Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well now I am very happy!

In fact I am about to play Skyrim again once I have posted thisn up.

It turns out that the previous use of the setmenurace command to try and get rid of Vamprism screwed up the game and I was unable to feed! Go figure!

Anyway I discovered on the Internet that you have to reset your race as a vampire too with player.setrace (your race without brackets and space)vampire and I had changed mine from umm whatever it was to Breton so mine was setplayer.setrace bretonvampire!

Once I had this solution I was going to gather others up to try but cjanged my mind, went into the game, hit the console key, inputted that line and bang! I was able to feed again!!

I then immediately went to the first Inn, I was in Rorkstead I think, asked the innkeeper about rumours which I did not think would work becuse I was miles away and he told me about Falion and that cure Vamprism quest was started again! Boy, oh boy was I relieved to see that!

But then I still had the probably problem that the quest would not complete, as it had happened the first time around?! I need not have worried as it all went tickedy-boo!


Now I really have no bloody idea why I contracted the vampire disease TWICE! I find that extremely annoying and the first time I thought I had accidentally eaten Vampire dust?! I mean think about it? Look at the bloody aggravation you have to go through to bloody feed? There is no bloody way anyone fed upon me?! I hardly ever sleep anyway unless I am at home!

Which by the way is either Breezehome in Whiterun or Proudspire Manor in Solitude.

Now I just hope that when the next Elder Scrolls game comes out they sort out that crap?! I mean there is plenty of gamers going mad about it, or was, on the Internet!

I am taking the completion of the game slowly now and have not got the expansion packs yet. This is partly because I am playing it on a low end device and I think I may be finally able to build something a fair bit more powerful that what I have?! FINALLY?!

I have been asked a question, you see, to do with my battles over corruption and it is the sort of question that the answer to which I would be told and by a solicitor! Not be asked in the manner that I have! In fact if the questions answer does not come to fruition I will be one very pissed of chappy!!

Still and even so I do expect this year to be the year when several of my endeavours start to pay off?

Fingers crossed!

As for Skyrim, well... I need to slow down a bit and start working my way through the myriad of quests that I have not completed because I become distracted by other things! As for my two houses this pales into insignificance when you see the possessions!

I have been just returning home and piling them into draws, cupboards and safes! In fact once I had become a stage 4 vampire again I could not get to Solitude so I ended up using Breezehome in Whiterun as it is far, far easier to get in and out without having to kill anyone or getting killed! Though many civilians still got killed because wherever I went whenever anyone attacked me, which is everyone, the soldiers and guards would chase them down and kill them due to protecting me. As the NPCs were coded badly to which things just carry on attacking you until they are dead many people died.

In fact the last few times I visited Whiterun it looked deserted!

Also it would be great if every time you entered a store the owners and traders did not always have the same piddly amount of cash! Which is primarily why I dropped all the possessions into my two houses!

Also I lost my saved games in Fallout New Vegas, no idea why as I did not with Skyrim! So I am avoiding Fallout until I have upped my compute power and then playing that again!

Of course I am over excited about Thief!! I played the others way back then and saw Deadly Shadows again recently and bought it for £1.00. It was purely nostalgia and I already had TWO DISCS with it on because when I built my GeForce SLI computer with two Gigabyte 6800GTs I got a free copy with each card! That was before the now biased Custom PC Magazine did an artice on it and explained how tricky it was! Well it was but only took a couple of hours to figure out what was wrong and doing it correctly!

You had to manually install each driver TWICE.

I used to love buying that magazine but ever since it was taken over it started going down hill! I used to but it every single month once upon a time and from the day ot was launched. It was the best thing since sliced bread but now if I flick through the pages a shiver goes down my spine, lol.

They make such backwards statements and they really do not think things through before they make them, which leads to my own personal conclusion that it is all money driven?! Considering that magazines are now basically book prices, or at least some of them, it is fecking appalling if their are any so-called journalists out there taking money to report false truths. Or even just misleading ones!

