Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Well I do not know?!

I have been attempting to find a cure for my vampirism in Skyrim and I can officially tell you that nothing works!

Falion does not want to help even though he is supposed to perform his ritual many times.

I activated the Shrine of Talos in Whiterun and that had no effects either!

I consumed several Cure All Disease potions but all that did was reverse it a little?!

I also cannot feed either so am currently hunted on sight so no way of asking about rumours to se if that starts Falion off again offering, which is rather stupid and dimwitted when you think about it, after all he would know you now and offer the same again. I have both the Black Soul Gem and the other one that does not need filling, Black Star, or whatever you call it, lol.

Also rather bizarre is that when I returned to Whiterun and the locals started to attack me the guards then started to attack the locals who attacked me and by the time I left I am sure they have slaughtered a fair few locals. Good job I did not go back during the day or there would be no one left?!

Also I do not seem to be able to feed and am also finding that there is always someone still awake inside the homes even at 2am?! I get spotted eantering even though I am naked, carrying next to nothing (weight around 13) and despite creeping and with the Embrace of Shadows invoked I get SPOTTED?!

I would not mind but its the second time now I have been infected and yet I have never had a bloody vampire come near me?!

I just spent a couple of hours fast travelling around from Morthal to Whiterun and back again trying all different things but to no avail.

Quite how this was missed by reviewers I will never know in a million years!

Several months ago I stopped playing Skyrim because I got infected for a second time, some months before that I stopped playing because I got infected in the first place. Only now I have tried everything and not only does nothing work but now I am stuck as a vampire and unable to feed?!

My God what an absolutely HUGE let down this is to the game!

Why its so tedious feeding, why your unable to feed at times, why you have to strip everything off to feed and why on Earth you get infected so easily and without warning I will never know!

Added to this is this talk about stages in Vampirism and yet I have looked everywhere to see what stage I am at as I keep thinking that maybe this has something to do with why I cannot feed and there is nothing?!

I am bewildered as to how there is such a ridiculously bad part to this game when all else is brilliant?! Cannot help but wonder if they gave the coding to the vampires and the disaeas to the spotty work experience guy?!

God it is frustrating and Skyrim was the only reason I wanted to build a new PC but in all honesty it has kinda put me off now! Lol!

Also when you look on the Internet to do with this all you see is the same thing over and over and over again! Many others have found it just as frustrating as me and yet on some sites they are told to calm down as it is easy to deal with?!

Umm no, it is not! Using the console command of SETSTAGE does not work either! I even tried changing my race, thinking maybe one race might be immune and that would get shot of this bloody annoying disease but after awhile I gave up.

My God I can tell you that it is that annoying I will be waiting to see what people say about Vampirism in the next installment of Elder Scrolls before I buy it, that I can tell you! Oddly in Oblivion I never contracted the disease at all.

I think I may have to concede defeat and contact Bethesda about a work around to this?! Quite how some people find being a Vampire entertaining I have no idea. I played the Thief games of the past and I love sneaking about in that but in this it is like having teeth pulled without any anesthetic!

The only thing I have not thought of trying is uninstalling the game and reinstalling but this will be one hell of a pain in the posterior and if that did not clear this issue it would be infuriating, lol.


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