Thursday, 29 October 2015


I have bought several magazines of late to read about things that were of great interest to me.

One of these was just two days ago.

There have been several times ... actually something of an understatement but let's say with game previews, when afterwards I felt I was given nothing despite the magazine cover and article looking rather large and in depth.

I recall Fallout 4 and now Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

The articles went on and on and much of it was empty waffle. An average article I would end up reading a second time. A particularly good one and it might get read three or four times.

After each of these I felt ... indifferent and wondered why I had bothered to read it at all, let alone pay £6.00 for the magazine?!

I have found it strange to watch the magazines and their content get worse over the years and clearly very biased. The biased nature stepped being ludicrous when journalists were clearly talking so much bollocks that it could be very easy to prove it. Not the odd statement every few issues but several times each issue.

I often stand at the magazine rack in Sainsburys or WH Smiths wanting something to read that is of interest to me. I scan the various computing magazines, camera magazines, mobile magazines and even watches and then say "Martin, you know what will happen, you'll read it and realise you have paid £6.00 to be bullshitted to and they have received money or perks to lead you on!".

There was a time when I would go home with two or three magazines at once. Now I'm lucky if I buy one each month. Hmm, not sure 'lucky' is the right word.

The situation is ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous.

I often see people sifting magazines like me but then put them back. I wonder if they do what I do, speed read sections of interest, spot the bias and put it back.

Tech journalists think they are so clever. They think no one is about to smell the bullshit at all. I can from five miles out. Sometimes it's bull and someone's it's empty waffle. Talk crap about a big name game coming out over 4 out 5 pages and it will sell because of the name on the cover. In these instances you can always be guaranteed that in the reviews section of games there is nothing much of interest either. So a preview game takes the entire cover misleading buyers about what they are getting.

I also spotted a review, lol a tiny piece, on a PC racing wheel, the Logitech G29. Now I happen to own the G27, the G29's predecessor, which I bought not knowing the G29 was imminent. When I read about it I first thought 'his bloody typical', it also happened with my Corsair Vengeance headset both from PC World oddly enough. However I did not feel so bad when it turned out the G29 was reported to be only a facelifted G27 being the exact same underneath! This was a shock. Also several buyers were not only complaining at how the new model was a lot more expensive than the old ones new price but that the drivers to the old one were not being updated. So trying to force people to payout over £300 for the exact same thing! Nice!

Imagine my confusion when the right article failed to mention any of this and gave it a good score?

The magazine also had a group test on several new motherboards for the new Intel Skylake CPU and claimed that you needed these for gaming. Motherboards that cost between £175 to £275!!

Umm no you don't need these for gaming!!

You might need them to see very high numbers in a benchmark you will not notice with the human eye. You might need them for gaming in 18 months to two years time?

So the article claims you need to go out and pay £175 for the motherboard. The CPU will be around the same or a little more. £350 and you have not bought a case yet, bought decent RAM for another £100 plus or a graphics card for £300 to £800!

That's £800.

Then it's over £100 for a good gaming keyboard and almost as much again for a mouse. A grand then!

Oh but wait, we have not bought the two hard drives, one SSD and one HDD. Another £200. So we are at £1,200.

Then there are your DVD writer drives and your Blu-Ray drive.

A internal memory card reader.

So you can see your heading towards £1,500 here but wait ... we are forgetting something ... you have not bought your surround sound speakers nor a bloody monitor yet!

Now here are two points to be made about this article ...

If you can't play the latest games then you must have built your system bloody years ago, or bought it. If you both it under 3 years ago you'll not notice the difference much, unless it wasn't for gaming in the first place?!

Secondly and most importantly and tech halfwit knows that these aren't much different from the old stuff but more importantly next year everything leaps forward a bit!!

This could be anywhere from February to October next year but even with the later date that's now less than a year away. This is because the lithography, size of transistors, in one other CPU that's always cheaper and an all new design, and both graphics cards all get shrunk. Being shrunk means more cores, so better at handling many things at once. It also means higher clock rates, so faster too. Also energy efficiency improves too.

That's without any improvements an all new design makes.

Now for those that do not know ... were any of these very expensive boards for the new CPU out next year? No.

If I were wanting to build a new PC and only a beginner I would be bloody pissed off if I paid all that money then found out a year later I could build something for a third of the price that is twice the power!

Some fanboys would laugh at that. But no matter how much you have read and become familiar with your branch predictions, cores, modules, floating point register widths and anything else you simply cannot predict at all how a future CPU or GPU is going to perform. NO you can't. You can get a fifty, fifty guess correct but that's just crap. Unless of course you can not only predict it's speed but side give the exact reasons why.

I've been following technology for over thirty years and no one had ever done it. Rather strangely the Internet forums are full of people that claim to be able to do so. In fact year after year many things are claimed, don't of them never materialise but this never stops them arguing the toss about what the next thing will do.

I built a gaming computer will over 6 months ago, probably getting on for a year ago, and my combined APU and motherboard cost a little more than the motherboards in the group test. Oh well except for the expensive one which was £275 or more! My combined motherboard and APU was £75 cheaper than this board alone. Anyone learnt yet that things in computing go out of date quickly and therefore drop their prices quickly? Ah well then if you bought my board and APU today you would probably get them for at least £30 cheaper than I did. So that's £100 cheaper than that motherboard alone.

Can't think of any game I don't play on the highest settings and no slowdowns occur.

So why would I replace my APU and motherboard they claim you can't play the latest games on for something double the price that's going to be out of date, less than half the price, only 12 months from now?!

You might want to ask the very suspect journalists this?

As I said I've noticed this of behaviour becoming ever more odd for quite a few years now.

Still, I was shocked when I read this report in the BBC about an event that was going to take place, that's been getting abusive threats, where one of the topics was going to be 'gaming journalism integrity'?!

Bloody hell?!

After all these years of setting this go on and as fashionable late as ever some ... umm, journalist ... lol, reports on this behaviour?!

Wonders never cease ... apart from the tardiness which I'm bite completely used to. Unless of course it's off my corruption blog, lol. I'm used to my stories on there appearing in the media must six months or do after I cover our expose something!

Still ... it's bringing things to the fore and making people aware of the truth that's the important thing here.

Well that's if they fucking give a crap of course?

Sometimes I do wonder?

Will not be long before I know for sure I think? Then it may be a case of the bad people being given approval for being corrupt and dishonest because everyone is amoral anyway?!


Hey, it's not down to me, yah know. I don't make the rules!


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