Monday, 28 April 2014


Well I do not know if I mentioned but I got bak into Skyrim after finally managing to cure myself of Vampyrism! Oddly I have now done this a third time and unlike the first time I did it Falion does not just stand there like a melon!

As a result I have gone a bit wild on it and when I went back to it after leaving it alone for several months I have now gone from having around 26,000 septims, or gold, to around 360,000 so yes I hit the achivement for whetever it was for 50,000, hmm or was it 100,000?!

I decided not to set my Archery to Legendary as it seemed to be really stupid, or was described badly. Some things were still difficult to kill even with the new friend I made Mjoll The Lioness! So why on eart would I want to reset my archery skill from 99/100 to only 15?! Are they raving nuts?! LMAO!

My speech is in the 80's or 90.s levels and my smithing and alchemy are not far behind! Come to think of it I think my light armour skill is up there somewhere too. My alchemy, however, is in the 50's region!

As for my toal levellling it is now approaching 52!

I have got a bit bored with several things and frustrated with sevral too. I wont kill anyone that does not deserve to die, thats just my nature, lol! But several things require people to di so I have not got them. However there is one that absolutely infuriated me and it is the Oghma Infinitum book!! I could not read it nor pick it up and therre was no reason given for this. I then read you were supposed to be over level 12 or 15, which mattered not as I was over twenty! I very recently decided to go back as someone said that taking a swipe at Ser...Ser...that bloke would cure the problem. So a similar bug to the Falion one then?!

Only I went back recently and the fecking door was shut with the walley still inside?! Jesus H Christ man!!!

Anyway I am running around doing underpaid jobs in the hope of finding a place I have not yet been to and think I have hit the end on that one!

Also I seem to keep killing people now that I have killed before and this also includes the bloody Dragons!! Actually the Dragons do not bother me as it is such a cool battle on each occasion you do not care. I remember one recently I literally stumbled across and I was atop a peak leaping around rocks a bit of a distance from Mjoll when a particularly tough Dragon appeared and repeatedly toasted my arse!! In the end I had to keel peaping and firing arrows to get unstuck and onto a bit where my charactor does not get stuck between rocks, and the toasted like a marshmellow, before I could battle and kill him.

Other Dragons have also beome very easy to kill!

Other annoying things is I have quests listed, now I have managed to whittle them down to a shortlist, whereby the characters in the lists no longer appear!! This was annoying as you could not drop the items but I recently read you can drop Dravin's Bow by placing it on a weapon rack! Well one that you own!

That reminds me I own Proudspire Manor, house in Solitude, Breezehome, of course and in Whiterun along with the Honeyside House in Riften and Vlindrell Hall in Malkarth. Let me tell you that despite the humungous cash I have and the four houses if you was to see any of my chests, cupoboards or weapons rooms the amount of geear I have is immense and mind boggling!

It drove nme crazy that no matter how expensicve items were you sold a dealer they always had the same piddly amount oif cash trhe next day!! Madness. I did not realise that the speech skill affected this as did trhe perks, lol.

I must admit that I ignored all other perks and skill outside of Archery, do not ask I just have this thing about Archery, its vewry weird, lol. Oh yes and it was before I played the early Thief games, lol.

I have masses of weapons and armour I crafte to Legendary Status and am now doing so with enchanted items as I have that perk too! Oddly I have not the perk to create Glass items, or anything above steel, but then I now have so many of them I am not that bothered anyway!! Lol!

I am putting off buying the extra expansion packs, yes I know I know I am late to the party on this one but I bought SKyrim very late on and have been putitng off the expansion packs!

Why you may ask and I will say that this is for TWO reasons!

One is that without me realising the pricing on some things has come down so I now want to build a budget system that will be far more powerful than the one I use. SO I want to play the expansion packs on maxed out settings!

So I will now wait two weeks as of Wednesday and then start buying the gear to build a simple rig using an AMD A10-7850K with a much needed and way overdue SSD drive!

Some months after this I will also build another and things would have bstarted happening on my most popular blogs with advertising, ones on corruption in the UK. I had a conversation with a company that approached me due to the amount of people I have been ... attracting! I had some troubles with advertising and was quite deliberately miselad by Google and many others. I took the advertising off over 6 months ago. The last correspondence I had with this lady I asked what figures you need a month to gennerate a minimum income and she stated that despite the fact its not her area of expertise that 2,000 per month would generate regular cash.


I then pointed out that she only contacted me about one blog and that I have twelve in total and am currently attracting 12,000 to 15,000 per month! She asked I contact her if I change my mind, which I will in a few months time! Lol!!

So what I did is instead of sitting there staring at rising penneies I switched it all off except for the Google ads because I have clearly stated for ages I was suspicious about them and what do you know?! A year down the line of watching and publishing about them the reaosns hit the news headlines!


Also there are the other goals of my blogs that will be reached this year. Yes they should have reached them the end of last year but a number of unforeseen circumstances along with not getting as far and wide as I thought I would throughout the summer held the numbers back a bit!

As a result a number of my blogs did not get anywhere near the content I was hoping last year and I can tell you that this year this will change! Wait? Did I not say that last year?! Lol!

No it will and purely based upon the numbers ...

I have three books and have a few others rattling around in the noggin. I know now for sure that my numbers of visitors are being watched but I also know that they do not know the entire picture, as I stated that lady who emailed me only knew of my my most popular blog.

Over the next year and into the year after that each one of my blogs will reach the numbers of that first one and with each one I will get companies approach me! I will get more this year regarding the one I was already contacted about so ... its going to grow and end up being a bit nuts!! I do not even know how they are getting my email?! Paying Google for it, no doubt which is illegal I might add!

Then as I stated there are my books! As the number of people who have visited my various blogs have long since gone over 110,000 and seem to now be growing at 13,000 per month and rising then the books I have spoken off throughout my blogs will aslo garner their own interest.

So yeah, 2014 is going to be quite different from 2013!! LMAO!!

Also if I manage to do what I wanted to do last year then this helps the blog and my YouTube account and in time so will its follow ups!

Then I will just patiently await the announcements of Elder Scrolls 6 which will no doubt come after Fallout 4!! Then look at other titles that have this open ended world as I recently read that Farcry 3 was like this too!

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