Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Well what do you know?

After not bothering to even plug my Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience Racing Wheel into my new PC because I thought it faulty and Microsoft not stupid enough to program their operating system so that other peoples devices are broken when they are not...turns out I was wrong!

Microsofot really ARE that stupid!

Might explain now why I suddenly got given a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate?!

So today I plug in my Thrustmaster Joystick, as I bought IL-2 Sturmovich Ultimate Edition yesterday and then forgot all about it, I then decide to actually pull my own thumb out and plug in the raciung wheel.

Oddly in the software the number 5 input, the accelerator, does not suddenly light up and refuse to go out like it did the day after the Windows 7 Pro I bought through Amazon declared it was fake, despite holograms on the disc...albeit stating 'Dell' too! Lol.

I really thought the racing wheel was faulty, well it did come in a very tatty box and I was not aware that PC World were selling refurbished crap at that stage. Or that Argos, Littlewoods Catalogue, Very Catalogue (so likely Isme too) and B&Q were all doing it. Explains the blaise attitude I had when confronting them about it.

In fact...well I can say it here buyt those that I attack on my corruption blog ... well this blaise attitude was what first gave them away and how easily I spotted the next lot at it and then manipulated each of them to getting it oin tape. This by admissions, admissions by lack of denial and the usual stuff like contradictions. In fact on many occasions among my documentation and recordings the word 'contradictions' is somewhat of an understatement because on many occasions I have between three and six people saying completely different things.

I could easily claim that they are liars based on the fact only one reason can possibly be true. However I already happened to kknow what the truth was, I just did not tell them this, and the simple truth is that in the case of the six different answers...none of them were true.

So after starting to build a computer I still have not finished nor have I even added the graphics card I wanted to get I have also not been looking at driving games because Windows was screwing up my Racing Wheel! Hmm now that I think about it I would have moaned to Microsoft and I would have stated the issue with the wheel, anything I suspect I always state because...well, lol, I do get it right mostly as seen on my other and very popular corruption blog. Might be exactly why I got a free ultimate edition of Windwos 7? How sad is that? My most popular blog is my corruption one?! I wish it was any of the others. In fact I wish I had not felt I had to start a corrup[tion blog at all. But this country has been in a dark place in recent years and it would only get darker...well until, I thought, everyone knew the truth and the real culprits. Or started to call for the heads of the real culprits and not being fobbed off with some half-witted frontl;ine staff, jobsworths without an ounce of sense to know what is and was going on right under their noses? Lol.

Now I can start looking at driving games again and start drooling? Hmm perhaps 'Raving and Drooling?' lol. Old.. umm.. music reference there.

Also, sorry Thrustmaster 9or Guillemot) ... I take it all back, lol.

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