Friday, 7 March 2014


I had been playing Skyrim for quite awhile and then for some reason stopped playing it, for many months?!

About a week ago I was on the laptop on afternoon and thought I would have another go at it as there are still many things I have failed to do as yet. Despite my owning two homes, one being the most expensive called Proudspire Manor in Solitude and the first one in Whiterun called Breeze Home.

After I had been playing it awhile I was suddenly reminded as to why I stopped!!

I had been infected with Vamprism YET AGAIN?!?!

I was immediately pissed off and wanted to stop but thought better of it and attempted to just cure it!

Now as I know there are various diseases in Skyrim and yet I have only ever contracted Vamprism and have now managed to do this twice and I could not tell you how in the world I got it! To be totally frank with you even just canotracting it the first time was a big let down for the game!

I found it annoying as there was no real way of avoiding contracting it that was obvious, the diseases is a pain in the arse and you would have to be demented to want to be a Vampire in the game as the creeping about with ni clothes on is bloody tedious!!

But no it gets better! This is because of a number of things and first up the Cure All Duiseases Potion does not work and nor did the Praying at a Shrine, despite being told BOTH TIME all my diseases had been cured?! No it gets even better because Falion turned up at the meeting place and did...NOTHING!!!

So I contracted Vamprism and it was a fecking big headache if I am honest and put me right off Skyrim and had I been a reviewer for the game and hit that snag what would have been a 97% score would have dropped to 67%!! Literally.

Only it gets better still... to get Falion to do as he is supposed to I used a console command I found on the Internet as this was the only way without continuing as a Vampire which was shite!

Only now I have contracted the damn disease YET AGAIN!! Also and also yet again I STILL cannot tell you how I contracted it! Once again cure diseases potion and shrines did not work and Falion no longer offers to cure the disease?!

So pissed of yet again I scoured the Internet and found several details and first off one chap says once you are cured of Vamprism you cannot get it again?! Err WRONG in my case.

Another person states that Falion offers to cure you an endless number of times?! Umm WRONG AGAIN and once again in my case!

The most common one used is the setstage 000eadf5 10 console command only that does not fecking work either!!!

A few people mentioned about changing your race but not only does this NOT WORK ALSO you cannot get back into the game and have to hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to bring up Task Manager in Windows and 'end task' Skyrim before you can get back in!!

Now I tell you now that I have found a great deal of people that have found this frustrating and another list of people that have had similar issues, especially with Falion turning up and the doing FECK ALL!!

WHat I do not get is how not a single reviewer managed to find these glitches at all?! I mean I was only a few days into playing the game when I forst contracted it and now about two thirds of the way through and contracting it yet again, so how the feck did they miss this when so many people have discovered it?! It is like they tell bloody porkies about playing the game!

Bear in mind that what we buy of the shelf should be a lot less buggy and glitchy than that the reviwers receive?!

As to me getting back into it I simply cannot find another way of getting rid of this fecking boring and shitty part of the game?! At first I was really keen to see a Elder Scrolls Part VI but in all honesty unless they kick this utter crap part of the game out I really do not think I would bother?!

Especially as many people claim to have contacted Bethesda about this and they have done feck all about it, that is bad in all honesty, If enough people contacted me I would at least release some sort of announcement!

In the meantime I am going to now see if I can find anything else and at the same time look to see if there is an update, I presume I do this via my Steam Client?!

Here is hoping I get back into it?!


Here is a link to show that a couple of people found the situation "DEPLORABLE"

My God if I had spent a £1,000 on a PC to play this only to get that issue I would really be pissed, lol.

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