Maybe it is just from my understanding of computing and gaming that I understand that it matters not what fast hardware you have now, but that which will be mostly optimised for in a year or two!

Custom PC seem to think quite differently to this and despite the fact that every single one of the biggest games producing companies on the planet will all be coding this way they still promote something that is good for non-gaming software along with current and older games.

Now with that in mind and the fact that the very top AMD Kaveri chips are capable of said games at pretty decent levels, considering the prices, and then realise that not only is everything going to be optimised for them in the future but that with the launch of the PS4 and XBox One these games have likely been in development for up to two years!

Ao everyone talks about it like its two years into the future before you will see this stuff and I think this is extremely narrow minded. AMD must have been working with software houses for a long time over the PS4 and XBox One? You do not launch a games console wothout several games that take advanrage of the higher power. Once coding this way they will continue to do so and I for one am very interested to see how things go between now and Christmas 2014?! VERY INTERESTED! LMFAO!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Well I do not know?!

I have been attempting to find a cure for my vampirism in Skyrim and I can officially tell you that nothing works!

Falion does not want to help even though he is supposed to perform his ritual many times.

I activated the Shrine of Talos in Whiterun and that had no effects either!

I consumed several Cure All Disease potions but all that did was reverse it a little?!

I also cannot feed either so am currently hunted on sight so no way of asking about rumours to se if that starts Falion off again offering, which is rather stupid and dimwitted when you think about it, after all he would know you now and offer the same again. I have both the Black Soul Gem and the other one that does not need filling, Black Star, or whatever you call it, lol.

Also rather bizarre is that when I returned to Whiterun and the locals started to attack me the guards then started to attack the locals who attacked me and by the time I left I am sure they have slaughtered a fair few locals. Good job I did not go back during the day or there would be no one left?!

Also I do not seem to be able to feed and am also finding that there is always someone still awake inside the homes even at 2am?! I get spotted eantering even though I am naked, carrying next to nothing (weight around 13) and despite creeping and with the Embrace of Shadows invoked I get SPOTTED?!

I would not mind but its the second time now I have been infected and yet I have never had a bloody vampire come near me?!

I just spent a couple of hours fast travelling around from Morthal to Whiterun and back again trying all different things but to no avail.

Quite how this was missed by reviewers I will never know in a million years!

Several months ago I stopped playing Skyrim because I got infected for a second time, some months before that I stopped playing because I got infected in the first place. Only now I have tried everything and not only does nothing work but now I am stuck as a vampire and unable to feed?!

My God what an absolutely HUGE let down this is to the game!

Why its so tedious feeding, why your unable to feed at times, why you have to strip everything off to feed and why on Earth you get infected so easily and without warning I will never know!

Added to this is this talk about stages in Vampirism and yet I have looked everywhere to see what stage I am at as I keep thinking that maybe this has something to do with why I cannot feed and there is nothing?!

I am bewildered as to how there is such a ridiculously bad part to this game when all else is brilliant?! Cannot help but wonder if they gave the coding to the vampires and the disaeas to the spotty work experience guy?!

God it is frustrating and Skyrim was the only reason I wanted to build a new PC but in all honesty it has kinda put me off now! Lol!

Also when you look on the Internet to do with this all you see is the same thing over and over and over again! Many others have found it just as frustrating as me and yet on some sites they are told to calm down as it is easy to deal with?!

Umm no, it is not! Using the console command of SETSTAGE does not work either! I even tried changing my race, thinking maybe one race might be immune and that would get shot of this bloody annoying disease but after awhile I gave up.

My God I can tell you that it is that annoying I will be waiting to see what people say about Vampirism in the next installment of Elder Scrolls before I buy it, that I can tell you! Oddly in Oblivion I never contracted the disease at all.

I think I may have to concede defeat and contact Bethesda about a work around to this?! Quite how some people find being a Vampire entertaining I have no idea. I played the Thief games of the past and I love sneaking about in that but in this it is like having teeth pulled without any anesthetic!

