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Finally I have been playing a title by a label I never thought I would buy from again after a recent bad introduction of a game, I think the worst in history in all honesty and the contender for crapiest tutorials, err were there any?! Lol!

If you were not paying attention that label is Techland. The title was Dead Island Riptide. This only single thing that stood out as good for me was how the implemented hand to hand weapon combat. The only thing.

I was out of gaming for some time and there were many titles I had seen glimpses of and thought 'oh hell, I would like to play that!' For a couple of years now the graphics on TV have looked stunning but once I got back into it it was not quite as good as I thought it looked. Sure it looked good but not quite as good. I remember Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 I think it was advertised on TV. A large building was collapsing in a warzone and I thought 'Oh my word! Look at what they are doing now?!' I imagine if I bought that it would not look as good as I thought it would.

Then there are many other things that I thought with the amount of time I had taken in my sabbatical that would be overcome. Well I am both pleased to say that they have and sad to say that only by very few titles.

Still my PC is ready and geared to play the wave of next generation titles and I am sure that much of that will be history? Fingers crossed.

Just the other day I receieved a copy of Call Of Juarez Gunslinger and I was just too interested due to it being better looking that the original and had to see what it was like. Annoyingly for an old title I had to pay double what I paid for err Skyrim, certainly New Vegas. I did not get double the game in any shape or form.

Upon starting a new game I liked the look and it was so similar to Riptide in looks, assuming here its the same Chrome Engine 5? I also immediately realised it was way better looking and had better guns and added to this none of the guns were exploding in my hands after 6 shots! Did they even bother to watch films of the wild west?

Unfortuanately a few things raised their ugly heads and what I thought was going to be a game that I would personally have given 90% too then started to fall apart at the seams. Oh dear.

Now since I got back into gaming and before long something came up in a title that had me scratching my head, remember I am a PC gamer here, among other things. Many...other things. I cannot remember which one it was but there was this annoying bit at the beginning, in a ship I think it was, where I had to press these sequences of keys that bared no resemblance at all to what was going on. I was almost lobbing my desktop at the window at drowning repeatedly before wondering why on the eleventy millionth attempt I wondered why the letter 'E' was being presented to me? Or was it 'W'? Anyhoo I pressed it and then another letter was appearing on the screen and pressed that one. After a sequence of this utterly confusing as well as totally pointless key presses I was through and out.

My intital thought was 'what the feck was that all about?!'

Well it not only returned in Gunslinger but imagine how annoyed I was that it came up repeatedly? Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot. Are we there yet? Where on a gun does it have buttons for automatically spining around and hitting four or five targets placed all around you automtaically? More to the point where would it have this on a mid ninetennth century Colt?

Simulation, realism and physics most certainly do not seem to be Techlands strng points, quite the opposite in fact.

Also letting the game down once again was this artifical intelligence of the bad guys. Well there was not any and once again physics takes a back seat position in one of their games. I was being faced with ever harder fighters who simply moved faster, to the point of completely inhuman and not even on the hardest setting!

It is like the either gradually get stoned during coding their games or get stoned towards the end? I have also seen bullets that go through rockets and bad guys with not only X-Ray vision but bullets that hit you behind a rock when you cannot hit them after coming out from behind one?!

What?! Really?!

I find the situation with PC gaming in a position where it looks an absolute joke in all honesty, half arsed ideas meant for youg kids that will not think anything of it.

It would not be half as bad were it not for the fact that Call Of Juarez Gunslinger is a 'budget' title and yet despite being an old game was twice the price of both New Vegas and Tchlands own Riptide?! Weird.

The bloody even more bizarre thing about it is that like Riptide it has flashes of pure brilliance inb a mish-mash of a mess with pure shit too! Such a shame it really is. Had it not been for the bad points listed and some I have yet to this could have been one hell of a classic.

Another no-no is that when your going to make someone go fecking mental by making hit those bloody keys in a sequence, which you end up having to do at some point otherwise you WILL die, do not then change the bloody sequence proving it has no bearing on realism and so you could not be arsed! Do not, I repeat, do NOT then go and half double the amount of bad guys to shoot through just when you think you are out of it and in need of a sharp intake of breath?! Are you fecking nuts?! I mean that seriously, are you nuts or do you just get stoned all the time in Poland? I mean do what you want but do not put things in your own games that will bring it down to earth after first looking like a classic.

I mean if you possessed the absolute perfect body and looks along with a gun you would not go and shoot yourself in the chest and the face, would you?

It is like these are for kids and they just go, 'Oh whack it [badly port] over to PC as is because we want to get paid more for doing the same nothing'?

