Saturday, 13 December 2014


I have mentioned many times previously of the number of fanboys and idiot gamer journalists championing Intel chips which are bugger all to do with gaming over AMD chips. I have also ranted at their claim about what you do need and dont need in gaming for the foreseeable future?

This idiocy based on an irresistable drive to appear knowledgeable and intelligent does the exact opposite. You look and sound like idiots and this is far worse if your a claimed gamer journalist. Not that long ago they were still claiming these absolutely stupid things.

Now I am going to simply tell you about am announcement of the requirements for an upcoming game and they not only make all these morons look like exactly that but even I am blown away!

Dying Light (Techland)

Minimum Requirements:

64 Bit Windows 7 upwards
Core i5 2500 3.3GHz or AMD FX-8320 3.5GHz
GEFORCE 560 or Radeon 6870 both 1GB

Now thats MINIMUM...


Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz
GEFORCE 780 or RADEON R9-290

Now I cannot remember if the Core i5-2500K has 8 threads or not but I must think it has because the rest have 8 threads I am sure.

Even if it does not it matters not for my points and that is that only mere months ago tech journalists, gaming journalists and armchair experts everyhwere urged people to not bother with 8 cores or threads because games only use one and will not change any time soon.

They forgot the golden rule of computing prediction, they code for chips when they know they have become mainstream and just about any gamer worth his salt is running a minumum of 4 threads and has been a couple of years. Couple years development and BOOM! Everyone suddenly looks like they do not know what they are talking about despite claiming, being in a job that suggests so and being paid while charging us to know what they are talking about.

Now you know why I am extremely wary and in all honesty I would not be surprised if after this announcement there will be no magazines left, on the PC side of things, in a year from now.

Now you will realise that when it was announced that the new consoles were to have 8 cpu threads you should have corrected your mistakes where I immediately thought, ooh not long now before they all get exposed as dicks?!

Luckily I had decided to hold back from buying a graphics card and decided against dual graphics as I had this nagging I am glad I did and I now know that there is an expected drop in graphics cards prices and that the nest Radeon, and possibly full fat Maxwell nVidia cards, are going to be eye openers and the current Maxwells already did that once already.

Also bear in mind that this is Techland and not one of the greatest in graphics in the recent titles so what will happen when the Fallouts and Elder Scrolls next versions drop?! Utter pandemonium I would wager? LMAO! Fun pandemonium but pandemonium all the same. FarCry 5 and possible Crysis games? Stalkers or Metro games? Mass Effect? Deus Ex? I found in my Techland title of Dead Island Riptide that the graphics were a bit of a cheat to be honest. I realised that there were very high textures on very blocky landscapes. Noticed this while standing on a tree one time, I happen to know how a lot of nature looks up very close, check my other blogs for evidence and details on that one. The tree I was standing on was extremely flat and without many 'sides' to it looking not a great deal more than a five sided block, as opposed to a rounded but bumpy edge to it.

Still had me fooled for awhile but the original Crysis was better looking. Oh yeah and not a great variety of zombies either. I would certainly read a lot more reviews, om Amazon and not magazines anymore, before buying the next Dead Island. Cure some of the most annoying and cheating aspects and I just might be in, after swearing never to again. Your lucky I give second chances...hmm or is that I dont like being beaten? Lol!

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