Monday, 28 April 2014


Oh dear!

I saw this headline that said "5 Reasons why The Elder Scrolls Online is already a failure!" and I thought , oh my god! Can it be?

After reading the piece which I found courtesy of my Flipboard App I must say I am shocked.

I never managed to get around into getting into the whole online MMO thing but I had gained an interest when they announced The Elder Scrolls Online. I am a big sucker for gorgeous graphics it must be said and yes while I agree that the gaming part is just add big I simply show now interest or scratch my head regarding games with crap graphics. After seeing screenshots of Minecraft and reading about it's popularity I wound up add bald as a Coot! Yes maybe playing it may change my mind but for me gaming is about the ultimate escapism and that means realism. I play my copy of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on a laptop that should not be able to play it! Oddly the last edition of Elder Scrolls actually not only looks worse than my Skyrim on the same laptop but plays very crap! So obviously the choosing in the game engine to Skyrim was far superior to Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV.

I must say that it is surprising to see that Bethesda, who are God like beings to me after playing two Fallouts and Skyrim, can get an online game so wrong?! I mean it's not like online gaming is some brand new thing and they have been around for awhile now. World of Warcraft sounded interesting but the graphics looked a bit old to me and I must say had I bet my money on Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online I would have lost!

But there is another concern for me and gaming and it's the exact same thing that affects everyone who gets into coding. Everyone wants to get into this monthly pay us plan and to me they see this add more lucrative than a single player game. The fact that you have to fork out loads of wonga before you have even signed up to a monthly direct debit scheme is far more worrying! Especially add everyone seems to be taking so long to raise that the money pit is not bottomless! If everyone did this what would happen is you will have petiole trying to juggle and work out what they can do without. It would also mean that anyone new would find great difficulties in breaking into the gaming scene?! This would mean l less innovation in gaming!

Now I do not know how the online version of Elder Scrolls came about but for decades now the money people have been slowly coming and stifling creativity in games. A long time ago a couple of chaps used to go around the computer gaming ships selling a game they created on a set of 3.5 inch floppy disks. You may have heard of these guys add they were the ones behind one of the most popular of the early RPGs Ultima Underworld and eventually the space simulator of the famous Wing Commander series. Those days are long gone and along the way many other types of games and ones that got me into PCs in the first place have also gone, that being flight simulators. Outside of Flight Simulator X and umm that other one oh yeah X-Plane there is nothing much. I long for the return of things like Falcon and Strike Eagle among others! At least Wing Commander, oh I'm sorry Space Citizen is coming along with Elite Dangerous! Those people who were the original pioneers getting back into it probably because they see a gaping hole! Oh yes and X Rebirth is finally out to, I missed that one and recently saw it in my local Have store to my surprise.

I just hippie that Bethesda do not use all their time now fixing The Elder Scrolls Online and that they are not pandering to greedy executives of some patent company or label?! Otherwise it could be eons before we see Elder Scrolls 6 our Fallout 4?!

Good God, perish the thought!

The Elder Scrolls Online: 5 Reasons Why This Game is Already a Failure

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