The only thing I have not thought of trying is uninstalling the game and reinstalling but this will be one hell of a pain in the posterior and if that did not clear this issue it would be infuriating, lol.


Monday, 10 March 2014


Hmm interesting this as I assumed that Samsung's Smart Watch was using Android? Well it seems it is not and uses something called Tizen I now have to go and read about... but not right now! Lol!

Google have starred that they will release a wearable version of the Android OS in the next couple of weeks? Which is a bit odd as many people have been using their Google Glass for a while now.

I am particularly interested in both these technologies and interested to see what is released during 2014?! I have seen a couple of what looking smart watches, sorry, but they are not what you would expect and not the ones you normally see in the media! Found them both on Amazon and they appear to be from East Asia and look far better than Samsung and the others. Out of three ones we see I tend to like the Pebble myself.

However despite my revenged disappointment of Google it is tech you west on your head I see more use for! I am sure that Google Glass being well known about has had many others feverishly designing their own version of the smart spectacles?!

As for wearing them when your driving I found this a bit odd that three American woman fur away with it because they were not switched on?! Sorry but you have Head Up Displays, HUDS, like you get in aircraft in your car so at the moment it's difficult to see the difference. But then I suppose a juicy piece of gossip, I presume petiole find some gossip juicy, might distract the drivers afternoon from the road ahead?

But then you could put in a safety feature where if the glasses sense they are moving at, say, faster than 20 miles per hour they would shut down? Or refuse to display text messages? Or only act as a sat-nav, well if this is part of their intended use that is?!

Lol! Still I am finding it interesting because I cycle a lot and do find the idea of accessing things while I am on for without clambering around in a bad or pockets for devices!

However the pros and cons remain to be seen and that I am eager to read about!

Google to release "wearable" Android within a fortnight -

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Like tiny digitised versions of nanobots investigators are mooching around inside or phones to investigate the crafty coders.

Sorry that's me thinking of that old film Inner Space or perhaps Marvel's Ant-Man movie?

At long last I spotted a report I put a link in below that states that those that create games they claim are free but you have to pay for things to win are being investigated!!

Now I have harped on about this a number of times at how so bloody out of hand it has got to the point that they cannot be classes as games!

To be honest I really do have a hatred towards this along with the extremely lame and utterly pathetic people that do these things. I mean real living under the rock types. Grrr.

Well at long last it is being investigated I do not know how long they have been at it nor do I know how long it will go on for. I hope it's not like the investigation I spoke about previously that is going to continue for two years?! Cannot recall what it was over, Car Insurance? Not sure. This is because by the time they have found a way to stop or reverse it, it has come to late as many have suffered over it.

It also makes going through Google's Play Store a real tedious and lengthy process as all you get now is complete and utter crap! Mostly because the mutton is dressed up as lamb until you see the screenshots?! It is bad enough when I am on Tagged, Hi5, Planet Personals, Tinder, Plenty of Fish and Badoo when almost every single white woman in England or the USA who contacts me is actually an East African guy pretending rather badly to be something he is not!! You do get done Russian men do the same thing, had Ukrainians too but they could have been Russian?

Then their are the phishing scams, viruses and all the other crappy things that just bring the whole experience down and continue to do so slowly over time.

For those that target individuals in this way I would love to not only see severe punishments cone in but also a good example of a means to catching them too! I would hate to find out that a country where this type of practice is rife and the governments of said country do nothing it turned out we have aid to?!

I would very much be pissed about that!

Funny how anyone can be snooped upon regardless of what hardware or security you have and yet they cannot do anything about the sad, pathetic, lazy, lying thieves that continue to attempt to ruin the Internet as a place to be?!

Funny that!


Roundup: Free-to-play or fee-to-pay? The best and worst F2P games -


Hmm how strange?

