted at their claim about what you do need and dont need in gaming for the foreseeable future?

This idiocy based on an irresistable drive to appear knowledgeable and intelligent does the exact opposite. You look and sound like idiots and this is far worse if your a claimed gamer journalist. Not that long ago they were still claiming these absolutely stupid things.

Now I am going to simply tell you about am announcement of the requirements for an upcoming game and they not only make all these morons look like exactly that but even I am blown away!

Dying Light (Techland)

Minimum Requirements:

64 Bit Windows 7 upwards
Core i5 2500 3.3GHz or AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz
GEFORCE 560 or Radeon 6870 both 1GB

Now thats MINIMUM...


Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz
GEFORCE 780 or RADEON R9-290

Now I cannot remember if the Core i5-2500K has 8 threads or not but I must think it has because the rest have 8 threads I am sure.

Even if it does not it matters not for my points and that is that only mere months ago tech journalists, gaming journalists and armchair experts everyhwere urged people to not bother with 8 cores or threads because games only use one and will not change any time soon.

They forgot the golden rule of computing prediction, they code for chips when they know they have become mainstream and just about any gamer worth his salt is running a minumum of 4 threads and has been a couple of years. Couple years development and BOOM! Everyone suddenly looks like they do not know what they are talking about despite claiming, being in a job that suggests so and being paid while charging us to know what they are talking about.

Now you know why I am extremely wary and in all honesty I would not be surprised if after this announcement there will be no magazines left, on the PC side of things, in a year from now.

Now you will realise that when it was announced that the new consoles were to have 8 cpu threads you should have corrected your mistakes where I immediately thought, ooh not long now before they all get exposed as dicks?!

Luckily I had decided to hold back from buying a graphics card and decided against dual graphics as I had this nagging I am glad I did and I now know that there is an expected drop in graphics cards prices and that the nest Radeon, and possibly full fat Maxwell nVidia cards, are going to be eye openers and the current Maxwells already did that once already.

Also bear in mind that this is Techland and not one of the greatest in graphics in the recent titles so what will happen when the Fallouts and Elder Scrolls next versions drop?! Utter pandemonium I would wager? LMAO! Fun pandemonium but pandemonium all the same. FarCry 5 and possible Crysis games? Stalkers or Metro games? Mass Effect? Deus Ex? I found in my Techland title of Dead Island Riptide that the graphics were a bit of a cheat to be honest. I realised that there were very high textures on very blocky landscapes. Noticed this while standing on a tree one time, I happen to know how a lot of nature looks up very close, check my other blogs for evidence and details on that one. The tree I was standing on was extremely flat and without many 'sides' to it looking not a great deal more than a five sided block, as opposed to a rounded but bumpy edge to it.

Still had me fooled for awhile but the original Crysis was better looking. Oh yeah and not a great variety of zombies either. I would certainly read a lot more reviews, om Amazon and not magazines anymore, before buying the next Dead Island. Cure some of the most annoying and cheating aspects and I just might be in, after swearing never to again. Your lucky I give second chances...hmm or is that I dont like being beaten? Lol!

Monday, 8 December 2014


Now I found a few videos I somehow did without asking of my playing Ghost Recon Phantoms and I need to get back to that as I have left it alone for many weeks now since I relaised I can throw weapons in Dead Island Riptide and use a Katana rather well!

Oh? I thought I had put more videos on of Ghost Recon Phantoms?!

Maybe another post then later on?


A few more short clips of me playing Dead Island Riptide...

Now wish it had larger maps, more variety of zombies and proper physics when it comes to arm lengths taking into account weapons held! Lol!


Here is a little video on YouTube of me playing around with a few zombies.

I did previously scorn this title and left it alone for many months. Then after nearly uninstalling it twice I gave it another go and I realised something I had not done bfore hand...

You can throw weapons and would you believe it works pretty well?! Well yes of course you did as this is an old title and you have all played it to death.

For those that like this game and that would like to see how my play changed a great deal because of what I realised I made a few videos... is one...

Here is another ...

Now I have gotten around to doing this there are likely to be more and in more modern titles...err if I can think of any whose reviews have not disappointed me upon release and I actually buy them?!