Monday, 10 March 2014


Hmm interesting this as I assumed that Samsung's Smart Watch was using Android? Well it seems it is not and uses something called Tizen I now have to go and read about... but not right now! Lol!

Google have starred that they will release a wearable version of the Android OS in the next couple of weeks? Which is a bit odd as many people have been using their Google Glass for a while now.

I am particularly interested in both these technologies and interested to see what is released during 2014?! I have seen a couple of what looking smart watches, sorry, but they are not what you would expect and not the ones you normally see in the media! Found them both on Amazon and they appear to be from East Asia and look far better than Samsung and the others. Out of three ones we see I tend to like the Pebble myself.

However despite my revenged disappointment of Google it is tech you west on your head I see more use for! I am sure that Google Glass being well known about has had many others feverishly designing their own version of the smart spectacles?!

As for wearing them when your driving I found this a bit odd that three American woman fur away with it because they were not switched on?! Sorry but you have Head Up Displays, HUDS, like you get in aircraft in your car so at the moment it's difficult to see the difference. But then I suppose a juicy piece of gossip, I presume petiole find some gossip juicy, might distract the drivers afternoon from the road ahead?

But then you could put in a safety feature where if the glasses sense they are moving at, say, faster than 20 miles per hour they would shut down? Or refuse to display text messages? Or only act as a sat-nav, well if this is part of their intended use that is?!

Lol! Still I am finding it interesting because I cycle a lot and do find the idea of accessing things while I am on for without clambering around in a bad or pockets for devices!

However the pros and cons remain to be seen and that I am eager to read about!

Google to release "wearable" Android within a fortnight -

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