I clicked on the Google Now cards to see how my football team did, were losing 2-0 to Chelsea when I last looked, bit there was no score but there was a link to a sure that stated about issues with the Android OS?!

A fair few issues and enough for the piece to be broken up into two parts?!

Now what I found strange was that I was shown this site via Google's Now software?! To a link of people listing quite a few issues of their own Operating System Android?!

Now the issue only involves one phone model and only one version of Android, I should note! Tough I must state that if I can find this website without actually looking, and I never have actually looked and oddly rarely actually actively look for anything I cover, what would I find if I did look?! Lol!

Now the link is provided and I have not read the webpage but if your just curious or you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and have updated to Android 4.3 Jellybean and have issues then the link may just be what you need?! Possibly?! Lol!


Despite the song that is where the line ends for me.

Yes I have managed to acquire a dreaded tablet that I hope lasts me long enough for my blogs to earn enough at least be able to replace it?! A year hopefully at the most?! Lol!

If not then Google and other Affiliates may start to look a bit more then just a little suspicious?! Well that is if I ever decide to let these so called affiliates to advertise on my boss that is?!

There have been a few days of sub and milder weather where I live. I also hear that there is a whole week of ever warmer weather for the following week going from 12 degrees centigrade up towards 20 degrees centigrade! Wooo boy, came just in time to stop me and several other people I know going insane! As one friend out it earlier today, and he DRIVES, 'it ceased to be funny weeks ago!' to which I burst or laughing and said I knew exactly what he meant.

Of course the name of the game for me is content. I do have this dreaded disability, Fibromyalgia I now realise, which limits me and I have my very old mountain bike whose gears are sticking and nearly caused an accident! But the name of the game for me is content!!

Whenever I think about content for me it comes from two sources, what I do and what I get.

Now what I do is a great deal as all my blogs should show and I used devices to do them. But...

What I get is bits and pieces which could be better! Some obstacles I simply cannot control not get help to control them, like the weather for instance. What I get is media I manage to get with what I have.

But content can come many fold with the addition of any new device!

For example tonight I had been offered to go out on a wildlife hunt. During the day while pottering about in Enfield Town and walking past that actress again from EastEnders and Doctor Who, name escapes me, I pondered about what I could film and photograph? The short answer is nothing. The long one is zilch, nada, zero, nought and nothing! Lol!

So a night vision camera would add to the content I would not otherwise get?!

The other day someone asked me about cameras on bendy bits of metal, bore scopes, to put inside his nest boxes of Budgerigars and Cockatiels. I stated I had wanted one of these for awhile and I would check some out! I stated that I could place them inside burrows and check and film animals without disturbing them.

Another gadget that would increase the content I collected on any given day out.

Then there is the very thing I have wanted to build for the last four years or more! A new computer! That would force me to then create a desk where I can work and make me purchased a chair that would be far more comfortable! Instead of sitting all lop sided on the sofa which probably dies not do my health issues any favours at all. Do not know where in my tiny house though?! Lol!

Of course acquiring each item in turn also provide me with more content when I cover the item I have purchased for a specific job! As I can cover and provide an in depth review. Unlike other reviewers that use it for 5 minutes, go goo-goo eyes over it but fail to reach its limitations in said 5 minutes I, on the other hand, do use my stuff... in the field... so to speak.

Well except for one gadget that is coming from overseas that had taken just over two weeks and not arrived yet! I cannot do a review and tell you about that one!! Not for at least 6 months and likely a year but then you can be sure I have tested it to it's limits?! Lol!

So I went through last year not going to as many stores as I thought I would. But did get some nice things in the field, Clouded Yellow Butterflies. Then the really bad winter weather had me such within a limited range of 2 miles which is not going to get me anything at all, unless of course Google started paying me when I thought they would in which case I would have built my PC rig or two?!

Cheers Google, nice to see your doing OK out of the free advertising though?!

