Wednesday, 31 December 2014


This ones going on two blogs, which does happen ... rarely.

At the moment I am NOT doing that which I ordered myself to do today. Cleaning and tidying up!

Mainly because someone hung on the phone for ages that wanted to ask me something. I also had another phone-call today where I found out that someone, sort of within my family had slagged me off boxing day morning, he is rather lucky I did not know as the mood I was in the last punch around the face off me would have seemed like a walk in the park compared to what I would have done.

No after all that, lol.

Something else I had not gotten around to checking and that is my gaming devices, namely my Racing Wheel. My Joystick too but mainly my racing wheel.

Now I have constantly uttered on here that I do not like the way that games have migrated online and that they have been doing this for sometime because of us, greedy gamers who do not want to pay an arm and a leg for their games.

Got away with because a group of narrow minded morons said that they are looking after their business interests and their rights, namely their 'property'.

I always knew this was wrong from day one even though I did not realise quite why. This is exactly what I thought when Steam first came onto the scene and in all honesty I got it wrong as I thought it would not last.

However I had thought that the piracy thing was not so much as an issue and I got that one wrong too!

Now you may recall that once or twice I have slated PC World, among others, because here in the UK we are sold shite from America that was returned bevause it did not work? Or on other occassions because some ham fisted yank had dropped the item, dented it, sent it back for a refund and it got shipped out to the UK, sold to me and ended up getting filmed coming out of its box complete with its dent?!

Well you MAY recall?

You may also recall that my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel seemed to sudenly pack up? Though I did think this might be to to do with Microsoft whereby the program their software they charge you for to act up if your doing something they really do not like, like using an unlicensed copy of Windows or trying to use it alongside another Operating System like Linux wherby Windows suddenly goes blind and starts lying to you despite you paying them all your cash and already having ONE LICENCE already?!

Yeah I call it the thumb up the arse attitude and the world only rotates ideology.

Well guess what I am doing right now?

Well first of all I bought IL Sturmovich ummm the Grand Total Edition, lol. Or in other words whatever it was called and was £4.99 in Game. It is a World War 2 flight simulator and I thought I would give it a go at that silly low price. Yes its an old title and its maximum resolution was not even close to what my monitor can handle. However if it was fun then maybe I would look at the up to date versions to see what they are like?

Well while on my second phone-call today I suddenly remembered that I had bought the damned game! Yes I kid you not and even my daughter asked if I was serious. Yes indeedy that is how it can get, though on this ocassion its more to do with the latest in a long line of shocks at just how I can forget things. Not one, for instance, to lose your rage over.

So what am I doing right now?

Oh I am only trying to get my copy of Dirt 3, a car rally racing game, as the Games For WIndows software it insists on using first off keeps failing to download the latest software which is not at all susprising as I am suyre it was all taken offline? Secondly it fails to load my profile, despite the fact it knows my bloody password somehow?!

I just checked and the software has just asked for the permission to download the latest version which is now the thrird or fourth time it has asked and failed to do this.

I then realised that I was now slap bang in the middle of one of those situations I have harped on about for years before I started bloggin?!

Here is a product I have pourchased I can now no longer use, I think and until the software allows me to, despite the fact I have paid them money to do so?!

Herein is why I complain about QUANGOS and ombudsman on my other blog, because when the rich get greedy and screw you for money and excuses to screw their customer base while grabbing cash there is nothing in return for protecting gamers with little cash when suddenly they no longer have that which they paid for.

Sorry to all greedy wankers out there but you stubbornly refused to ao anything and not giving a crap as long as your money was coming in but I do believe its starting to just nip you in the arse just a little lately. The really big bite sized chucks taken from your arses are yet to come.

How has this carried on for so long?

Well because a bunch of people not included in the creation or the manufacturing process not only refuse to admit, give up their share due to them not being needed anymore but are actually insisting on ever more money?!

Mind getting into a conversation with me as to why?!

Your all a prehistoric group that have not been needed for a fair few years now. I just cannot fathom out why they think your still needed? Do the creatives really believe yoiu when you tell them that they cannot make money without you? No self-esteem oir belief in their own creations?

Uno momento ...

Huh, here we go again. For some reason the software is taking bloody ages?! I can game online on my mobile phone and downloading anything is not too lengthy, except for ones exceeding 4GB and a 10GB file took a good few hours.

But Games For Windows Live is not big and yet I started downloading it before I started this blog and it is only around one third through?!

Remember the first two times it failed, despite knowing my username and my password!

Go figure!

EDIT: Oh I apologise, for those interested in the reference earlier to being ... well slagged off ... well I have some conditions as many know and its no so much the cosntant pains that are an issue...well outside of the busy periods as otherwise they very much are, no its the sudden onset of electric like stabbing pains, really painful knees and back that can have me limping home.

Well this person slagged me off for having to pick me up, which I was not aware they were going to do. In case I forgot I thought I lost my wallet on Boxing Day and was freaking out over where it was. I had lost my temper in my bedroom and things got...broke. 

Unintentionally but they were broken nevertheless when a whole slew of things were hurled across the room.

The odd thing is that despite having these issues the one doing the complaining not only has a car but has forgot that when I drove, yeah I lost my car years ago thanks tot he NHS and the DWP along with me ten years no claims bonus for insurance, I was always the one ferrying everyone else around, none of who which had a single physical ailment at the time.
Yes it is funny how people forget and ... well so did I! It was my sister that reminded me I used to do that when she told me I was being...well defended to my surprise.

Not used to being defended but I am used to being stripped bare behind my back because I simply wont accept absurd statement that people utter without thinking about that have no basis in reality whatsoever.

Right now a full ten minutes later the upgrade to software is finish so ecuse me while I go and press a button and watch a crap piece of software by one of a slew of companies that have gotten far too big for their boots crash and burn...or maybe it will work and ten minutes later I will realise that I was right and that my Thrustmaster Gaming Wheel is a piece of faulty garbage flown over all the way from AMerica just to be sold to some dumb-arse Brit who has no rights in his own country anymore.

Play ya later!

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