Thursday, 27 March 2014


Well now I am very happy!

In fact I am about to play Skyrim again once I have posted thisn up.

It turns out that the previous use of the setmenurace command to try and get rid of Vamprism screwed up the game and I was unable to feed! Go figure!

Anyway I discovered on the Internet that you have to reset your race as a vampire too with player.setrace (your race without brackets and space)vampire and I had changed mine from umm whatever it was to Breton so mine was setplayer.setrace bretonvampire!

Once I had this solution I was going to gather others up to try but cjanged my mind, went into the game, hit the console key, inputted that line and bang! I was able to feed again!!

I then immediately went to the first Inn, I was in Rorkstead I think, asked the innkeeper about rumours which I did not think would work becuse I was miles away and he told me about Falion and that cure Vamprism quest was started again! Boy, oh boy was I relieved to see that!

But then I still had the probably problem that the quest would not complete, as it had happened the first time around?! I need not have worried as it all went tickedy-boo!


Now I really have no bloody idea why I contracted the vampire disease TWICE! I find that extremely annoying and the first time I thought I had accidentally eaten Vampire dust?! I mean think about it? Look at the bloody aggravation you have to go through to bloody feed? There is no bloody way anyone fed upon me?! I hardly ever sleep anyway unless I am at home!

Which by the way is either Breezehome in Whiterun or Proudspire Manor in Solitude.

Now I just hope that when the next Elder Scrolls game comes out they sort out that crap?! I mean there is plenty of gamers going mad about it, or was, on the Internet!

I am taking the completion of the game slowly now and have not got the expansion packs yet. This is partly because I am playing it on a low end device and I think I may be finally able to build something a fair bit more powerful that what I have?! FINALLY?!

I have been asked a question, you see, to do with my battles over corruption and it is the sort of question that the answer to which I would be told and by a solicitor! Not be asked in the manner that I have! In fact if the questions answer does not come to fruition I will be one very pissed of chappy!!

Still and even so I do expect this year to be the year when several of my endeavours start to pay off?

Fingers crossed!

As for Skyrim, well... I need to slow down a bit and start working my way through the myriad of quests that I have not completed because I become distracted by other things! As for my two houses this pales into insignificance when you see the possessions!

I have been just returning home and piling them into draws, cupboards and safes! In fact once I had become a stage 4 vampire again I could not get to Solitude so I ended up using Breezehome in Whiterun as it is far, far easier to get in and out without having to kill anyone or getting killed! Though many civilians still got killed because wherever I went whenever anyone attacked me, which is everyone, the soldiers and guards would chase them down and kill them due to protecting me. As the NPCs were coded badly to which things just carry on attacking you until they are dead many people died.

In fact the last few times I visited Whiterun it looked deserted!

Also it would be great if every time you entered a store the owners and traders did not always have the same piddly amount of cash! Which is primarily why I dropped all the possessions into my two houses!

Also I lost my saved games in Fallout New Vegas, no idea why as I did not with Skyrim! So I am avoiding Fallout until I have upped my compute power and then playing that again!

Of course I am over excited about Thief!! I played the others way back then and saw Deadly Shadows again recently and bought it for £1.00. It was purely nostalgia and I already had TWO DISCS with it on because when I built my GeForce SLI computer with two Gigabyte 6800GTs I got a free copy with each card! That was before the now biased Custom PC Magazine did an artice on it and explained how tricky it was! Well it was but only took a couple of hours to figure out what was wrong and doing it correctly!

You had to manually install each driver TWICE.

I used to love buying that magazine but ever since it was taken over it started going down hill! I used to but it every single month once upon a time and from the day ot was launched. It was the best thing since sliced bread but now if I flick through the pages a shiver goes down my spine, lol.

They make such backwards statements and they really do not think things through before they make them, which leads to my own personal conclusion that it is all money driven?! Considering that magazines are now basically book prices, or at least some of them, it is fecking appalling if their are any so-called journalists out there taking money to report false truths. Or even just misleading ones!

Maybe it is just from my understanding of computing and gaming that I understand that it matters not what fast hardware you have now, but that which will be mostly optimised for in a year or two!

Custom PC seem to think quite differently to this and despite the fact that every single one of the biggest games producing companies on the planet will all be coding this way they still promote something that is good for non-gaming software along with current and older games.

Now with that in mind and the fact that the very top AMD Kaveri chips are capable of said games at pretty decent levels, considering the prices, and then realise that not only is everything going to be optimised for them in the future but that with the launch of the PS4 and XBox One these games have likely been in development for up to two years!

Ao everyone talks about it like its two years into the future before you will see this stuff and I think this is extremely narrow minded. AMD must have been working with software houses for a long time over the PS4 and XBox One? You do not launch a games console wothout several games that take advanrage of the higher power. Once coding this way they will continue to do so and I for one am very interested to see how things go between now and Christmas 2014?! VERY INTERESTED! LMFAO!

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