So you can imagine that with the warmer weather now providing with with untold freedom and the next 8 months for many other possibilities to occur I am a little excited! Just a little mind you!

However I do have one gadget that is well being reach that I need and it's alternative I own itself becoming dangerous and needs replacing, my bike! Was in a gear and cycled round some roadworks and was to busy concentrating on cars coming up my rear like nutters when I put all my weight into the right pedal forgetting it was still yet to change up a great it then decided to do, sending me hurtling across the road before quickly correcting the bike and swerving back across.

My God! I must have looked pissed to car drivers?! I also had flashing nightmares of times gone by of when I knocked over by a car at the age of about 13!

Well not go over that again, did ages ago on my other blog lol. But believe me when I tell you that desire miraculously not breaking a single bone you just do not wanna, do not even joke about it, lol!

So I hope that now this year dies not have the number 13 in it I hope it is a sign that things will work out better than last year?! From what I see them starting about the weather it looks to be a good omen?!



I have reffered to magazines and their odd and sometimes quite bizarre reviews so many times it is silly.

But I was looking about tonight when I found a round up of reviews for smart phones that is on the website of my btothers old favourite magazine What Hifi.

Curiously I spotted a problem straight away and then when reading the comments I saw someone state the same thing and someone else who I think may have been a bit sarcastic.

Now the link is provided below but this includes two phones, one being Apple's iPhone and the other being my new phone the Moto G. I also noted somewhere, may or may not be on this page, of an insinuation to Google's Android OS.

1) They praise the Nexus for its price yet omit the Moto G while having its big brother the Moto X despite the G baing available long before the 'X'?! They even state the G as launching late last year!

2) Once again someone praises the latest Apple iPhone and yet after moaning about plastic phones then praise the plastic iPhone C?!

3) I read also, might have been on here, when speaking about the Nokia X they state 'for people getting bored of Android OS'?!

Now as for number one, sorry guys but this is madness and no excuses here! I have been looking at the Moto G for months in Tescos and I was well aware of the Moto X but was also aware that this was not coming to the UK. That is until only very recently!! SO how you include one and not the other only means one thing to me!

Number two has my old firneds Apple and I am sorry but I am afraid that if their was an OS that not only people can get bored with quickly and has been shown to be actually happening it is iOS. You also mention the audio and I can tell you that IF it is as good as you say then they must have made some major changes from the iPhone 4S, which I have, to this one?! Also they must have removed the limitations to the audio volue too, which is bizarre because I know not of a single handset sold within the EU that does not have this?! One commenter even states the same as I do and remarks that you need to use a FIIO amplifier which is EXACTLY what I had to do! On its own the audio quality of the iPhone 4S was noticebly dreadful with certain, and I include EXPENSIVE to the tune of £150, headphones!!

Umm you are What Hifi are you not?!

As for Android, to remark about anyone getting 'bored' with it can only mean one thing and that is people have been having the exact same issues I have had?! Yes I could fully understand that and it is good to finally read this if only in insinuation! But oh my word if your referring to the look and feel then I am must have taken a great deal of money to even INCLUDE APPLE in this list?!

Now yes I have seen people totally ruin the Android OS and the top name for Android phones that did this too! This was Samsung and I know three people who have hated the Samsung Galaxy S4 interface and I did not like it either! But when I read someone say the things that I read about ANdroid being boring I can only think they only tested one phones and that was the Samsung Galaxy, which would not be the correct thing to do.

The odd thing is that my business, or a large part of it al la this blog, has been gadgets and my BSc Single Honours Degree is in Applied Computing and I have managed to buy some very nice things for an unbeliebably small amount of money that are not featured at all and at best only get a mention?!

Funny this?!?!

Now I own an Advent Tegra Note and I have had issues with it! Yes the border/bezel could be thinner and make it look even better but for the price you cannot do better! I have had several of them fail and the faults with mine nearly forced me to take mine back thinking my device was faulty. However I have since realised that not only is this down to Google and the fact they now seem to have systematically destroyed Android but the very glaringly nad faults have persisited through 4 versions of Android too?!