What rattles my cage on this is the fact that they all focus on tha same damn titles these days and its become such a joke that they even have the same bad guys in different titles! No?

Dead Island
Dying Light

Which leads me onto the fact that the only outfit who bothered to do a western is now solely focused on zombies?! Oh now I wonder why that is?!

What is annoying about that is that if Techland ever got their heads out of their arses and sorted out the physics, baby buttons, articial intelligence and open world maps the next Call Of Juarez could have been something truly great expecially if next generation graphics, Chrome Engine 6 and not 5.

Its like a start up outfit thought they would get notice by doing something not only different but no on has done and once accepted lets now all just do what everyone else is doing, zombies?!

Still it could be worse? It could be bloody vampires! Lol!

There are also other majopr issues with their coding but I am not going to get into it, I think that I have mentioned is enough.

But I am, however, left scratching my head as to what is going on in the gaming world and why certain things are being allowed to carry on?

I have a blog on corruption, oddly my most popular thius far. In that blog I gather up evidence of corruption via very elaborate and intricate plans along with some clever gadget use of different types that gets me evidence. Evidence of some very shocking people of each area of professionals who swore oaths lying through their teeth and breaking these oaths...repeatedly and over many years.

Now what I found in all that, and believe me I was looking for it as I suspected as such, was where were those groups known as governing bodies and ombudsmen? There were dozens of these groups doing quite literally feck all but each one consuming tens of millions of £'s if not hundreds of millions of £'s each year of the public's hard earned taxes.

So what I did was one by one I approached them with claims and they did nothing after promising to and then twisting what they said. I then told them I had hgard evidence and they wriggled out of it again and some even stated that their job was actually for something else entirely?! I kid you not. I knew that they would not believe that one man with a disability and a memory problem, that one of the corrupt public services kept me from finding out about for over ten years, could not possibly have done the things I did.

I then kept repeatedly doing that for a number of years and am still doing it right now...with all of them, bar the ambulance and fire service all others are in the frame and still so.

Now what somew of them have realised very recently is that I have indeed not only done as I claimed but I did it repeatedly so so for instance with the NHS I have a long list of General Practitioners at it as well as five separate hospitals.

To get you to focus on that not being just talk, as I simply do not do just talk, is that I did this for several years before starting the blog in August 2012. I had plenty to publish already and did so. many have both used and thanked me for what I have done, inlcuding even a Vicar. In January of 2013 I was asked by a backbench Labour Member of Parliament, Michael Meacher, if he could use my blog data to argue with Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons andf also send items to the news media.

Since I gave him permission to do that almost two years have passed by. That is two more years of me collecting data. What data? Oh just video, secretly recorded audio they keep telling me now is illegal and I tell them to take me to court then, documentation going back twenty years, screen-shots and all manner of other things.

Why did I do it? Because I have a history that reads like a horror novel and as a result of the covering up and lies to save money my daughter had a horrific childhood. There are court cases presently and there will be more you can rest assured on that. As well as this I just got fed up of the constant bullshit and lies while being shafter over by a bunch of people that seemed to think that being over paid to do feck all is their birth right.

I realised and decided that the only way that I was ever going to stop it was to confront all of it and them at once. This is what i did and what I have been doing and still do. My blog shows that I predicted a great many things long before they happened, like the recession for instance.Now I feel like I am paying for things that for twenty years I told them would happen and now made to feel like its my fault. I did not vote for them so its not.

Then when I see the weird prices and the half arsed coding and porting and I see long lists of gamers feeling like they were ripped off and lied to along the way and I think...

'Hmm, maybe I should have looked into the governing body of software?' Lol!

To be honest many would say that it would seem impossible, considering what I have proved I did do on my corruption blog, to fit any more in. But considering many of my over paid and humungous victims arer appearing in the TV News on a weekly basis I do not think I have much more to accomplish?

I currently have seven, thought I had six...did state I have a bad memory, plans in motion...or at least they will be if I can remember to print out the reports and send them all off in the post. These will just unfold all on their own and each reach the TV News media all on their own.

Besides that I have taught 100,000 people to do what I have done and this increses by over 10,000 per month.

So yeah, maybe at some point I may look into the so-called governing bodies about both software and games? After all I for one think its unfair to wait until others go ahead and waste their cash before finding out that £40 to £50 game, more in some instances, is a pile of crap! Don't get me wrong, I do do that! I just also think its wrong but gamers, well some of them, seems to give the only reviews you can trust?

Ooh that reminds me! I might like into the ombudsman and governing bodies for magazines too as I have several bones laying around here, believe me!


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