Monday, 28 April 2014


I think not!

Despite the fact I did not get on with an iPhone 4S I had a recent conversation with my daughter who had for herself a shiny new iPhone 5S and during the same conversation she declared "it's rubbish!" brute I reminded her that I warned her they were way over hyped!

She even tried to return it for something else and they did not want to know and took it to one of those CEX stores, which I told her were just a con to young people and their website encourages theft, and that I2 banned from my local store! She laughed and said "Dad, they offered my £140 for it!" before I called them thieving twats as they normally charge £800 fit the to of the line and late iPhone!

I asked her about the finger print reader and she said it rarely worked and said it was useless and frustrating to which I laughed and told her about my £100 Moto G phone!

I hear many people turn around and say that Apple phones just work! Well I have some news for you because Android is built upon the same system. But manufacturers feck about with things they don't understand and screw it up, possibly why Samsung Galaxy S4s are having issues but difficult to prove! Looks like Google but I am sure an approach to each week result in them blaming the other, now that they have your cash of course! Though threatening to cancel the monthly payments for a breach of the contact I am sure will lead to someone telling you who is at fault! Does not hero either that you have three companies turning parts of your over priced equipment on and of add they see fit, or unless they get extra cash of course!

I am amazed there is not a tech body, oh no I hear you say another expensive to run Ombudsman that never do anything, to stop all this fecking about?!

But back on topic any operating system can have it's own issues and flaws. Odd that this link stared that it concerns Apple as the OS, on phones at least, has looked the same for years now?! Ancient!

Which remind me that was the other thing my daughter pointed out about her iPhone 5S in that it was just an "app menu!" Lol! I said I told you that ages ago. The only thing it had going for it is it's looks and build to which she agreed.

Oh and she stated the battery was crap!

Although I have to admit that though I warned her about I phones I did state that they were mainly for idiots, brainless fashion gurus and are loved by women I did think that she would end up liking them, I guess she is even smarter than I thought! Lol.

If your reading this kiddo 9 times out of 10 I see your phone it's always a woman that has it, which is surprising I must say. Unless guys are just scared to get it out our don't talk on phones as much as women?! Just a thought! Lol!

The trouble is, is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the perfect phone and harder and harder to accept the extremely premium prices they charge along with the increasingly crap reception you get in the UK!

Being within the M25 so technically London and with no less than two transceivers one I can see from my downstairs window on the far side of a river and one immediately behind my house there simply is no excuse for the crap reception. Yet it had remained in its God awful state since I moved here 7 years ago!


Apple patches another major security hole in its website that allowed access to all developer personal information

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