After locating the LG G Pad as mr replacement in the end I could not do it! This is because it is a very good handset for the money. Also rather bizarrely reviewers stated it was ugly but it not only looked like a giant HTC ONE phone but many people commented on this too! What is weird is they stated it was ugly and yet the phone it looks like is always stated to be gorgeous?! One of my brothers spent an enture day thinking my tablet WAS INDEED a HTC after I joked about it and then had to correct himm to his surprise.

Yes I can tell you now if they made an 8 inch one but kept it at the same size and design, therefore maling the black border thinner and vetter looking with a higher resolution screen, it has 1280x800, and made the case a bit more solid or better still aluminium then I would certainly buy one! In fcat I would go as far as saying that with these little changes, maybe silver versions too, you would have quite possibly the best tablet on the market!

Now one thing I would be looking out for is if they did this later in the year but with nVidias next Tegra chip called the K1 I have been speaking about and a 64Bit chip too!

SO yes it does have a few little drawbacks but as I bought three of them from PC World for £310 in total I really cannot see how you could recommend anything else. I also checked the compute power of everything else out and really only the eight core Samsung Tablet at £550 was noticebly more powerful but noticeably more ugly.

That is another thing too, even when the Samsung Galaxy S2 was out every raved about its looks but I thought it was butt ugly and each they bought out a new one I was hoping I would like it. They did manage to improve it a great deal but for me the HTC's Moto X and Sony, yup I said Sony, XPeria Z are all better looking. I would even go as far as saying that the Apple. yup I did say Apple, iPhone 5S, not the C, is alot better looking. Until you switch on the OS's that is and it all falls apart for Apple!

But then I wonder if this is how reviewers decide about the looks of a phone or tablet?! Do they do it with the screen on so that those that have a Retina Class screen or better instantly has them typing out the model name?! In this case only LG's latest Nexus tablet at £200 and all others a fair bit more expensive will likely all look good. For me the LG G2 and Tablet G Pad are two good looking devices and only then and HTC's are better than the ones I currently own.

Now I own the Moto G 8GB which I did not mind because I had the Tegra Note 7 tablet with 16GB pf memory and a 32GB Sandisk Ultra SD Card! Meaning the large games and many others are all on the tablet, or the entertainment. I also have office suites on there too which I also have on the Moto G with only small apps and I have not run out of space as yet. I also have 50GB of cloud storage which is free for two years! This you get with the Moto G's but I am not sure about the Moto X.

In other words I do wish these bloody magazines would pull their fingers out and stop doing whatever it is they obviously are doing!

Once upon a time I could rely on a number of magazines or TV programs like the Gadget Show covering all that is available but in all honesty quite often they do not even reach half way there! Only 3 7 inch tablets were reviewed on the Gadget Show and I thought 'THREE?! JUST THREE?! Are you fecking serious?!" LMAO!!  checked out a few Windows tablets, likely 3, Anroid tablets by HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, LG before buying the Advent Vega Tegra Note. Now there are at least TWELVE Android tablets I looked at and as I type I remembered that Maplin has about 3 and then you have the iPad Air and Mini?! So therefore you have over 20 tablets and yet with all the money they have to spare and all the prizes they somehow give away the gadget show only found a measly three?

Now that was not very informative and that is putting it politely and understating it a fair old amount!


EDIT: Oh yes I forgot, raise the RAM memory of which the 1GB it had may be behind some issues. Do not bother with 2GB as I have seen the first devices listed with 3GB.

Hmm there was something else I thought of too but it's gone but another could be that if they went with aluminium backed ones for perhaps a premium device they could keep that back design odd hour glass by making a ridge of rubber that the device would then lay on whether this is on its back or up against something?!

1) Yes increase screen size by an inch while keeping the size to make black border smaller.

2) Increase screen resolution to at least retina class.

3) Increase RAM to 3GB.

4) Tegra K1 64 Bit

With those specs on the same design and I very much doubt I would look at anything else?! Except if they did a 9 inch one!!


Oh yes and if they and all the other manufacturers kicked Google up the arses over losing simple texts in their OS?!


Best smartphones to buy in 2014 |

'via Blog this'

Friday, 7 March 2014


I had been playing Skyrim for quite awhile and then for some reason stopped playing it, for many months?!

About a week ago I was on the laptop on afternoon and thought I would have another go at it as there are still many things I have failed to do as yet. Despite my owning two homes, one being the most expensive called Proudspire Manor in Solitude and the first one in Whiterun called Breeze Home.

After I had been playing it awhile I was suddenly reminded as to why I stopped!!

I had been infected with Vamprism YET AGAIN?!?!

I was immediately pissed off and wanted to stop but thought better of it and attempted to just cure it!

Now as I know there are various diseases in Skyrim and yet I have only ever contracted Vamprism and have now managed to do this twice and I could not tell you how in the world I got it! To be totally frank with you even just canotracting it the first time was a big let down for the game!

I found it annoying as there was no real way of avoiding contracting it that was obvious, the diseases is a pain in the arse and you would have to be demented to want to be a Vampire in the game as the creeping about with ni clothes on is bloody tedious!!

But no it gets better! This is because of a number of things and first up the Cure All Duiseases Potion does not work and nor did the Praying at a Shrine, despite being told BOTH TIME all my diseases had been cured?! No it gets even better because Falion turned up at the meeting place and did...NOTHING!!!

So I contracted Vamprism and it was a fecking big headache if I am honest and put me right off Skyrim and had I been a reviewer for the game and hit that snag what would have been a 97% score would have dropped to 67%!! Literally.

Only it gets better still... to get Falion to do as he is supposed to I used a console command I found on the Internet as this was the only way without continuing as a Vampire which was shite!

Only now I have contracted the damn disease YET AGAIN!! Also and also yet again I STILL cannot tell you how I contracted it! Once again cure diseases potion and shrines did not work and Falion no longer offers to cure the disease?!

So pissed of yet again I scoured the Internet and found several details and first off one chap says once you are cured of Vamprism you cannot get it again?! Err WRONG in my case.

Another person states that Falion offers to cure you an endless number of times?! Umm WRONG AGAIN and once again in my case!

The most common one used is the setstage 000eadf5 10 console command only that does not fecking work either!!!

A few people mentioned about changing your race but not only does this NOT WORK ALSO you cannot get back into the game and have to hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up Task Manager in Windows and 'end task' Skyrim before you can get back in!!

Now I tell you now that I have found a great deal of people that have found this frustrating and another list of people that have had similar issues, especially with Falion turning up and the doing FECK ALL!!

WHat I do not get is how not a single reviewer managed to find these glitches at all?! I mean I was only a few days into playing the game when I forst contracted it and now about two thirds of the way through and contracting it yet again, so how the feck did they miss this when so many people have discovered it?! It is like they tell bloody porkies about playing the game!

Bear in mind that what we buy of the shelf should be a lot less buggy and glitchy than that the reviwers receive?!

As to me getting back into it I simply cannot find another way of getting rid of this fecking boring and shitty part of the game?! At first I was really keen to see a Elder Scrolls Part VI but in all honesty unless they kick this utter crap part of the game out I really do not think I would bother?!

Especially as many people claim to have contacted Bethesda about this and they have done feck all about it, that is bad in all honesty, If enough people contacted me I would at least release some sort of announcement!

In the meantime I am going to now see if I can find anything else and at the same time look to see if there is an update, I presume I do this via my Steam Client?!

Here is hoping I get back into it?!


Here is a link to show that a couple of people found the situation "DEPLORABLE"

My God if I had spent a £1,000 on a PC to play this only to get that issue I would really be pissed, lol.